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Talons of the Emperor

War of the Spider: Talons of the Emperor

Psychic Awakening 8 War of the Spider has given us rules for the Talons of the Emperor. Talons of the Emperor are Sisters of Silence and Custodes. We can now expand on our War of the Spider: The New Custodes Preview article. They also squeezed in a few changes
Rapid Fire Weapons in 9th Edition

A closer look at the 40k 9th Edition Space Marines

The 40k 9th Edition Space Marines with the Indomitus Box set and previews from Warhammer Community, in 9th edition, Space Marines are shaping up to be a bloodbath for the foes of the Emperor. His Angels don’t need wings when they ride in style and bring death from afar.
New Imperial Knights

Engine War: New Imperial Knights

Psychic Awakening Engine War has given us New Imperial Knights warlord traits, stratagems, and Household Traditions. Very similar to their fallen counterparts, from Engine War: Chaos Knights that we covered. Variety is the Spice of life and with the new rules here, you get more of that While you
celebrities that play warhammer

These celebrities that play Warhammer will surprise you!

It’s great to think of all the people that love the things that we love! We’re all home alone, with roommates, your significant other or with your kids and that your mind is thinking about Warhammer. Today, let’s take a look at all the celebrities that play Warhammer. The
New Faction

This is the first Online Warhammer 40k preview from Games Workshop

We at Nights just finished watching the new preview and reveals from Games Workshop Online and Its a good one! So, The Corona Virus may have shut down Adepticon and any juicy reveal that would have been previewed. However, Games Workshop still came through with a host of new
Terminate Necrons

How this Necron Player Will Make Necrons Great Again

This is David with Nights at the Game Table in part 2 of our interview with Antonio Cedeño. For a Necron player to beat the Imperium there is more to it than go first and roll better… but that helps quite a bit. Deno is the number 1 Necron
Astra Militarum Tactics

Astra Militarum Tactics: Beginner's Guide

This is THE beginner’s guide to playing Astra Militarum in Warhammer 40k.
Warhammer 40k Adepticon Tournament Rules 2020

Warhammer 40k Adepticon Tournament Rules 2020

Warhammer 40k Adepticon Tournament Rules! Everything you need to know about each mission of the year’s first Super Major Warhammer 40k Tournament.

Warhammer 40k Dark Angels Tactics – Nights At The Game Table

Today on Nights at the Game Table, we are taking a deep dive into Dark Angels and all their new stuff from Ritual of the Damned. This is looking to be a great supplement, and I have also included a 2k example list in this article that is one

Chapter Approved 2019 – Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Review

Chapter Approved 2019 (CA) is fresh off the press and like every other CA release it’s shaken up the entire game. Today, we’re going to briefly talk about what changed for each Codex, and then go into what all of these changes did to the game. This won’t be

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