Nick Nanavati vs Colim Sherman Orks vs Ynari Live Stream!


Hey everyone, this Wednesday (11/14) I’ll be live streaming a game with Orks against Colin Sherman from the Best in Faction podcast and his ynari. Colin has been one of my coaching clients for months now, and has really grown tremendously as a player- winning 3 GT’s in the past two months. Now he’s piloting a variation of my infamous double spear Ynari list, and I’ll be trying my hand at the new Ork codex as we clash it out.
The stream will be for Nights PRO members only, and it will be at 11am EST on Wednesday November 14th. If you can’t catch it live fret not, there is an archive of all my streamed games, meta analyses, tactics videos, and clinics for Nights PRO members as well.
If you’re interested in becoming a Nights PRO member you can now become one for just $37/month. This will let you reap all the benefits of facebook page (like the battle reports, meta Mondays, and weekly clinics)! You can find the link to that here.
And if that’s not enough for you, you can of course become one of my personal coaching clients (like Colin) and win GT’s too! For more information on how to sign up for that check this out!
So, join us Wednesday at 11am EST to watch me try my hand at the new Ork Codex against a tried and true double spear list piloted by a multi-GT winner.
Also… Here’s our lists!

Nick Nanavati Colin Sherman
Evil Suns Battalion Alitoc Battalion
Warboss on Bike- power klaw, attack squig (WL) 99 Farseer 110
Zhardsnark 120 Warlock- skyrunner 70
28 Slugga Boyz- 196 Warlock Conclave 90
28 Shoota Boyz- 196 5 Rangers 60
10 Grots 30 5 Rangers 60
28 Storm Boyz- nob with big choppa 257 5 Rangers 60
9 Storm Boyz- nob with big choppa 86 Wave Serpent- extra cannon 134
Battle Wagon- deff rolla 139
Ynnari Battalion
Bad Moons Battalion Cat Lady 132
Big Mek- kustom force field 75 Farseer- Skrunner <aliatoc> 135
Weirdboy 62 Spiritseer <biel tan> 65
10 Grots 30 5 Rangers <aliatoc> 60
10 Grots 30 5 Rangers <aliatoc> 60
10 Grots 30 8 Storm Guardians <aliatoc> 56
14 Lootas 238 9 Shining Spears- star lance <saim hann> 281
10 Lootas 170 9 Shining Spears- star lance <biel tan> 281
Runt herd 35 10 Dark Reapers- tempest launcher <aliatoc> 345
Soup Battalion
Weirdboy- <evil suns> 62
Weirdboy- <evil suns> 62
10 Grots- <Bad Moons> 30
10 Grots- <Bad Moons> 30
10 Grots- <Bad Moons> 30

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