A closer look at the 40k 9th Edition Space Marines


The 40k 9th Edition Space Marines with the Indomitus Box set and previews from Warhammer Community, in 9th edition, Space Marines are shaping up to be a bloodbath for the foes of the Emperor. His Angels don’t need wings when they ride in style and bring death from afar.

Primaris Outriders may not be floating on revamped Heresy Era jetbikes but come with an impressive stat line regardless. 3 squads of 3 for a Primaris Outriders Outrider Detachment? Yes, please. The up-armored engine explains the 4 wounds for each of these bikes. Custodes Dawn Eagle Jet Bikes are not jealous at all and still have plenty going for them in the Custodes preview of War of the spider.

9th Space Marines

Invader ATV has at least 5 if not 6 wounds judging by the stat line of the Primaris Outriders.

9th Space Marines
“Puma is a better name”

The new Edition may encourage Multiple Small Units (MSU) with the bonus to blast weapons. However, Marines can combat squad. Consider when list building to take a large squad and just split them up if you are facing Blast heavy Armies. Such as Dark Angels who are definitely loyal to the Emperor.
No need for the Big Guns Never Tire stratagem. The stratagem allowed a vehicle to move and shoot without penalty. That is a command point you can save now. The Heavy Weapon penalty only applies to Infantry anyways in the New Edition.

9th Space Marines: The Firstborn Live

Pygmy marines are alive and well. Except for the ones seen on Bladeguard Veterans Banners and the Storm shields of Captains. Tony featured in the Warhammer Community article stated that the Thunderfire Cannons and Whirlwind Scorpius will have the maximum number of shots when firing at a larger unit. That most likely means that they will be blast weapons. Blast weapons with d3 number of shots will have an easier time of maxing shots in that case. So how about Plasma cannons? They used to fire with a 3” Blast Template. Imagine Dark Angels Devastators with 4 Plasma Cannons dropping in. Then using Weapons of the Dark Age. They will need to do so near one of their Chaplains to avoid the Heavy Penalty. Respect 15 shots at strength 8 flat damage 3. Perhaps there is hope for the Plasma Exterminator Inceptors if they also get the blast rule.

9th Space Marines

Volkite looks great in pistol form. Much better than the heavy bolt pistols (not actually heavy). Imperial Fist player may skip out on this particular Primaris Lieutenant. They can combine both the Captain and Lieutenant rerolls and get the bonus to Bolt weapons on the same character instead.

New Edition Space Marine The Invictor Wins

What about that pistol Heavy Bolter (actually heavy). Allowing it to count as a pistol within 1” of combat was a little perk but currently, pistols and other weapons can’t be shot at the same time. Furthermore, we know that vehicles can shoot into the combat they are in so does turning it into a pistol actually matter?

All questions for another day because you were not taking the Invictor Tactical Warsuit for the pistol Heavy Bolter. It was about the projected threat he can bring and now the Invictor is that much better moving and shooting without penalty. Plus if he does get stuck in, all those weapons are still a threat with the Big Guns Never Tire rule. Except maybe the Fragstorm Grenade Launcher as that seems like a fine candidate for the blast weapon rule. Combined with the reduced deployment zones and the 9th Terrain Rules previewed before, the invictor seems the most improved at doing a job it was already good at doing.

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