Day: June 4, 2019

Nights Masters Warboss Power Klaw Orks Vs. Knight Valiant Imperial Soup: Nights At The Game Table

This next battlereport features Nick’s Orks vs Davids Imperial soup list! Both armies are coming in with Lots of Firepower. Be it the volume of fire from Nick’s Orks or the Precision of the heroic Custodes and Space Marines. This is a Matchup you will want to see! Nick’s

New Chaos Releases: A Competitive Review- Part 2 Vigilus Ablaze

Hey everybody—my name is Justin Curtis, I’m frequently a judge at some of the major GTs in the US, and have been playing various Chaos armies at a highly competitive level for about ten years now.  These days, I’m usually seen pushing some combination of Mortarion and/or Magnus into

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