These celebrities that play Warhammer will surprise you!


It’s great to think of all the people that love the things that we love! We’re all home alone, with roommates, your significant other or with your kids and that your mind is thinking about Warhammer. Today, let’s take a look at all the celebrities that play Warhammer.

The cool thing about our hobby is how the community has grown! It’s grown exponentially throughout the years and thanks to the internet we can communicate and get in touch easier.

Robin Williams is our #1 celebrity that played Warhammer!

celebrities that play warhammer

I must start with probably the most famous and most influential celebrities that play Warhammer. Robin Williams is best known for his legendary career as an actor and a stand-up comedian. This man has inspired legions of people, but he also did that on the tabletop.

Rumors talk about him being a fan of the Orks… I can’t say I’m surprised! I can clearly picture him making the voices and having fun coming up with stories for his army. There are stories are all around the internet of people playing with him, painting and talking with him about the hobby.

All the stories share the same big idea: he was a passionate hobbyist and open-minded of the different views of the hobby. Thank you, Mr. Williams!

Ansel Elgort

celebrities that play warhammer

This young actor is known for his touching role in ‘’The fault in our stars’’. He shared on the Conan O’Brien show, and in various magazines, that he loves to paint figurines.

“I also love to paint,” he said. “I paint on rocks and make this 25-mm. figurines called Warhammer. They’re like an army of soldiers that you use in a game.”

He also shared that when he dates, he is upfront about his hobby: ‘’If they don’t like my miniatures, it’s not going to work.”  Good for you Ansel!

Vin Diesel: is anyone surprised he’s on a “celebrities that play Warhammer” list?

celebrities that play warhammer

The Fast and Furious and Riddick actor has quite a rumor running around for his involvement in the hobby. If you didn’t know he has been upfront about his love of D&D and even shared stories in various interviews.

He has been seen painting Blood Angels. The biggest rumour running around is that he asked a GW store to close so that he could enjoy his hobby in peace. Being told no, he bought an Assault Squad of Space Marines and left the store. If this story is true, I doubt it but let’s say it’s true, we all get how having a store just for us would be amazing right?!

Plus… Great choice of an army so he has my support right there!

Henry Cavill

celebrities that play warhammer

Superman himself does Warhammer. I could have led with The Witcher, but for me, he is just Superman. His photo of him painting a Custodes helmet has made the round of the Warhammer groups around the world in a matter of seconds this past weekend.

His painting looked awesome also to boot. Gym enthusiast, a famous actor playing a cast of awesome characters AND doing Custodes… That man knows what he is doing! (Here is the photo in case you haven’t seen it.)

henry cavill plays warhammer

Cyril Figgis

I had to finish this article with a little wink and note to Archer. If you don’t know that show, go look it up on Netflix to listen while you are painting. Cyril Figgis is an accountant and one of the main characters on the show. Spoiler alert, while he is president of San Marcos, he leads his army to a great victory with his military tactical genius and claims that Warhammer is to be thanked for that. Not to bad for an accountant I would say.

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