40K Weekend Recovery 8/17/20


The 40k weekend recovery is here! There is a lot to discuss with what’s coming. Here is a quick rundown of all the releases of next week.


After releasing the House of Chains book a while ago giving Goliath players a lot to love. Now it’s the turn of Escher players around the world to get some lovin’.

The new book called House of Blades will give you a lot more options for your Eschers like these Hunters and their pets, update on weapon and points, lore, campaign, and brand new equipment to choose from. This is of course, in Necromunda’s release fashion.

You have new cards that go with it. They will be available while stock lasts… which is never long. So get them quick! A new warband joins the fray and its a giant one. Ogryns are making an entrance and they look AMAZING!!!!

Lord of the Rings:

‘’What business does an Elf, Man, and a Dwarf have in the Riddermark?’’

You know these words. You hear his voice in your head. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you should drop everything you are doing…

Stop discussing your tournament list on Facebook groups. Stop learning the rules of 9th edition. Stop reading this article!

Go watch Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. You know what?  Watch all 3 movies while you are at it.

Better than that set yourself up a little painting station, order some food and watch all 3 in the extended versions.

Eomer is coming back in spectacular fashion. Plastic, with options and attitude. Arguably the best fighter in terms of strength in the Lord of the Ring strategy game.

We also get a compendium of the White Dwarf articles so that means rules, articles of painting and scenarios. It’s a great time to be a Tolkien fan.

Blood Bowl:

This… THIS is what dreams are made of!

You like football? You like greenskins? You like humour? This was made for you!

Bloodbowl is the ultimate mix of sports, fantasy, league management and humour. This team represents all that at it’s best… except maybe the football part… but look at them.

One wears a sock on it’s foot while another is wearing it on it’s head. What’s not to love about that? This team is how you play Bloodbowl on hard mode. Seriously. Adam Troke hyped this team as the toughest to play in the game. But the funniest. 

Black Library:

With all the great books we are getting soon in the Horus Heresy (Lion El’Jonson primarch series and Fury of Magnus in the Siege of Terra series), Games Workshop is releasing paperback versions of some of their most popular book or compilations of short stories.

Cheaper in price but full of awesome lore. Especially the Watcher of the Throne series is truly inspiring if you have a feel for current events or sisters of silence and custodians.


The 40k weekend recovery is at it’s end but don’t fear. We are coming back next week with even more news since there will be a Warhammer Preview.

So you have a lot to look forward to next week. In the meantime, keep painting, keep assembling and keep crusading!

If you need help getting around all the new stuff in the starter set section, come take a look at this rundown of each boxes available now. 

40K Weekend Recovery 8/10/20

In today’s 40k Weekend Recovery we take a look at what has been announced to come next week and to be frank it’s a bit less 40k than usual. Let’s start, shall we?

Black Library:

We get a new version of the final book of the final stage of the Horus Heresy before the Siege of Terra. That’s a lot of final right?! Basically, Buried Dagger, for some of you who haven’t followed, is the final book preparing the assault on Terra and revealing even more nasty treachery. I will not go into too much detail, but if you were planning to enter the Siege of Terra series, I highly suggest you read this one if you haven’t. Divination is the 3rd installment in the Horusian Wars and delves deeper in the matters of the Inquisition. If you want to learn a bit more about the behind the scenes of what is and what does the Inquisition, it’s worth it. Black Library will also reveal soon who is next in the Horus Heresy Character series they’ve started a while ago. Not much is known at the moment other than his will to ‘’bring order to his world’’.

Warhammer App

The Warhammer App will get an update soon giving a boost or decrease to the Power Levels of each unit in the game. Keep an eye out for your app to get all the news on that update.

Warhammer Underworld

40K Weekend Recovery

Warhammer Underworld has been around for around 3 years now and is at it’s 3rd edition. If you don’t know what it is, let me give you a little overview. It’s a mix of a card game and strategy board game with dice and models. Your cards are the special abilities, artefacts, traps, etc. that you plan ahead of the game as a deck. After that you play your models on a board separated in octagonal sections. If you are looking for a game that is meant to be competitive and is quick to play without too many models to paint look no further. A lot of factions got to be represented so far and this time we see the Daughters of Khaine making an entrance and Ironjawz Brutes joining the fray. These models are simply gorgeous and I can’t wait to get them painted. The Daughters of Khaine especially… I have a weak spot for Aelves.

Lord of the Rings:

Forgeworld is releasing a new version of the Keeper of the Dungeon. Even though it already had a model it’s clear to see that the years have done wonders to bring that character to life again. I own the previous model and I’m sure to get this one. Can you really have too many of a guy that beats up and torture Gandalf? I don’t think so!


This is where we part ways and end the 40k Weekend Recovery. The next releases are a bit less 40k centric and maybe it’s for the best with all the amazing stuff we got in the past weeks. Plus, we have the new starter sets coming in a couple of days so a little breather can be welcomed for our wallets. If you want to learn more about the starter sets you can always keep scrolling.

40K Weekend Recovery 8/3/20

This is your time of the week! Today in the 40k Weekend Recovery we take a look at the pre-orders coming next week. So let’s get started:

Starter Sets

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This right here is the famous full starter set that we are used to. The Command Edition gives you a full rulebook, Datasheets, scenarios to learn the game through different segments of a continuous story, and the models you see right there in the picture. The important and different thing about this box compared to the 2 other versions and even from a lot of other editions, is the terrain. Here we have a good chunk of terrain to build and paint and that gives more value to your box. Terrain is a big part of Warhammer. Finally, they make it to a starter box since the Macragge starter box of old. The 2 other versions are called Elite Edition and Recruit Edition. 

New terrain kit:

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If you were looking to add terrain to your collection, starting to collect terrain or simply adding some to a Starter Set, here is your starting point. This comes with pipes, ruins, and even a canister of some sort (I’m sure you can come up with amazing ways to modify this one and give your terrain some flavor). It also comes with a board so that your kitchen table becomes a battlefield in no time. Perfect also for fans of Necromunda and Kill Team. 

Starter paints and models:

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These kits are a staple of new editions in Warhammer. Giving you a little taste of the painting hobby with cool miniatures but also a good amount of paint that are useful for everyone. The nice thing about these is that we have the new Tessaract Glow technical paint that is perfect for the weapons of Necrons but also to any plasma weapon or glow effects.

Paints and tools:

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Here you have a box full of paints and tools that are really nice for any beginners. A good mix of paints that is made to accompany your Starter Sets. Useful for anyone that is just looking to build a paint collection slowly at a small discount while getting tools.

New book series:

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Avenging Son is the first in the new series of books called Dawn of Fire. This series was presented a while ago in the Warhammer Preview and I personally cannot wait to start reading it. This is presented as a series that will be treated as seriously and with the same type of organization as the Horus Heresy. You were asking yourself what is the next series after the Horus Heresy? This is the one and it starts with this book by Guy Haley. If you’ve read the Dante and Devastation of Baal you know how this guy likes his stories to evolve and present the flaws as well as the strength of his characters. 

40k Weekend Recovery conclusion:

So this is where the 40k Weekend Recovery ends but it’s not all. With the loads of models that came out and with Crusader I am sure you have a lot of amazing hobby to show us. Share in the comments what you think of these and what you are working on lately. I have to go now because I have some Fallen to hunt down but I’ll see you next week. If you are looking for some tips on how to play Warhammer 40k we have a ton for you like this article right here: https://nightsatthegametable.com/replacement-reposition-effects-in-9th-edition/. Go on our website for more fun and tactical articles like this.

Weekend Recovery 7/13/2020

40K Weekend Recovery
Updated 13/7/20

This 40K Weekend Recovery was a big week for someone in this hobby but this week, I think, stands out in the roller coaster of emotions that we went through as a community. Of course, I am talking mostly about 9th edition and most importantly the Indomitus box. Let’s talk about the Oliphaunt in the room.

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As I am writing these lines, no statement from Games Workshop has been made so far regarding the preorder of their new Launch Box. For many around the world this new box was a dream come true. A new Necron Starter Army with a newer version of an old kit, and new heroes. Finally, Intercessors that know how to fight up close and personal (Flesh Tearer player here so I’m a bit bias), new amazing bikes, long-range melta gravis wearing warriors and most importantly 2 characters that have captured our imagination from the skeleton on a shield to the giant sword on shoulder.

I was excited for this 40K Weekend Recovery

This dream was hyped, enhanced, and promoted by articles and videos pretty much every day or so for the past month. This dream came to a screeching halt Saturday. The website of Games Workshop was not able to withstand the demand, the stock wasn’t as high as it needed/should have been. So much that many reports talk about a window smaller than 15 minutes to order before it went out of stock. Independent retailers around the world talk about being cut down from their initial numbers to a maximum of 45 by the representative at Games Workshop. Of course, we don’t know and maybe we will never know what happened but it’s understandable to be frustrated, angry, sad, and disappointed at all this.

40K Weekend Recovery

Maybe some of you have read some of my past articles and they know that I’m more of a glass-half-full kind of guy. Even my optimism didn’t survive the initial shock of seeing all of this mess. I call it a mess because there is a lot of angry hobbyist with money ready to buy and take part in something that was promoted for a long time. Now that I’ve has a bit of time to reflect on this I want to share a little something with you. Let’s look at what’s coming ahead to put things in perspective and offer some solutions.

Warhammer stores

I know we all love discounts and the independent retailers all around the world have been cut short and hit hard by this shortage of boxes coming their way. If you really want a box, call or message the Warhammer store near you. They will have copies for you available on the 25th. Maybe they have a reservation list, maybe they don’t. One thing is sure is that they will have some boxes in-store available for you to buy or reserve on the day of release.

Scalpers are not a solution

I try not to judge and if you want your box that bad, then do what needs to be done to make yourself happy. Morally I would highly suggest not encouraging that behaviour. I prefer to not have a box and know that the scalper is stuck with 3 or more boxes that people are not buying than to pay more and encourage that person to keep doing this.

Multiple option kits

In the near future, I would say around 1-2 months, we will start seeing these kits come separately with more options in their individual boxes. It may not be a big relief, but maybe knowing that the money you weren’t able to spend now will get you even more fun with kits full of customization possibilities. As a hobbyist, 2 things get to me, creativity and saving money. If I can’t save money, at least I’m happy knowing that I’ll have creative options later. 

A starter set is on the way

I can’t say when, but Games Workshop is in the business of recruiting. They have been clear in their previews that this box was a Launch Box, not a beginner set. Trust me, they will have a set coming that will be full of saving and made for beginners to go in their Getting Started section. It may not look like a consolation to some of you, but I really want to make this clear for new players and for people that wanted to save money on a bundle of new models. There will come another box with maybe some of these models or completely different ones that will be made for recruitment. We just have to ait for when this is going to happen.

Preorder? The Next 40K Weekend Recovery

Nothing new is coming our way that have been announced so far so we are looking at 2 weeks of empty releases. All the things that were announced (paints, novel, boards, Chapter Approved, crusade journal) are all coming at the same time as the box and nothing else between here and now. 

40K Weekend Recovery Conclusion

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Now that we talked about the Oliphaunt in the room and that we broke it down to what we could do and not just wishful thinking and what should have been, I look forward to this being put behind us. To put it behind us, I think it’s important to talk about this and look forward. Forward together. What is your personal experience with this release? How are you feeling about it? Are you a new player or a veteran player and how do you deal with this? If you are looking to prepare yourself for the new edition you can read right here one of my articles about how you can prepare for it no matter which army you play or your level of experience.

For those who already know how to play the game and you’d like a free guide that teaches you how to paint professional-looking miniatures, advanced tournament tips from a 40k World Champion, how to find more time to play, and simple methods to get your miniatures cheaper go here: http://bit.ly/40k-free-guide-fb

As always thanks for reading!

Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!

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