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imperiums decay warhammer 40k

Imperium’s Decay Warhammer 40k Winning Lists

The results of the Imperium’s Decay Warhammer 40k tournament are in! In defiance of the Imperium’s Decay, The imperium made a strong showing this weekend across the Majors. First, Second, and Third place at this event were all Imperium.  Imperium’s Decay 1st place Eric Hoeger – Grey Knights Congratulations
flames of autumn warhammer 40k

Flames of Autumn Warhammer 40K Winning Lists

The Flames of Autumn Warhammer 40k tournament had the most diverse top 3 this weekend in Maryland. Adeptus Custodes made a surprise showing but the fact that Adeptus Mechanicus, Drukhari, Orks let alone Grey Knights didn’t even make the podium is very interesting and testament to the skill and
summer slaughter winning lists

Summer Slaughter Warhammer 40k Winning Lists

This weekend saw the Summer Slaughter Warhammer 40k tournament take place as an ITC Major in England.  Mani Cheema brought so much skew to his list the buggies are careening on just two wheels. An awesome fun list for first place. How the list works includes the Blood axe
us open orlando fl

US Open Warhammer 40k Winning Lists- Orlando, FL

Games Workshop has returned with the first Warhammer US Open Series hosted in Orlando, Florida as part of the US Open Series 2021! There was 3 days of competitive Warhammer 40k Gaming and the top 3 had two surprises! Notice the lack Of Drukhari? Definitely the first surprise… The

Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus

Forge Worlds  Forge Worlds are what truly make this book tick and give them that incredible flavour that each Adeptus Mechanicus army deserves when arriving on the tabletop. The following describes each Forge World and covers their unique Dogma, Warlord Trait, Relic and unique Stratagem:  Mars  Dogma: Masters of

Space Marine Tactics 40k 9th Edition

This is our complete breakdown of Space Marine Tactics for Warhammer 40k 9th Edition. Use this breakdown to create synergy and strong combos with your Space Marines army. If you’re a beginner we recommend you check out out our Beginner’s Guide for Space Marines by clicking here. Note: Not
Space Marine Fact

25 Space Marine Facts You Didn’t Know

While Necrons may be the Best First Army, when it comes to Space Marine facts and 40k lore there is so much to dive into and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. You might already know a Space Marine fact or two about the power armor wearing

How to Score Secondaries in 9th Edition

Warhammer’s 9th edition is just around the corner, and with it come lots of exciting rules changes. One of the most expansive changes to the game is how missions are scored in Matched Play. On top of having a primary objective, players will each select three secondaries in 9th
9th Core Rules

Top 5 Changes to 9th Core Rules

The fundamentals of the game have come with some fundamental changes. Joining our Top 5 Changes to 9th Edition are these 5 changes to the 9th Core Rules. Some are on the subtle side others are a cut and dry clarification but number 1 is all new to 9th. 5
Death Guard Tactics

War of the Spider: Death Guard Tactics – Part One

The Death Guard are the inexorable forces of Mortarion himself, dedicated to the Chaos God Nurgle. They’ve been waiting for their release in Psychic Awakening, and at last, it’s here. Like the War of the Spider: Creations of Bile Tactics before, we’re going to be looking at potent combinations

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