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Games Workshop New Paint

New Paints From Games Workshop Announced

These new paints from Games Workshop are actually really incredible! If you’re reading this likely you fully understand how much an integral part of our hobby painting all of your miniatures is to this hobby. There’s nothing worse than wanting to play a game at your local game store,

More Games Workshop re-openings are THIS close to happening!

We are finally there! There are more Games Workshop re-openings being announced! GW just gave an update their online stores in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Italy and New Zealand. Those countries were waiting on re-opening news due to Covid-19, but a plan has now been made! Finally, tomorrow —

Games Workshop stores are reopening!

The big news is in! Okay, let’s say that the first sign of big news is in! Would be more accurate. Not a lot is known now but here is what Andy Smilie, the head of the Warhammer Community team just announced: Stores are reopening: Some countries will open
Games Workshop

Games Workshop Closes Amid Pandemic

Games Workshop is closing its stores and stopping distribution but is promising to keep updating the Warhammer Community page. It seems you don’t have to be a 40k fan to get your dose of Grim-Darkness these days. The world is grinding to a halt, and as the coronavirus spreads

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