Warhammer 40K Space Marine Tactics 9th Edition


There are plenty of reasons to Play Space Marines. They get all the toys it seems. Even the ones they traditionally didn’t get like floating tanks. In Considering Space Marine Tactics, you have plenty to take in likes weapons, what units carry those weapons, stratagems and other abilities. Soon Games’ Workshop will shake up Space Marine Tactics even more by combining all but the Grey Knights into one Codex. For now, armies like Blood Angels are on their own when it comes to Space Marine Tactics.

We are starting with Space Marine weapons that we are excited to update when the rules become official. Think of those long-range Heavy Flamers and those new Multi-meltas. What a good time to Play Salamanders but that’s a different article. Later we will expand on Chapter Specific Tactics such as Imperial Fist Space Marine Tactics.

Space Marine Tactics: Weapons

Space Marine Tactics
Space Marine Tactics have to change with the tools available

So many Dakka options and the list is growing with the expansion of the range of Primaris Models and mid update to weapons as we stand between Indomitus and the next Space Marine Codex. Our First Division is in large archetype of Weapons: Bolt, Flamer, Melta, and Plasma because of the way they may interact with Chapter specific rules. Further along, weapons that aren’t specific to those 4 are separated by weapon type.

Space Marine Bolt Weapons:

Bolt Weapons are a class of mundane for a Space Marine weapons with the word Bolt in the name. They are usually strength 4, AP nothing, and Damage 1. The OG (original gun) Boltgun shot twice at half range and a single shot at 2′. Then came Bolter Discipline.

Absolver Bolt Pistol an odd bolt weapon. It comes with a small bump to strength and AP to the bolt pistol. The extra 4” compared to a bolt pistol is what stands out as just a little off. The Indomitus version is standardized with the new Heavy Bolt Pistol.

Assault Bolter Inceptors took Heavy Bolters and cut the range in half but made them assault weapons as the name implies.

Auto Bolt Rifle is an Assault 3 Boltgun carried by Primaris dudes.

Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets The pair of them will fire for 6 bolt shots. The money maker is how they can fire twice along with the Fragstorm Launcher carried by an aggressor. All those shots will cost you 6” of range compared to the standard Boltgun but all the shots are assault.

Bolt Carbine an Assault 2 Boltgun.

Bolt Pistol Half the range of Boltgun and only pistol 1.

Pistols are handy to have if you are stuck in an engagement range.

Bolt Rifle The Primarisified Boltgun. 6” bonus to range and 1 extra AP.

Space Martine Tactics “Oops, Sorry…?”

Bolt Sniper Rifle with 3 modes of fire the Sniper armed with these is versatile. There are 3 types of rounds. 1 is An explosive shot to deal multiple hits versus a unit including characters. However, Games Workshop messed up the errata on the Executioner round. The no-look shooting part was also in the first sentence that was changed to ignore the Look Out, Sir rule. Oops. That being said, it still ignores cover and gains a +2 to hit. Finally, a round that can possibly do a mortal wound as well as D3 damage against a character that dared to venture into their line of sight.

Boltgun The classic Space Marine ranged weapon. It set the standard for Rapid Fire guns. Combined with Bolter Discipline you can have 2 shots at 2’.
Boltstorm Gauntlet A 3 shot bolt pistol attached to the Powerfist worn by a Gravis Captain

Combi-Bolter/ Storm Bolter/ Twin Boltgun Rapidfire 2 Boltgun

Combi-Special weapon of some sort, a Boltgun attached to a special weapon of some sort. You can fire either half of the weapon or both and just take the penalty to hit. Oh no your auto hitting Flamer could have a penalty to hit.

Heavy Bolt Pistol There are 2 of these right now. The Indomitus version has half again as much range as a regular Heavy Bolt Pistol. The Heavy Bolt Pistol is currently just a bolt pistol with 1 bonus to AP. Expect this to change in the codex.

Heavy Bolter The bigger Heavy brother to the Boltgun. Half again as much range with a small boost to strength and AP

6 Boltguns not a problem but 36…

Hurricane Bolter, It’s just a Boltgun but multiplied by 6. They all have to shoot the same target but the Space Marine Tactics here is the weight of dice will bring models down.

Instigator Bolt Carbine only the Eliminator Sergeant can take this weapon. A single shot Boltgun that is assault but can target characters. If you do it, you have extra AP and Damage compared to a Boltgun. It’s the weapon you take if you want the Eliminator Sergeant to be able to fall back from a charge against them.

Marksman Bolt Carbine A Boltgun but with better sights. A 6 to hit automatically wounds the target. The Latest Errata adds to the Rare Rules Section that bonus hits that trigger on the Same 6 won’t auto wound.

Master-crafted Auto Bolt Rifle the standard bonus to an auto rifle.

Master-crafted Instigator Bolt Carbine The Phobos Captain has a super master-crafted weapon. It comes with the standard Master craft bonus to damage to a regular Instigator Bolt Carbine. But wait there’s more, it also has a boosted AP and 6” of greater range.

Master-crafted Occulus Bolt Carbine a standard Master-crafted bonus

Master-crafted Stalker Bolt Rifle A stalker rifle with the Master-crafted bonus.

Occulus Bolt Carbine A Boltgun that ignores the cover bonus to saves.

Quad Heavy Bolter (Forgeworld) not one but 4 Heavy Bolters aimed at the same target.

Cawl doesn’t have time for old Marines

Special Issue Bolt Gun Same range and strength as the Primaris Bolt with better Armour Piercing. If Cawl wasn’t so busy getting the new Marines Bolt Rifles the Firstborn could be Awesome.

Specter Pattern Bolter (Forgeworld) a 2 shot bolt pistol

Stalker Bolt Rifle has the same range as a heavy bolter with 1 additional AP and Damage but only the 1 shot. It’s not a Heavy Bolt Rifle. Those aren’t out yet. It is, however, a Bolt rifle that’s heavy.

Twin Avenger Bolt Cannon (Forgeworld) A better Twin Heavy Bolter as it comes with an extra 4 shots, and a bump to strength, AP and Damage.

Twin Heavy Bolter 2 heavy bolters slaved together to fire at the same target.

Space Marine Tactics: Flame Weapons

Flame Weapons are characterized by random d6 shots that auto-hit but suffer from a short-range. Now that Vehicles can shoot in combat they have gotten stronger as the penalty to hit won’t apply to them as they auto-hit. They were separated for easy reference for Salamanders and their successors.

Dreadnought Inferno Cannon (Forgeworld) The rules for this have changed every edition since the 4th. So far in 9th it hasn’t and as of now, it’s just a Heavy Flamer with +1 strength and Damage

Flamer/ Combi-Flamer an auto hitting short-range flame weapon with the strength of a Boltgun. The 8” range is frustratingly too short without long-range marksmen.

Flamestorm Cannon Twice the range, strength, and damage of the Hand Flamer with -2 AP. Only carried on the Land Raider Redeemer.

Flamestorm Gauntlets Powerfist that have inbuilt Flamers. There are two gauntlets for twice the number of shots. Of course, an aggressor may shoot twice for even more shots.

Hand Flamer a slightly weaker flamer with half the range of a bolt pistol.

Heavy Flamer Bolters get a heavy brother and so do flamers with the same bonus to strength and AP. As of yet, no increase to their range.

Incendium Cannon the Invictor Tactical Warsuit can start 9” away from the enemy deployment zone with a long-range Heavy Flamer that does twice the shots. Enjoy that extra 4” range.

Infernus Cannon (Forgeworld) a 2 damage twin heavy flamer

Twin Heavy Flamer 2 heavy flamers slapped together

Space Marine Tactics: Melta Weapons

Melta Weapons are Characterized by the word Melta in the weapon name AP -4, D6 Damage, and usually strength 8. New versions of Melta Weapons let you roll 2 dice and pick one when firing at half range. Older Versions you roll two dice and you are stuck with the highest. Terrible against the Quantum Shielding of Necrons or when you are trying to leave a model around for charges. Newer Melta will be changed even more.

Cyclonic Melta Lance (Forgeworld) A small bump in strength over a regular Meltagun it comes and half again as much range. The Heavy 2D3 makes this weapon hard to choose over the Storm Cannon Array. Even more so as it also lost 6” of range to the Storm Cannon Array.

Magna-melta Cannon same range as the Multi-melta but with +2 strength and D3 shots at that. The Twin version didn’t get a points update along with the Caestus Assault Ram. Perhaps a Legend was will be born.

Melta Bomb A single shot melta grenade that re-rolls to wound versus vehicles. If you were expecting to roll 2 dice and choose one for damage at 2” you would be wrong as there is no ½ range bonus for this weapon.

Meltagun a standard Melta weapon with the range of a bolt pistol.

Melta Rifle The Assault version of a Multi-melta carried by Eradicators.

New Multi-melta rules for this bad boy

Space Marine Tactics: Kill all the Vehicles

Multi-melta Twice the range of a Meltagun but it comes with the heavy penalty on Infantry. They fit in a drop pod but for the most part, just take the Eradicators if you want one on an infantry body. Otherwise, they melt things just fine.

Siege Melta Array (Forgeworld) they took a Meltagun and made it slightly stronger by making it heavy. The array part comes from the 4d3 shots it can make.

Twin Multi-melta doubles the fun of a single Multi-melta.

Space Marine: Plasma Weapons

Plasma weapons are generally Strenght 7, AP-3, and have the option to Overcharge. Overcharge comes with the risk of murdering its user or occasionally or some variants give out mortal wounds. However, it could be worth it for the extra strength and damage. The risk got worse with negatives to hit.

Assault Plasma Incinerator an assault 2 plasma gun that starts with 1 less strength but has the Primaris bonus to AP.

Combi-Plasma A Boltgun tied to a Plasma Gun. Shooting both impose a penalty to hit which is extra deadly when overcharging. However, the max penalty of -1 keeps it from being to deadly to the user.

Heavy Plasma Cannon A plasma Cannon that won’t kill the model when it overcharges. Just a mortal wound.

Hellfire Plasma Carronade (Forgeworld) A Deredeo can take this option. The Plasma profile here is always in overcharge mode but only does mortal wounds like the Heavy Plasma cannon. Vehicles ignore the heavy penalty but somehow the 4 barrels shoot 5 shots with only the range of a Plasma gun. At least it has 1 more damage over the standard overcharge plasma.

Heavy Plasma Incinerator, Heavy like the name applies. It has the range of a Plasma Cannon, the Primaris bonus to AP but to make up for the single shot, it starts at a higher strength for its plasma profile.

Plasma Blast Gun (Forgeworld) a Plasma Blaster that doles out mortal wounds instead of instant death.

Plasma Blaster an assault 2 standard plasma profile. It has 6” of shorter-range over a standard plasma gun.

Plasma Cannon, which used to be a heavy small blast was made into random D3 shots. It kept the same 3’ range with the plasma profile.

Plasma Cutter a plasma pistol that happens to be assault. Carried by the Servo Harness on a Tech Marine. Or a Tech Marine Gunner where Space Marine Tactics here could be trying to die to prevent charge moves.

Die intentionally to remove a charge target

Plasma Destroyer (Forgeworld) a plasma cannon with twice the shots. You can never overcharge with it but it already has the bonus damage regardless of not overcharging.

Plasma Eradicator A Primarisfied Heavy Plasma Cannon starts at 1 higher strength and comes with a bump in AP.

Plasma Exterminator an Assault Plasma Cannon that has ½ the range

Space Marine Tactics
Space Marine Tactics: quality Blast

Blast has been clarified to a Minimum of 3 per weapon for units of 6-10 models. That’s maxed shots for D3 weapons

Plasma Gun like a Boltgun but with the plasma profile.

Plasma Incinerator the Primarisfied Plasma Gun. A bonus to AP and an extra 6” range

Plasma Pistol the range of a bolt pistol but with the plasma profile.

Macro Plasma Incinerator a Primarisfied Plasma Cannon. It didn’t get any extra range but did get the standard Primaris bonus to AP and starts with 1 higher strength. So big that its technically double the shots of a Plasma Cannon. A d6, not 2d3.

Omega Plasma Array (Forgeworld) The Sicaran Omega only has the range of the Plasma gun but it ignores the heavy penalty for its 6 shots. It can not “Overcharge” but does have a separate mode of fire. Half the shots for a +2 bonus to strength and Damage. There is still a risk to the vehicle that they may take D3 mortal wounds for its troubles. There is a small bonus in the ability to do an extra mortal wound on an unmodified 6.

Twin Heavy Plasma Cannon Two heavy Plasma Cannons that shoot the same target.

Space Marine Assault Weapons

Astartes Grenade Launcher quadruples the ranges of your regular grenades and changed the type to assault. Why didn’t Cawl use these over Frag or Krak Storm weapons?

Astartes Shotgun an Assault 2 Bolt pistol like weapon but if you’re at the half range point or less you get to increase the strength by 1. It’s Only used by scouts in 40K.

Centurion Missile Launcher there’s only so much room for the propellant to fire a missile from your chest. Hence why it’s only 3/4 the range of a Missile Launcher and Half the damage. The fact that they are assault seems a bit random. The D3 shots made this a hard sale over the hurricane bolters but now they are the same cost.

Fragstorm Grenade Launcher Tripled the range over a regular Frag grenade, made it assault, and gave it a strength bump as well. You may be tempted to take it over the Storm Bolter but vehicles won’t be able to shoot it into the combat they are in.

Grenade Harness an assault d6 Bolt Pistol with a bump in AP

Krakstorm Grenade launcher Tripled the range of a Krak grenade and made it assault.

Twin Accelerator Autocannon (Forgeworld) Completely different from the Codex Accelerator Autocannon. This Autocannon enjoys being an assault weapon versus the standard heavy and comes 4 times the shots. On top of that, it doesn’t take a penalty hit versus fly keyword so go ahead and advance if you need to. One extra perk is the AP-3 on a 6+ to wound and not an unmodified 6.

Space Marine Grenade Weapons

Frag Grenade strong enough to wound a Chaos Cultist half the time. At least it has the new blast rule.

Krak Grenade A single-shot grenade. Devastator Doctrine will make this AP-2 but with a 6” range and an equal strength, you are only using it when a Bolt weapon won’t cut it. You may even pull off extra damage over the bolter as its a random D3.

Shock Grenade Technically a weapon with the same range as your other grenades. Half the shots as a Frag Grenade but your goal is to just hit with it against infantry. It won’t do any damage but they will be too shocked to fire overwatch and will have a penalty to hit.

Space Marine Heavy Weapons

Accelerator Autocannon Just an Autocannon with Extra AP carried by Suppressors. You would Think it would be called Ironhail because of the Extra Ap like the Ironhail Heavy Stubber. Nope, the Ironhail Autocannon is a different weapon. Oh, and this one is completely different from the twin Forgeworld one.

Aiolos Missile Launcher (Forgeworld) The problem with assault cannons is the range. The weapon fixes that buy adding 3’ but the shots are a pair of random D3s.

Anvillus Autocannon Battery (Forgeworld) you lose ¼ of the range of the standard autocannon but you gain a point of strength. 4 autocannons make up the battery for this weapon hence the high volume.

Aracnus Heavy Lascannon Battery (Forgeworld) a 2 shot Lascannon with a bump in strength and AP. Oddly if you roll 1 or a pair of unmodified 6’s to wound you only do a single Mortal Wound.

Assault Cannon Twice as many shots as a Heavy Bolter with 1 extra strength. However, it lost ⅓ of the range of that Heavy Bolter for those bonuses and cost more.

Bellicatus Missile Array a Missile launcher with a 3rd type of missile. The Icarus has half the shots of a Frag Missile but does half the damage of a Krak Missile at a -1 penalty to AP and Strength. Of course, an Icarus Missile has the Icarus +/- versus Fly/Not Fly

C-Beam a classic weapon from days gone by

C-Beam Cannon (Forgeworld) a weird heavy weapon to be sure. First, you can’t move if you want to fire its single shot. That’s pretty bad but it has a 6’ max range and the further away you are by each 2’, you add another D3 to damage and boost the strength by 2. Considering you started with the strength of assault cannon and Ap a Plasma gun that part is. However, the kind of target you want to throw decent AP, high strength, and multiple D3 damages doesn’t care overly much for the other bonus of this weapon. After you kill a model, the target unit takes effectively 2d6 assault cannon shots with no AP. No bonus to the bonus.

Castellum Air Defence Missiles (Forgeworld) It’s like the Icarus Missile but it shoots a random D3 at the target and has the strength and AP of a Krak Missile.

Castellum Battle Cannon (Forgeworld) Just a Battle Cannon.

Cerberus Launcher a short-range Frag Missile carried under a Land Speeder Storm

Cyclone Missile Launcher is not quite a double fire missile launcher with 12” loss of range as you are rolling D3s for the number of Frag shots.

Deathstorm Cannon Array (Forgeworld) a drop pod drops down, out pops an assault cannon behind every door. It only has half the range of a standard assault cannon but it is shooting at every unit within that range. It does allow for the old character protection, they can only be shot if they are the closest unit.

Hmm, Drop Pod, Guns Let’s Primarisfy it

New Toys means new Space Marine Tactics

DeathStorm Missile Launcher (Forgeworld) instead of the Cannon Array, missile racks sit behind the doors. They have an extra 6” of the array but these modified Krak Missiles only do half the damage but have 2 shots at every unit in range except for the same Character limitations.

Deathwind Launcher the range of a bolt pistol with a bonus to its strength. Being Assault d6 gives it two potential rounds of a bonus to the Weapons AP. The rate of fire of a Storm bolter with greater range and cheaper besides is why you don’t see this taken.

Demolisher Cannon, there was a time strength 10 was as good as it got. It’s still good but this weapon is better against vehicles with its high damage and good AP. However, the range of a Boltgun hurts this weapon as you can’t shoot into the combat it’s in.

Dreadhammer Siege Cannon (Forgeworld) a Demolisher cannon’s big brother. Twice the Shots and double the range if stationary. It does away with the random damage for flat 3 and does enough AP to make a Techmarine Sad.

Fellblade Accelerator Cannon (Forgeworld) comes with 2 modes of fire with a massive 10’ reach. High explosives come with a re-roll to the pair of dice rolled against units of 5 or more. A slight perk over blast weapons. Otherwise, the HE stats are comparable to an overcharged Plasma Gun.
The AE shells fired one per barrel will wound a Rhino on 2+ and negate its armor save. The best part is the flat 6 damage.

Grav-cannon and Grav-amp with the range of a Boltgun, this Heavy weapon tends to come from reserves. It has all the perks of a Grav weapon with a solid 4 shots. The Stratagem Gravitic Amplification makes Devastators scary.

Blood Angels don’t have Gravitic amplification for Space Marine Tactics

A Small Board and Reserves save this weapon

Grav-flux Bombard (Forgeworld) an anti-tank and horde killer rolled into one weapon for the leviathan. A Boltgun will out range this weapon by 6”. However, this weapon is strong enough to wound a Land Raider on a 3 and ignore its armor save. Unfortunately, it can’t kill it. The random D3 shots mean even with the Damage 5 bonus at shooting vehicles monsters or Titanic keywords the Land Raider would have 1 wound left for a lucky Boltgun to steal the glory. But if you take two…

For its horde killer role, it does enough damage to kill an intercessor outright. The bonus d3 shots for every 5 models aren’t capped. 30 boys would let you shoot 7d3 attacks. However, you take 2 of this weapon and fire both for 14D3 shots beating out a pair of Storm Cannons.

Space Marine Tactics: Improvement, take a good gun and make it better

Heavy Laser Destroyer A Primarisfied Lascannon. It comes with half again as much range, twice the shots, as well as a bump in Strength and AP. Unlike a Lascannon it can’t do less than 3 Damage.

Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon twice the shots as an onslaught Gatling Cannon with a bonus 6” to the range.

Space Marine Tactics: More Dakka on fewer units

Heavy Neutron Pulse Array (Forgeworld) This weapon is just as strong as the AE shells from the Fellblade. It comes with one extra shot but loses 4’ of range. Still, you can reach anywhere on a Strikeforce board. Where the AE shell came with flat damage this weapon uses a full D6 and then adds 4 to do even more damage. If your vehicle target survives losing wounds to this weapon they have a penalty to hit.

Helios Launcher (Forgeworld) an indirect fire weapon that shoots Kheres Assault cannon shots in batches of 2d6 with triple the range.

Forgeworld real rules written differently

Hellstrike Battery (Forgeworld) A Twin Twin Hellstrike Launcher. You know the ones that shoot Stormstrike Missiles because it’s Forgeworld…

Hunter-killer Missile a once per game Krak Missile upgrade to some vehicles.

Icarus Ironhail Heavy Stubber Icarus perk of +1/-1 to hit Fly/Not Fly attached to an Ironhail Heavy Stubber.

Icarus Rocket Pod Icarus must have angered Mars and other Forgeworlds as they are out to get him even at the expense of shooting at non-fly units. The rocket pod is a half-range Autocannon shot. The random D3 shots could give you more or less than an actual Autocannon but it is small enough to fit on top of a Redemptor Dreadnought or slapped on to a Repulsor

Icarus Storm Cannon A 3 shot Autocannon with the Icarus +/-

Ironhail Heavy Stubber They took the Guard Heavy Stubber and made the bullets sharper to punch through cultist armour.

Kheres Assault Cannon +1 strength over regular Assault Cannons

Las Fusil equal to a half range Stormstrike missile and may be used by Eliminators.

Las-Talon Twice the shots of a Lascannon at half the range.

Lascannon Stronger than a Krak Missile with better AP that shoots just as far.

Las-rippa (Forgeworld) a 2 shot Las-fusil with the range of a Boltgun. The Astraeus came out before the Las Fusils so maybe that’s why we don’t have a Twin Las Fusil.

Laser Destroyer (Forgeworld) the special ability is written fairly poorly. For the most part, after your target fails it save and any ignores wounds ability, you can roll for a random effect. On a 6 it would take another 2d6 damage, 1d6 damage on a 5-3 or just the original d6 damage, if you rolled something else. 4 Lascannons strapped together for a single shot with a bump in AP. Where it gained a ⅓ more strength over a Lascannon, it lost a ¼ of its range.

30K Models should be available in 40K

Laser Volley Cannon (Forgeworld) a two Shot Las-fusil with an overcharge mode. You risk d3 mortal wounds to double the damage of the Las-fusil and gain 2 AP and a bump in strength. Carried by the other Vindicator you also have the chance to double fire if you need to clear Gravis units.

Missile Launcher can fire either a Frag Missile or a Krak Missile 4’ across the board. Both are stronger than their grenade counterparts by 1 and 2 respectively and are heavy instead of grenade. The Krak enjoys another bonus to AP and full d6 damage as well.

Neutron Pulse Cannon (Forgeworld) it’s only strong enough to wound a Taurox on a 2+ and ignore its armour. The weapon has the range of a Lascannon but 3 times the shots and +3 strength. If the target vehicle survives it gain a penalty to hit.

Onslaught Gatling Cannon is weaker than an Assault Cannon by 1 less strength you would think it would be cheaper as they are otherwise the same but nope. At least until the new rules are official.

Space Marine Tactics
Space Marine Tactics: Mobile Dakka on a tough platform.

Predator Autocannon a bigger Autocannon means 1 extra damage and faster loading apparently as it has 2d3 shots versus the 2 of a standard autocannon.

Quad Lascannon (Forgeworld) 4 Lascannons that shoot at the same target.

Quad Launcher (Forgeworld) It can fire like the Thunderfire cannon or each launcher can fire a single shot at a Boltgun’s range. Each Shatter Shell is like shooting with a Las-fusil short 1 AP.

Reaper Autocannon A throwback to the Horus Heresy and a weapon seen on Chaos terminators, it was replaced by the Assault Cannon as those come with 2 more shots at the cost of 1 strength and ⅓ of its range.

Stratagems so good Keywords are removed

Scorpius Multi-launcher (Forgeworld) an Indirect fire weapon with twice the range of an assault cannon with a bump in AP and Damage. The 3d3 shots are a fairly reliable 6 shots.

Skyhammer Missile launcher Inbuilt Icarus +/- versus fly/not fly. It’s better than an Autocannon with the number shots and the extra 12” range but the minor random damage is a negative compared to the autocannon.

Skyreaper Battery (Forgeworld) Standard Icarus trait. At first, it just looks like 4 Autocannons aimed at the same target. Just 2 shots have to go through to Knockout a Storm Talon.

Skyspear Missile Launcher The weapon on top of the Hunter. It’s a Lascannon shot in the shape of a missile with an inbuilt reroll to hit, a bonus 12” of range, and +1 to hit versus Fly.

Sniper Rifle a single shot Boltgun with half again as much range but lack the bolt identifier. It is heavy but you take it to ignore Look Out Sir and for the chance to a mortal wound. A +1 to wound means you do those mortals on a 5+.

Storm Cannon Array (Forgeworld) Half the range of an autocannon but those 4 barrels can squeeze out 10 shots with a bonus in AP.

Stormstrike Missile Launcher Strong as a Krak Missile with 1 better AP and half again as much range. However, you lose the higher damage potential for a flat 3.

Tempest Salvo Launcher (Forgeworld) The range and shots of a Plasma Cannon with the same AP and Damage of the overcharge profile. The weapon never gets stronger than an assault Cannon.

Space Marine Tactics here include hide and shoot, shoot twice and Tremor Shells

Of course, it got a point increase

Thunderfire Cannon let’s admit it was too good in the last edition with 4d3 shots rocking the best Ballistic skill. Now with Blast, it is even better versus hordes but came with a steep point increase. You may keep one around still for Tremor Shells which reduces it to strength 4.

Thunderhawk Heavy Cannon It shoots Krak Missiles out in 2d6 batches.

Turbo-laser Destructor has a mere D3 shots but compared to the Thunderhawk Heavy Cannon, it is twice the Strenght, AP, and Damage with a chance to do a bonus D3 Mortal Wounds on an unmodified 6.

Twin Assault Cannon Twice the shots of just one Assault Cannon

Twin Autocannon (Forgeworld) A pair of Autocannons found on some vehicles from Forgeworld or in Legends.

Twin Hellstrike Launcher (Forgeworld) You would think a weapon called a Hellstrike Launcher would launch Hellstrike Missiles but nope Forgeworld doesn’t like being easy. It fires two Stormstrike Missiles like those on the Storm Raven

Twin Icarus Ironhail Heavy Stubber The Icarus +/- on a pair of Ironhails that fire together.

Twin Ironhail Autocannon rather than the bonus AP like other Ironhail weapons, the autocannon here gets an extra shot for each autocannon.

Twice the shots is so much better than a re-roll to hit.

Twin Lascannons 3 just kidding just 2 lascannons that shoot together.

Twin Macro-accelerator Cannon (Forgeworld) The big guns on top of the Astraeus. They aren’t actually Macro type at that. Similar to the Sicaran it ignores the penalty to hit versus fly but from there it’s completely different. With the range to hit anywhere on the board, flyers will have a hard time trying to hide from this. Let alone take 10 hits from it with the profile of a missile launcher except with a flat 3 damage.

Twin Mult-melta Twice the shots of a single Multi-melta for extra armor melting.

Wow, what a difference a Codex can make

Twin Volcano Cannon (Forgeworld) this is the old Volcano Cannon rules compared to the Guard Volcano Cannon on the Shadowsword. Your average of 7 shots for two of them shooting is pretty poor compared to the average 6 the Guard gets for just 1. AP-6 in the Devastator Doctrine is silly. However, its meant to hit Titanic units with a re-roll to wound for that purpose. Considering you can wound a Knight on a 2+, you won’t need that reroll all that much.

Typhoon Missile Launcher Just a twin Missile Launcher.

Volkite Charger Your Tartaros Terminator Sergeant can carry this instead of a Combi-Bolter. It does enough damage to kill an Intercessor but is only half the range of a Bolt Rifle and Heavy 2 at that. While it lacks any AP outside of the Devastator Doctrine, it can do a bonus mortal wound on an unmodified 6 to wound.

Whirlwind Castellan Launcher an Indirect fire weapon meant to explode over infantry. 12 automatic shots versus squads of 11 or more. Strong as a Krak grenade but lacking AP or multiple Damage.

Whirlwind Vengeance Launcher A long-range blast weapon equivalent to an autocannon. Perk, you don’t need a line of sight but it only has 2d3 shots.

Wrist-Mounted Grenade Launcher an inbuilt Assault D3 Bolt Pistol with a bonus AP. Only Captains in Terminator armour have access to this because of a limited edition model.

Xiphon? From the word Xiphos?

Xiphon Missile Battery This unique weapon to the Xiphon isn’t overly special. Damage 3 has its merits especially as its 3 shots can reach up the length of the board. Plus it has one extra AP over an assault cannon. Considering how large the missile battery is on the model you would think it would fire an equivalent to the Stormstrike Missile but nope its short 2 strength maybe to account for all the shots.

Space Marine Pistols

Smaller usually single-shot versions of other weapons that can be fired while engaged but can not be fired with other weapon types. Several are located in Special Categories like Flamer rather than here.

Grav-pistol All the perks of grav weaponry from a 1 shot pistol. If you have a few spare points, it’s better than a bolt pistol with the small bump in strength but contends with the Plasma Pistol.

Reductor Pistol Wow, this pistol has the shortest range of any pistol. A mere 3” that can knock out an Intercessor especially with its decent AP. It’s free and compliments the old Absolver Bolt Pistol the Primaris Apothecary also wields.

Space Marine Rapid Fire Weapons

Characterized by the ability to shoot twice at half range. Most Space Marine Rapid Fire Weapons are also Characterized by other important designations such as Bolt and will be found in that section.

Grav-gun punishes foes with all that extra mass from a 3+ or better armor save. The grav bonus for Damage against those saves is a D3. So not as good at murdering Primaris marines as the flat 2 damage of plasma but it won’t kill the bearer. The same AP as plasma keeps Grav weapons in contention but the range is frustratingly too short to double tap when coming from reserves.

Space Marine Melee Weapons

Space Marine Tactics
Space Marine Tactics include strong melee units.

Astartes Chainsword Like a Normal Chainsword but with a bonus to Armor Piercing that Chainswords lack. Only new Primaris Marines are currently armed with this while the rest carry the same Chainsword as Guardsmen.

Chainfist like a Power Fist, it doubles your strength but you get a bonus AP at the cost of flat 2 damage which was the average of the Power Fist anyways.

Chainsword It’s the close combat weapon profile with a bonus attack.

Combat Knife It’s the close combat weapon profile with a bonus attack.

Crozius Arcanum The Chaplains Mace that does enough damage to kill an Intercessor if they get out of hand. The small bonus to strength and AP helps them to smack with it.

Crushing Tracks (Forgeworld) the Forgeworld Space Marine Titanic Vehicles have these. They are Big tracks that will crush that hit as hard as Titanic Feet but don’t get the happy dance bonus to attacks.

Dreadnought Chainfist A Chainfist Sized for a Dreadnought so the damage was doubled and the penalty to hit was removed.

Dreadnought Combat Weapon The Original Invictor fist. It’s a Power Fist without the penalty to hit with a flat 3 damage to account for being sized for a Dreadnought.

Invictor Fist just a renamed Dreadnought Combat Weapon. Probably called something different to avoid confusion when using Stratagems for Dreadnoughts which Invictors do not have access to.

Enhanced Repulsor Field what do you give a titanic vehicle that floats for a melee weapon? You give it Crushing tracks and call it something else.

Eviscerator It’s like the Power Fist but with Bonus AP but only an Assault Squad can take them.

Too many old marines?

Executioner Relic Blade A better Relic Blade with a +3 bonus to strength, with a flat 3 damage, and the potential to do mortal wounds on an unmodified 6 to wound. I am not saying its meant to take out Firstborn but several characters could die from taking a single hit.

Force Axe A power Axe that does D3 damage. Primaris Librarians don’t get these yet.

Force Stave A Power Maul that does D3 damage. Primaris Librarians don’t get these yet.

Force Sword A Power Sword that does D3 damage.

Leviathan Sieve Claw A Dreadnought Combat Weapon with an anti-infantry perk, re-roll failed wounds

Leviathan Siege Drill A Dreadnought Chainfist by a different name.

Lightning Claws Let you re-roll the wound rolls and you get a bonus attack for wielding a pair. Otherwise, it’s a Close Combat Weapon with -2 AP.

Master-Crafted Power Sword Between Editions there are two kinds of these. A power sword with double the damage or the same with +1 Strength carried by some Primaris models.

Paired Combat Blades Incursors and a Phobos Lieutenant get a close combat weapon that may get bonus hits on an unmodified 6 to hit. Potentially a larger bonus over a Combat Knife which a Phobos Lieutenant may take instead while in Reiver mode.

Power Axe A small bonus to strength over the Power Sword at an equal cost to AP.

Powerfist this unwieldy weapon comes with a penalty to hit but you gain double the strength and random d3 damage.

Power Maul you gain two strength over the Power Sword but lose an equal amount of AP

Power Sword A Close Combat Weapon with a -3 AP.

Redemptor Fist a Dreadnought Combat Weapon with random D6 damage.

Relic Blade A Power Sword with the Strength and Damage of A Force Stave.

5 flat damage? Sure it’s worth a -1 to hit

Seismic Hammer The Ironclad Dreadnought can carry this close combat weapon. It’s like the Dreadnought Chainfist but with 1 more damage and a penalty to hit.

Servo-Arm is limited to just 1 attack each time the bearer fights. Otherwise, it’s like a Thunder Hammer short just 1 AP. Not bad for a free weapon.

Siege Drills Assault Centurions got a better Chainfist with no penalty to hit and bonus damage as well.

Thunder hammer essentially a Powerfist in the shape of a hammer. However, the surety of the flat 3 damage has caused this weapon to be 4x more expensive than a Powerfist. At least when wielded by characters as they can be so efficient.

Termite Drill A Siege Drill with a mortal wound bonus. If a model is damaged but not killed by this weapon there is a reducing chance to do a mortal wound. You start at a 2+ and go up from there until you fail the roll or the model is dead.

Space MarineTactics: Relics

You can base your Space Marine Tactics on the right Relic for the right Marine. Clearly some should be avoided but Space Marines can take more relics than any other army. Avoid overdoing it as that will take from your available CP.

Armour Indomitus can only be worn by Infantry or Biker models. However, Terminator Characters won’t notice a buff from the Relic Armour. Additionally, anyone not armed with a Storm Shield will appreciate the Invulnerable save. Too bad that save can only be activated once per game but at least it lasts until the end of the turn.

Benediction of Fury A +1 bonus to strength, AP, and damage over a regular Crozius with a small chance to do an extra mortal wound on top of regular damage. While you can’t Master-craft a relic, it can be combined with Mantra of Strength to buff it further.

Bellicos Bolt Rifle Only Primaris Captains or Lieutenants have the equipment to be replaced by this relic. The Bellicos is more bellicose than other Master-crafted Auto Bolt Rifles with an extra shot, Strength, and Armour Piercing.

Burning Blade A Blade so hot it completely voids a terminator’s Armour Save. This Relic replaces either a Power Sword or its Master-crafted equivalent which accounts for extra damage over a Power Sword. Find another +1 bonus to strength for the bearer to hit that important strength 8 tier with this relic so you are wounding most terminators on a 2+.

Ghostweave Cloak is a cloak so stealthy on a Phobos model that the enemy suffers a small penalty to wound, even in melee.

Honour Vehement Gain an Aura that removes the Shock Assault ability for your models and all its restrictions to just gain a bonus attack.

Shock assault is easy enough to get

Lament The real prize here is the bonus mortal wound every time you wound the enemy. You’re more likely to do it with this weapon’s increased strength over the standard Stalker Bolt Rifle. Furthermore, you have 1 bonus damage over the Stalker Bolt Rifle as well.

Purgatorus Eww another Relic Bolt Pistol. The bonus strength, damage, number of shots, and even -3 AP don’t change the fact that it’s a pistol. The new Heavy Bolt Pistols lose 6” of range taking this relic while we’re between codexes.

Primarchs Wrath a quadruple Improvement to a regular Boltgun as its adding +1 to its strength, AP, Damage, and rate of fire. Combined with Bolter Discipline it’s not a bad little relic.

Reliquary of Gathalamor formerly an Indomitus Crusaders relic, it is still limited to Primaris models only. The small penalty to enemy psychic tests is strengthened by the 50/50 chance they take D3 Mortals should they fail at those tests. Of note, the wounds are not caused by the Perils of the Warp. Currently, only a Phobos Captain or Phobos Librarian can deploy in No Man’s Land to get the earliest use out of its 18” range

Shield Eternal a 5+++ Feel No Pain for mortal wounds only and a Generous 3++ besides. Alas gone are the days when Terminator Librarians could carry this relic in case mind bullets or other powers backfired.

Standard of the Emperor Ascendant can not be taken by a Bladeguard Ancient. 9” auras are few and far between and usually a result of a relic like this one. You get to auto pass Morale test and this banner frightens enemy units for a small penalty to leadership as well. The Astartes Banner aura is extended as well with this relic.

No Relic banners for non-ancient Ancients

Teeth of Terra an improvement over the Astartes Chainsword by 1 AP Strength and Damage but it replaces a Chainsword for now and it triples the bonus attacks as well.

Tome of Malcador your Librarian gets to know a bonus power it has access to. So your Phobos Librarian gets another Obscuration Discipline power. All the Other Librarians can pull from the Librarius Discipline. The Confusion here is Chapter Psychic powers. To take a power from the Ultramarines’ Indomitus Discipline, it’s done instead of powers from the other disciplines So do you really have access to both Indomitus and Librarius if you wanted to mix and match? The Answer is not in the FAQs so just check with your TO or opponent.

Vox Espiritum doesn’t work on your Chaplain’s Litanies or your Librarian’s Powers but a bonus to a Primaris aura is nice. No, you do not get a 15” Omni Scrambler aura for your Captain in Phobos Armour.

Space Marine Tactics: Faith and Fury Relics

Acquittal Games Workshop loves its relic pistols. This one will be skipped for the Healer’s Aegis or any other relic if you wanted to take one. Sure d6 damage is much better than 1 versus non-vehicles and monsters but every time a Narthecium fails, the Apothecary can’t even shoot this relic. So all that extra AP won’t even get to be used.

Angel Artifice This relic improves the base armor and Invulnerable save of a Company Champion by 1. It’s a better save all the time versus taking the Armor Indomitus for that one scary fight where you want an even better invulnerable but it reverts down to the Combat Shield afterword.

Blade of Triumph is a Master-crafted Relic power sword. The Damage of a Thunder Hammer with +1 AP over a regular power sword and the strength bonus of a Power Maul. No wonder only a Chapter Champion can figure out how to use it.

Emperor’s Judgement No Rerolls to hit, Wound, or Damage against the Master of Sanctity. Plus he is a little scary with an aura forcing your opponent to roll 2 dice drop the lowest for morale test.

Endurant Protector Your Master of the Forge gains a 4++ Invulnerable and a small boost to toughness.

Space Marine Tactics: If its broke, fix it.

Healers Aegis Auras don’t get any smaller and it only works on Chapter infantry models but at least now they have a 5++.

Mortis Machina Masters of the Forge and his buffed up Axe suffer from random D3 damage but if a wound goes through on a vehicle it sufferers an additional mortal wound. Wounding a rhino on a 4+ and leaving it with no armour save in the Assault Doctrine will help slice it down.

The New Techmarine gets an Axe

Neural Shroud Doubles the range of a Librarian’s Psychic Hood. That’s a 24” +1 to deny bubble and Chief Librarian has 2 Deny attempts to make.

Pennant of the Fallen a relic banner that doubles the number of melee attacks a model can make using the Astartes Banner ability.

Sacrosanct Rosarius A slightly better invulnerable save over the standard Rosarius. Great Since Chaplains can’t take Stormshields but if you take this you’re missing out on the relic Crozius.

Standard of Righteous Hatred This is an upgrade to the Astartes Banner. It doesn’t make the dead models any more likely to act before removal but if they do get the opportunity, at least they will do it well. With the Cap on the to-hit Modifiers, a 3+ to hit is the worse they will contend with.

Vinculum Vitae A better Force Sword with a small bump in strength and on a 6 to wound you do D3 Mortals instead of regular damage.

That’s a lot of weapons and relics. October and the new Codex will change some of these and Space Marine Tactics will have to adjust for the new weapons or lack of them.

For those who already know how to play the game and you’d like a free guide that teaches you how to paint professional-looking miniatures, advanced tournament tips from a 40k World Champion, how to find more time to play, and simple methods to get cheap miniatures go here: http://bit.ly/40k-free-guide-fb

As always thanks for reading!

Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!

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