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New Space Marine & Necron Codex to be revealed!

That’s right, Games Workshop announced that this coming Saturday they will reveal the new upcoming Space Marine & Necron Codex! We’re ultra excited to see what these books contain and will be giving you the latest update for this. The latest leaks that don’t involve the Space Marine &
Space Marines Tactics

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Tactics 9th Edition

There are plenty of reasons to Play Space Marines. They get all the toys it seems. Even the ones they traditionally didn’t get like floating tanks. In Considering Space Marine Tactics, you have plenty to take in likes weapons, what units carry those weapons, stratagems and other abilities. Soon
Dominate Deployment

How to Dominate Deployment as Ultramarines in 9th Edition

Ultramarines have one specific ability to Dominate Deployment. They are the poster boys of Warhammer but Iron Hands Bikers will also enjoy the new edition. There are 6 new matched play Eternal War Strike Force Missions. Eternal War missions are those without the Maelstrom Cards. Those are currently missing

Here’s Why Iron Hands Bikers Love Indomitus!

Oh, Iron Hands. You used to be so good, so broken. “How broken were they?” you ask. So broken Games Workshop had to convene a special snowflake council and change how Combat Doctrines worked for all Codex-compliant Space Marines, that’s how. Now we won’t go into how the 40K

40K Weekend Recovery

What a week we are having! If you are new to the hobby, congratulations you’ve picked an amazing time to join our community of wargamers. If you were already part of this hobby, then you know what I’m talking about! This past weekend has been shocked full of new
Rapid Fire Weapons in 9th Edition

A closer look at the 40k 9th Edition Space Marines

The 40k 9th Edition Space Marines with the Indomitus Box set and previews from Warhammer Community, in 9th edition, Space Marines are shaping up to be a bloodbath for the foes of the Emperor. His Angels don’t need wings when they ride in style and bring death from afar.

Kingslayer: Shrike Raven Guard Vs. Whirlwind Iron Hands Warhammer 40K Battle Report- Nights At The Game Table

Today’s Batrep is a very special one! Its Iron Hands vs. Raven guard, and both of these armies are using their new supplements! Who will come out on top? Well lets take a look at what each of them is bringing to the table. Alex’s List Alex is fielding

Top Space Marine Tactics (Getting the most from your 3+)- Nights At The Game Table

     Today, we have a slightly different style of tactics article for you. We’re going to be looking at an army construction method that you can breathe new life into your army of 3+ save  models, regardless of if you play Necrons, Space Marines, Death Guard, or any other army

Nights At The Game Table 40K Battle Report: Space Wolves Vs. Salamanders

Todays Batrep features David’s brave Salamanders Vs. Aarons fierce Space Wolves. David is running a very elite list, even by Astartes standards. The  big threat is his Caestus Assault Ram, a massive flyer that can sports a 2+ save and can assault units, even enemy aircraft!  Aarons Space wolf

Nights Masters Warboss Power Klaw Orks Vs. Knight Valiant Imperial Soup: Nights At The Game Table

This next battlereport features Nick’s Orks vs Davids Imperial soup list! Both armies are coming in with Lots of Firepower. Be it the volume of fire from Nick’s Orks or the Precision of the heroic Custodes and Space Marines. This is a Matchup you will want to see! Nick’s

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