This is our take on the 9th Edition Launch Set -Indomitus


Games Workshop has unveiled the new launch set for 9th Edition, Indomitus! Warhammer 40k 9th Edition is just around the corner and this is a huge release for it.

Historically, these sets have been aimed towards new players looking to get into the hobby. Usually they have included several convenient tools such as a few dice and some measuring sticks. The 9th Edition Set (referred to from here as Indomitus) is breaking this tradition. It does this by forgoing several of the conveniences aimed at new players and instead include more models and a full size, hardcover rule book. This book is more in-depth instead of the smaller and slightly simplified ones that these sets have typically included. Today, we’re going to be breaking down a lot of the highlights of the hour and a half long unboxing events that Games Workshop live-streamed earlier today. Plus we’ll be touching on some of the other new models that they have previewed. There’s a lot to Indomitus, so let’s get started.

INDOMITUS- What Is it?

Lore wise, Indomitus is the biggest current event in the 40K Universe. It features the forces of the Imperium led by Robute Guilliman. In it they’re fighting to take back the space lost by the incursion of both Chaos and various Xenos forces. As a box set, Indomitus features the Ultramarines squaring off against Necrons.

It’s all about the miniatures…

It contains over 60 miniatures and a full, alternate art rulebook featuring the forces of Chaos and Ultramarines squaring off in a gorgeous, full cover artwork that wraps around the side of the book. Indomitus is a “launch” set, not a “starter” set for 9th Edition. This forgoes some of the conveniences given to new players in favor of more models and a larger rulebook. With that said, Indomitus will still be a great starting point for people looking to get into 9th Edition. Yes, he free dice and measuring tools are convenient. But ultimately players end up buying their own dice and tapes anyways, so in the long run, their absence isn’t a big deal. Instead, Indomitus provides both players with about 6-700 points of miniatures and a full rule book, giving two players a solid footing in the Warhammer 40K Universe.

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Indomitus has 24 new models for the Ultramarines, which can be painted to fit into any Space Marine Chapter desired. Most of the models and all of the sculpts for the Ultramarines are brand new, and all of them are breathtaking. These models have a level of detail that rivals much of Age of Sigmar; another Games Workshop game well known for it is truly masterful level of detail in it’s sculpts. Let’s start by looking at the HQ choices included in the box for Ultramarines.

The Primaris Captain in Indomitus is worth looking at

The Primaris Captain here is, frankly, one of the best looking 40K Character models ever made. It’s crawling with details and flavor ranging from his decorative Storm Shield to the unique “visor up” pose of the face. The Power Sword also appears to have a power source (fitting) of some kind incorporated to the blade itself. This is a small detail that still adds to the feel of the model.

How about that Primaris Lieutenant?

The Lieutenant also has plenty of added detail. Things like the tiny acquillas that can be seen on the small shield near his right arm. One of the really easy things to miss are the minor details about this model. Compared to the Captain, his Iron Halo only has a single ring around it’s interior instead of two. Plus it’s hollow instead of having a skull inside of it. If the Lieutenant actually gets rules for having an Iron Halo is yet to be seen, but regardless it’s a nice touch that demonstrates that the Lieutenant is outranked by the Captain.

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Indomitus brings a cool Primaris Chaplain

Like the Primaris Captain, the Chaplain also has the same double-ringed Iron Halo. Perhaps the completed Halo is the standard for actually receiving the 4+ Invulnerable Save? Regardless, the Chaplain is another exquisite figure rife with added details with things like the small set of ribs apparent in his power armor (even though marines have a fused torso). The freehanded Ultramarines symbol on his right kneecap, or the way the belt appears to ever so slightly compress the tunic in the front of his armor, adding a nice level of realism to the miniature.

Supporting these three are a couple of models that will almost certainly be Elite choices in the Judicar and the Bladeguard Ancient. The Judicar is a model that we’ve already seen a bit of, and he looks no less impressive surrounded by his Indomitus brethren . The Bladeguard Ancient on the other hand is a new model, complete with a dynamic three-dimensional standard built from what appears to be the skeleton of a fallen Marine. One of the nicest small touches on this figure is that the skeleton is missing his left forearm, and the model himself carries a metallic left hand in his left hand.

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Note that continuing the analysis on rings in Iron Halo’s, the banner actually has three rings.

Other notes on the Ultra Marines

To round out the Ultramarines forces, they are joined by four new units of Primaris. First, we finally have some proper Assault Intercessors armed with Heavy Bolt Pistols and Chainswords. Next, they receive some back up from the Bladeguard Veterans, who are also spotting some really elaborate Storm Shields. To provide this dedicated ball of close combat devastation some ranged support, the Indomitus set also gives us Outriders and Eradicators, two new Primaris units. Outriders finally make an all bike army possible despite The Rule Of Three in matched play. This is because they are a Primaris bike option. Eradicators on the other hand are rocking some sort of long-ranged “melta rifle”. It seems like this is filling a similar role to Eldar Fire Dragons.

Finally, Games Workshop has nailed the “charging forward into battle” pose. Gone are the awkward poses of dancing Berzerkers!
One of the easier to miss details on these models is that their Power Swords all have the same power source in the center, just like the Primaris Captain. Hopefully, we see something like this for Power Axes, Mauls, and maybe even Lightning Claws and the like.
Note that the Sergeant has his helmet on his hip, striking a nice balance between realism and fantasy. Looks like this Sergeant won’t be getting shot in the head by a stray bullet!
The Eradicator in the top left has an ULTRA engraved into his weapon, which is a small detail that might look a tad off if you paint these as a different Chapter. Then again, who says the Ultramarines can’t just donate a Melta Rifle or two to other Chapters?

Overall Review for Space Marines

All in all, the Indomitus box set provides an almost complete Battalion for any Space Marine Player. All you need is a unit of Scouts or perhaps some more Intercessors, and you’re off to playing Matched Play Games right out of the box! The models are highly detailed while sporting lots of little features that help sell the fantasy of a cohesive fighting unit. With things like scaling Iron Halo’s or the way the Bladeguard Ancient carries the remains of his standard with him in his free hand. Now, let’s look at the forces of the Necrons!

The Necrons bring a much larger force of 37 models to bear in the Indomitus box set. Just like the Space Marines most of the models are new, and even models that you’re familiar with are receiving new sculpts. Let’s start by looking at the HQ Choices for the Necrons. The Indomitus set features multiple models that will most likely be HQ choices, and a returning one in the Overlord.

That Necron Overlord in Indomitus though…

The Necron Overlord is not a new model, but this is certainly a new sculpt. It features a drastic increase in detail, and the immediate pop out is how his armor also seems to double as a set of royal clothing with it sweeping over his torso and draping down the front. Necrons have always had a bit of a regal undertone in their faction design. Now it’s been brought on display in high detail.

INDOMITUS- Skorpekh Lord

Next, we have the Skorpekh Lord. He features the same sort of regal design in his armor along his upper torso and back. This miniature looks like a one-man (robot?) army, between his various melee armaments. He’ll simply obliterate you at range with his Enmitic Annihilator. The Necrons have received a rework with how they are armored. They feature the same dark metallic skeleton we are familiar with. This time it’s not protected by some sort of copper exoskeleton. This color dynamic is on full display with the Skorpekh Lord, creating a very pleasant but rather metallic color palette.

The Indomitus set also includes a couple of new Character models for the Necrons that will most likely be Elite choices. First, we have the Plasmancer, a new style of Cryptek that utilizes concentrated Plasma to attack his foes from afar. Curiously, he’s missing legs AND his left arm instead of floating and keeping himself balanced on his rather large staff.

Now let’s talk about the Royal Warden

In addition to the Plasmancer, we have been introduced to the Royal Warden, a Lieutenant-esque model to accompany an Overlord. He wields a giant gauss blaster and even has a small paint strip running down his forehead, just like a Lieutenant. This may end up being a reworked version of a Lord, or perhaps an alternative to taking a Lord?

Rounding out all of these characters are some support pieces for them. First, we have the Plasmacyte, a small unit designed to support units of Destroyers to push them to the max. Next, there’s a new Vehicle of sorts called a Canoptek Reanimator. It appears to somehow keep picking your units up after they take damage, but exactly how that works will have to wait until Indomitus drops. Finally, it looks like the new Plasmancer has some personal bodyguards in the form of Cryptothralls. These wicked, scythe armed monstrosities are sure to make your opponent think twice before charging a Plasmancer in melee.

Is it just us, or does this thing have a “War Of The Worlds” vibe to it?
Having scythes for hands would make it very difficult to do anything other than murder…

Let’s talk Necron Warriors

To round out the Necron Forces, we have two decent sized units of Warriors, Scarabs, and a new unit. This unit is known as the Skorpekh Destroyers. The Warriors feature giant weapons known as Hyperphase Threshers, which sound terrifying. The Warriors and Scarabs have received new sculpts, complete with added details and additional options for Warriors.

These guys have the same sort of fancy upper torso armor that the Necron Characters all have, marking them as higher class Necrons.
Warriors now have an additional option for their Gauss weapons, allowing them to choose between the classic Flayer and the new short-ranged but destructive Reaper. In addition, note that the green plastic tubes are gone, replaced with actual solid weapons and power sources running along with the weapon.
Scarabs have gone through a relatively minor redesign, gaining more defined appendages and slightly changed up body. The power sources on their body have been repositioned as well.


The Indomitus box set includes a lot of beautiful and cool models along with a full, custom artwork rulebook. Seriously this is great for anyone that wants to start a Space Marine or Necron Force. Honestly, anyone wanting to get started with a new edition should definitely try and get their hands on this. Indomitus will be up for sale sometime in July. It looks to be a promising beginning to a new and improved edition of 40K.

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