Preparing for Warhammer Preview #4


We are super excited about Warhammer Preview #4 this coming weekend! Before we dive into that, let’s take a look at the past Warhammer previews in preparation. We will be watching live so that we can bring you all the latest news and interpretations. With that said, I think it’s important to look back at what we’ve already seen in order to know what to expect for future releases. Warhammer 40K is our focus, but trust me when I say that AoS, Lord of the Rings, Necromunda, Bloodbowl, and Adeptus Titanicus have a bright future ahead of them as well.

Word Bearers:

These appeared in the Warhammer preview #2 and they hold a personal place in my heart. As a Word Bearer fan, collector, and player I just can’t wait to grab a hold of them. These guys fit perfectly in Warhammer 40K as Chaos Lords and as a Sorcerer in Terminator Armour. The runes inscribed in the plates of the armour is another great touch for me. It makes painting so much easier because I don’t have to write them in with my brush.

Lion El’Jonson:

This one was no surprise to anyone, yet everyone was still shocked. Look at that majestic yet threatening pose. This is the kind of stuff that makes every Primarch model unique. All of them are represented so well wtih their own key feature. You can have reservations about some of them for your personal taste, but there is no denying that this model is telling a story worthy of the Lion!

Saul Tarvitz:

Speaking of preview #4 excitement, this one is a personal favorite of mine from the Horus Heresy novels. Models of him were clearly missing since a lot of the missions and stories told by the Horus Heresy campaign books had influence. A lot of hobbyists around the world made proxy models of him in the meantime. But after years of waiting this is not disappointing. He looks exactly how you would picture him facing hordes of traitors.

Fabius Bile

After several years, we finally see the Primogenitor himself with a new makeover. His model was good looking for the era it came out but it looks dated now. This is a great way to go into the future of Warhammer 40K. I remember seeing that Warhammer preview and thinking ‘’ That guy has to come in my Word Bearer army!’’ And then I saw his acolyte… by the beard of the unshaven emperor because of quarantine. I just love that guy!

 Ephrael Stern and her pal

This one was an unexpected twist. New models come and go and a legend like Gotrek was sure to get a model eventually, but seeing Ephrael Stern and her Harlequin brother in arms ‘’in the flesh’’… That stunned me and my wallet opened right away! I have no army that they go in but that got me thinking, “maybe I could start a Sister of Battle army…’’

Psychic Awakening Pariah:

Another big surprise was this lady right here. At first glance, I thought ‘’what a weird Eldar’’. But looking at her a bit more and when it was revealed that she was an Inquisitor I was like ‘’Wow! That is a different Inquisitor.’’ The Power fist, Shuriken pistol, and creature that fits with the Dark Eldar and a big bone head as a shoulder plate… That Inquisitor means business! I can’t wait until we learn more about her.

Exclusive Sister of Battle

This right here is the reason why I have a Sister of Battle army now. Badass, fierce, determined, and bearing the scars of war with fire at her feet? I had to order her! Everything about that model screams to me ‘’come at me bro!’’ and that’s what gets to me in Warhammer 40K. The ending to that Warhammer preview got me so pumped up that I splurged on her and a box of sisters.

Illuminor Szeras

Most importantly… This guy! What a gorgeous update! I gasped at the sight of this Warhammer preview. Knowing full well the love for Necron on this page and the Necron Queen being here herself, I immediately thought ‘’please give us the Silent King!’’ I suspect this is a wish that will be heard and answered on the 23rd during Warhammer preview #4.  Poor guy getting his essence sucked away, the amazing revamped Illuminor Szeras… It’s important to have a great entrance you know even if it sucks for others (We love sharing puns).


So here it is! This Warhammer preview is hyped to be a big one so we can expect big news on the Silent King but also new models and probably news about the reopenings and new release schedules. I know a lot of people are expecting news about ‘’9th edition’’ and I don’t know if that will be announced in a Warhammer preview but everything is possible. What do you expect? What would you wish to see this time around? Is there a particular model that you can’t wait to get? Let us know and if you are interested in ‘’9th edition’’ take a look right here at our article on ‘’How to prepare for 9th edition’’.

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