Day: June 25, 2019

Nights At The Game Table 40K Battle Report: Space Wolves Vs. Salamanders

Todays Batrep features David’s brave Salamanders Vs. Aarons fierce Space Wolves. David is running a very elite list, even by Astartes standards. The  big threat is his Caestus Assault Ram, a massive flyer that can sports a 2+ save and can assault units, even enemy aircraft!  Aarons Space wolf

Nick Nanavati vs Jack Harpster- Space Marines vs The Hivemind Live Stream- June 25

Hello lads and lassies, it’s been a hot minute since I last played the patent pending Ultrashame list, as I’ve been on a mission tp refine my GSC as best I can. This time I figured I’d bring it back though since BAO Top 8er Jack Harpster wanted to

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