War of The Spider: New Custodes Preview

New Custodes Preview

The New Custodes Preview in War of the Spider was shared on Warhammer Community. Combined with the 9th edition previews and it has to be said “The Boys are back in town.” In our Custodes Tactics article, every unit has just gotten better. Add in the new stratagems and you have reason to take some of the other units that were not featured as well.  Valerian and Aleya should be Match Play playable as well.

New Custodes Preview

The first thing you do when you see a Stratagem like this, you check to see who it applies to and what you can combo with. Which of the Golden Boys can break it just a little? Forgeworld Custodes Infantry? Yes. Sagittarum Guard? No, they are assault weapons. Venatarii? Oh, yes! A squad of 6 with buckler and pistol will cost you 348 points. less than a double Gatling Knight Despoiler. That’s 24 shots at strength 6 AP-2 damage 2 at the cost of 1 CP. Sure they are hitting at a 2+ with easy access to reroll 1’s to hit.  If your opponent is big into modifiers, Custodes have an answer for that.

New Custodes Preview: Ignore Cover In Melee

New Custodes Preview

The other winners for using Superior Fire Patterns are Aquillon Terminators with their Lastrum Storm Bolters for Rapid-fire 4. Or Allarus Terminators. They will only be Rapidfire 2 but can snipe characters using Inescapable Vengeance.

New Custodes Preview

Now Stooping dive is better than Fraternity of Heroes but it’s costly. Fraternity of Heros can apply to any Custodes unit. Currently, that means Aircraft can use it to get into melee. They can’t charge but heroic intervention is not a charge. The only reason you would want to do this for aircraft is to change your facing. Heroic intervention in general is a nice threat to help control where your enemy is moving. Heroic intervention currently works even though you are in combat so long as you can end your move closer to an enemy model. 


New Custodes Preview
New Custodes Preview

Hopefully, they do not lose the Shield-Captain Keyword like Captain-General Trajan. That way they can Shoulder the Mantle if need be. The New Custodes Preview. With new warlord traits and relics for your shield host, Captain Commander abilities, your Warlord can be extra specialized. Toughness 6 Shield-Captain Commander on a Dawn Eagle Jetbike with a 3++ Invulnerable save rerollable and 9 wounds? Falling back by moving forward out of combat can make for a mean Shield-Captain as he can charge with the new relic. That’s a different kind of mean to be sure.

New Custodes Preview

New Custodes Preview & 9th Edition Wins

New Custodes Preview

The New Edition: 9th terrain rules will affect your Custodes. The first Army to ignore cover in Melee come 9th edition is Custodes. The Emperor’s Hand Stratagem. This will help as if you heroically intervene into Heavy Cover because we won’t have the charge bonus to ignore cover.   Only Infantry suffer the move and shoot penalty to heavy weapons. The Salvo Launcher was never taken in large numbers because of the need to clear hordes with the Hurricane Bolter. Now if you do take them, Custodes are shooting better with them as they move to overcome the short range of the Salvo Launcher.

Hurricane Bolters got a boost. Sure you could always fall back and shoot as you had the fly keyword but then you couldn’t charge. Now go ahead and shoot all those Bolter shots into the combat your in. If you clear them out, great. Declare a charge if the enemy is close enough. 

For the most part, Custodes infantry is slow. The shorter board helps our footsloggers make it to the enemy. So that’s a perk. Sure the reverse is also true but let them come.

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