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Adeptus Custodes Tactics

Adeptus Custodes Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

This is the guide for Adeptus Custodes Tactics in Warhammer 40k! The brand new codex is out and we’ve taken all of the updated rules, and some of the lore, and broken it all down for you. The Adeptus Custodes are the Emperor’s elite guards and companions. Their long
Custodes Shield Host Tactics

War of the Spider Custodes Shield Host Tactics

Psychic Awakening War of the Spider gave our Custodes Shield Host with new rules, Captain-Commander rules, and of course more stratagems. They join the Sisters of Silence in our War of the Spider Talons of the Emperor article along with Agents of the Emperor. The new rules have some
New Custodes Preview

War of The Spider: New Custodes Preview

The New Custodes Preview in War of the Spider was shared on Warhammer Community. Combined with the 9th edition previews and it has to be said “The Boys are back in town.” In our Custodes Tactics article, every unit has just gotten better. Add in the new stratagems and
Custodes Shield Host Tactics

Custodes Tactics: The Next Step Up

The Golden Boys are moving up to 2,000 points for our intermediate guide.  However, we are avoiding Forge World models at the moment and sticking with pure Games Workshop single faction Custodes for our Custodes Tactics. In the Custodes Tactics Beginner’s Guide, the 1,000 point list a strong viable
Custodes Tactics

Custodes Tactics: Beginner's Guide

Today’s, article is all about Custodes Tactics. So, If you’re interested in starting a Custodes army you will learn everything you need to know below. We will talk a little bit about who they are, their play style, and end with a solid 1,000 pt army list with some

Matt Rooot Cause Analysis: Geoff Robinson's Custodes

Hey guys! This is Matt and the first of my articles, Root’s Cause Analysis, where I look at competitive lists and tell you what you need to know about GT winning lists! Today, we’re going to look at the BAO Winning List with the new Forgeworld Custodes:   Strengths: The

Nick Nanavati vs Amir Golpoor Custodes vs Knights Live Stream 3/12/19

Hey guys, this Tuesday (Mar 12) at 1pm EST I’ll be live streaming a game with Custodes against Amir from Golden Globe Studios and his Knights! My Custodes list is ne I’ll be playing at the request of one of my Nights PRO clients, so he can see how

The Custodes Are Coming!

The golden boys are back!   While their lore and models are certainly some of the flashiest in the 40K world, the Adeptus Custodes codex has not always been a smash hit for Warhammer fans. Between the low variety of units and their limited range of uses, it felt

Nick Nanavati vs Erik Trock Orks vs Custodes Live Stream 1/22/19

Hey guys, tomorrow at 1pm EST I’ll be live streaming a game between myself and fellow Beast Coast member current 24th place holder in ITC. Erik is running a really unique foot Custodes list which he just piloted to a solid 4-1 finish at The Golden Sprue GT in New

Nick Nanavati vs Jim Stanley Custodes vs DE/Eldar/Harlies Live Stream

Join us Tuesday October 16th at 4:30pm EST to watch me play Custodes against Jim’s Dark Eldar Harlies and Eldar. This will be a private stream for my Nights PRO members only. Nights PRO is my personal coaching program for 40k. If you’re interested in upping your game, I

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