9th Core Rules

Warhammer 40K NEW EDITION!!!! You read that right! No time to wait, let’s look at all the announcements that we’ve been waiting for. In case you missed our last post titled ”How to prepare for a 40k new edition” just have a look here: https://nightsatthegametable.com/how-to-prepare-for-40k-9th-edition/

New Edition Trailer

This 40k new edition launched with a new trailer pitting Sisters of battle, Ultramarines and Imperial Guards against Necrons. Everything in this trailer is amazing! Just simply amazing! In fact it’s so amazing we featured this article with a great snapshot from it. In this snapshot Adeptus Sororitas and Adeptus Astartes fight shoulder to shoulder against hordes of Necron Warriors as new and old models are swarming over an imperial world.

New starter set?

Of course, no new edition would be complete without a box set. None were announced yet, but a host of new models were shown and featured. You can expect everything in the trailer to become a new model either in the box set or on a separate release. Sisters of Battle and Space Marines in the same box is a great way to put female models in a starter set. It makes sense, female figurines were introduced in the Age of Sigmar starter set while still having new marines.

New models:

All these are brand new models! FINALLY! Primaris Marines with chainswords! Assault Intercessors that they are called. Plus, a new unit/hero with shield, sword and guns. What is there not to love about all this? My Flesh Tearers are making their weapon roar in preparation for this!!! Of course, Necrons can’t be left out. Tada! New Necron Warriors are here, plus they get a variety of weapons now. It’s interesting, how you can see that their look changed a bit to represent a bit more undead automaton look. It was hinted that their reparation protocol isn’t as good as the elite troops and characters. With all that said… look at that beast of a Necron!

New narrative play?

Life seems easier on the skin before in this before/after

This made my heart sing with joy! Having stories tied to my games is the most important thing for me. This new way to play that is added to the Narrative Play is called ‘’Crusade’’. Your warband is going to evolve through their battles and consequences will happen. An example of that was to have one of your space marines so injured from multiple fights that he would be entered in a dreadnought. I can’t wait to learn more about this!

9 great things about the new edition

This edition, like we mentioned in our previous article featured here, is a ‘’soft edition’’ or an upgrade edition. All your codexes and Psychic Awakening rules, are still viable and functional with the new edition. Simply put, they updated the rules, changed little things here and there and while adding more. This is amazing news because it means you can jump in right away with the core rules and you are good to go.

9 Things that were announced:

1- Updated rules thanks to feedback from the past years

2- New ‘’Crusade’’ in Narrative Play

3- More command points/less ‘’soup’’

4- Tanks will shoot in melee and not be bogged down by silly little things

5- Revamped rules for terrains

6- Different game sizes to accommodate your playability

7- Change to strategic reserves

8- New Blast weapon type

9- New flyers rules

Silent King

More importantly, I wouldn’t be able to leave you without a little talk (since he can’t do it himself being silent and all…) about the Silent King. We’ve been teased with little snippets of lore here and there. No more teasers! Now we can finally have a look at the model! Or… at least parts of it. Here they are:

That looks painful…


That is it for our coverage of this amazing reveal of a new 40k edition. There is a lot to look forward to and I have to say that this partial reveal of the Silent King has got me excited. What do you think? Which announcement makes you excited about all this? The Assault Intercessors get’s my blood boiling in hype for sure. Let us know in the comments.

PS – This 40k New Edition logo is the cherry on top cool new images!

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