Nick Nanavati vs Jack Harpster Nova Invitational Prep Live Stream


Hey guys, I know it’s been awhile since we’ve had a battle report, so I’ve decided to start back up again with a bang! Today at 2pm EST I’ll be playing against my friend Jack and his boogeyman list: Knights/IG/Marines!  I’ll be using a list I’m considering for the Nova Invitational consisting of Eldar/Dark Eldar/Ynari.
For those of you who don’t know what The Nova Invitational is it’s a 32 person invite only premier competitive 40k event. Each player is seeded based on a panel of judges, and then put into a bracket. You can see the bracket, the factions selected by each player and even make your own predictions here. Nearly half the field is bringing Knights + IG + Other ally in some variation, so that’s certainly the list to beat.
The game will be live streamed today August 12 at 2pm EST on Nights at the Game Table PRO. If you’d like to become a PRO and gain access to hours of classes on competitive 40k, weekly meta analyses, and unlimited list help and personal calls you can sign up here!
And just as a teaser, here are our lists!

Jack Harpster Nick Nanavati
Catachan Battalion Prophet of Flesh Battalion
Straken 75 Urien 90
Company Commander (WL/Acquila) 30 Haemonculus- splinter pistol, electrocorrosive whip 76
10 Infantry 40 5 Wracks 45
10 Infantry 40 5 Wracks 45
10 Infantry 40 5 Wracks 45
10 Infantry 40 8 Grotesques 280
10 Infantry 40 8 Grotesques 280
10 Infantry 40
Astropath 30 Craftworld Supreme Command
Astropath 30 Farseer 110
Priest 35 Spiriteer <biel tan> 65
9 Bullgryn- 4 brute shields, 5 slabshields, 9 mauls 378 Spiritseer 65
3 Mortars 33
3 Mortars 33 Ynari Battalion
3 Mortars 33 Yncarne (WL) 337
Autarch- banchie mask, fusion gun, laser lance <saim hann> 125
Adeptus Astartes Battalion 20 Guardians- 2 cannons <ulthwe> 190
Space Marine Primaris Librarian 105 20 Guardians- 2 cannons <ulthwe> 190
Dark Angel Primaris Librarian 105 8 Storm Guardians 56
Space Wolf Rune Priest 80
Raven Auxilary
Castellan 604


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