Top 3 Salamander Indomitus Tactics


A Salamander Indomitus Box tactics take the contents of the Indomitus box set and additional models to combo with one Chapter of Marines. In this case Salamanders and their Successors. Salamanders finally got their Primaris units with Melta weapons to use with Promethium Cult. So, of course, Total Obliteration means doom for your opponents. It’s also the reason I am buying 3 box sets. There are plenty of ideas on how to Burn Away the Competition with Salamander Tactics

Salamander Indomitus Tactics

Included in the Space Marine Half: 

  • 105 Primaris Captain
  • 90   Primaris Lieutenant 
  • 85   Primaris Chaplain 
  • 85   Judiciar 
  • 105 Blade Guard Veterans 
  • 85   Blade Guard Ancient 
  • 120 Eradicators 
  • 195 Assault Intercessors 
  • 135 Outriders 

Right now the Space Marine half makes 2 detachments. A Vanguard and a Patrol. There is plenty of room for most types of units but there is only space for one more HQ. So let’s add one. The Primaris Chaplain on Bike. Invader ATVs can take Multimeltas as well but let’s stick with the Onslaught Gatling Cannons. 

Vanguard Detachment 1051

  • 135 Primaris Chaplain on bike Warlord
  • 85   Primaris Chaplain 
  • 195 Assault Intercessors x10 w/ Plasma pistol on the Sergeant
  • 85   Judiciar 
  • 85   Blade Guard Ancient 
  • 105 Blade Guard Veterans 
  • 120 Eradicators 
  • 135 Outriders 
  • 106 Impulsor

Patrol Detachment 915

  • 105 Primaris Captain
  • 90   Primaris Lieutenant 
  • 120 Eradicators
  • 120 Eradicators
  • 240 Infiltrators x10
  • 240 Invader ATV x3

A spare 34 points could go towards the Impulsor and other upgrades or to making the Invader ATVs have Multimeltas.

Salamander Indomitus Tactics: Dakka Dakka

The Indomitus box comes with great characters. They are designed to synergize with your army.  The Chaplain’s job is to give +1 to hit on the squad of Invaders ATVs. Use the Recitation of Focus at the beginning of the round. That’s 18 strength 5 shots hitting on a 2+. Salamanders can use Crucible of Battle for +1 to wound. Versus other T4 units like Necrons warriors, that’s 18 shots wounding on a 2+. Don’t forget the other characters in the box. The Captain is going to help all those shots re-roll 1s to hit. The Lieutenant will let them re-roll 1s to wound. Use the Impulsor to keep those two characters in the range of the invaders. With a 14” move and then a Disembark with more movement, the characters should have no problem keeping up. 

Salamander Indomitus Box Tactics: It Burns So Good

Salamander Indomitus Combos
Not so cute when we get Melta

Eradicators are amazing. Salamanders lacked one key thing in their army and that was Reserves.  However, Strategic Reserves fixes that in the 9th edition. Eradicators will gain +1 to wound they turn they come on and enjoy AP-5. That Assault Doctrine bonus to their Melta Rifles helps to hit harder than any other chapter the turn they come from Strategic Reserve. 

What if they are hit by an Auspex Scan after arriving? They can take the hit. Let’s say they arrived next to 6 Boltstorm aggressors. 12d6 shots ~42 from the fragstorm grenade launchers as well as 72 shots from the boltstorm gauntlets. Half of those shots miss from the -1 to hit using Auspex Scan. All that shooting is only strength 4 versus the toughness 5 of Gravis Armor. That is still 19 wounds to save. Salamanders will Stand Your Ground giving them a 2+ save that is ignoring AP-1 when they come in. They may lose 1 of their models before re-rolls but they just stood up to a bucket of dice.  

Salamander Indomitus Box Tactics: Get Stuck In

Strength of the Primarch +1 strength and double damage a 6 to wound. That works on a unit to help them pack a punch. Bladeguard Vets squads will 13 attacks with Shock Assault. With this stratagem and their Master-crafted Power Sword, they will be strength 6 ap-3 damage 2 or 4. If they need it, Crucible of Battle can be used for another +1 to wound versus tough targets. Outriders have 19 attacks on the charge who can benefit from both of those stratagems. Of course, it also works on our melee characters. 

The Judiciar can get up to strength 8 with the Strength of the Primarch. The Anvil of Strength Warlord trait adds +2 strength. However, he isn’t the best option for Warlord Traits. The Primarch Chaplain on Bike could Slap folks around.  He can be anywhere from a Strength 5 to 12. That depends on Relics, Stratagems, Warlord traits, Abilities, and Psychic powers not included in this list. A Librarian can be squeezed in if you can only grab so many Eradicators.

Add Mantra of Strength with the Benediction of Fury relic that’s damage 7 and 1 mortal on a 6 to wound. All of that is if you just want them to hit hard. Salamanders can also take a hit.

Primaris Chaplain on a bike could be toughness 7 using the Forge Master Warlord trait. The Salamanders Mantle subtracts 1 to wound rolls versus him. Or modified wound rolls of 1,2,3, auto fail. One of your characters can carry around the Obsidian Aquila for a 6+++ ignore damage bubble. Even if our characters die, Rise From the Ashes, on a 4+ they get back up on a 4+.

How to play this list:

Salamander Indomitus Box tactics can be brutal and make your opponents ask “What about Balance and the shorter board.” They’ll be alright and you didn’t need friends anyway. The Alternating Deployment zones brought back the need to claim real estate early. The 10 infiltrators do just that with a large footprint to keep the enemy away. Careful with your Coherency as the first turn is random and independent of who set up first. If your opponent gets first drop and manages to claim much of No Man’s Land no worries. Perhaps with Invictors of their own and scouts. 

Invictors were excluded from our list because of how easy they will die to Eradicators. With 3 squads of your own, you can afford to deploy one and if need be Self Sacrifice to protect that squad. This may be more necessary than you like because of the slower movement of your squad and The New Edition:9th Terrain Rules. At least 2 Eradicator squads should go into Strategic reserve. Use Combat Squads versus Blast heavy armies. Otherwise, aim to pull off your combos when you can.

Sticking with the Primaris Marines, changes could include squeezing in Primaris Psykers. Exchanging Incursors for Infiltrators and even changing out for the big guns of the Repulsor Executioner. Go wild and have fun with the New Indomitus Box set.

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