Games Workshop stores are reopening!


The big news is in! Okay, let’s say that the first sign of big news is in! Would be more accurate. Not a lot is known now but here is what Andy Smilie, the head of the Warhammer Community team just announced:

Stores are reopening: Some countries will open before others. Other countries will see their stores reopen soon. The process isn’t clear, but they will probably go with the places that allow their stores to be functioning. If your country has some special laws preventing stores to be open, then your GW store will more than likely not open until it is legal and safe for everyone.

It is a case by case situation and it is for the best of everyone. We all know how much you are stressed about your depleting Nuln Oil pot, but your life is more important. The Emperor Protects! Keep an eye on the Facebook page of your local store and write them if necessary to know. They will be the first to know. 

Stock will be controlled and limited: The idea is to serve as many people as possible while staying safe. No games, classes or activities will be held in stores to prevent gatherings. They will take orders and prepare them for you to make sure you get a quick and safe service.

It’s important to understand that many stores have different dimensions so it’s possible that this pilot will see a lot of trial and error, but the goal is to serve you while keeping everyone healthy. You can expect cleaning spots and social distancing signals and measures while you are waiting for your Chaos Black undercoat primer.

It starts this week: Yes, you read that right! Many stores the world over are gonna open this week in different fashions and functionalities. As mentioned above, write to them by social media before going. They may be open or not depending on the laws and how their positioning might differ from others.

All is not bleak in the grim darkness of the far future: Even if this is just the beginning and a test to see how they can function, it is still a good sign for things to come in the hobby world. Let’s all stay safe and make the most of this situation.

I take it upon myself to ask everyone to stay civilized and show that the geek community will not treat Agrax Earthshade like its toilet paper! We are better than this! Keep hobbying and let us know what you would like to get first when the store near you opens again. What do you want the most? What are you working on?

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