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BIG NEWS FROM Games Workshop

BIG NEWS From Games Workshop

Awesome big news about store reopening!!!

Warcry Review- Nights At The Gametable

So, I have a confession. I am in fact somthing of a fan of AoS. However, much like 40k the cost of entry can be a bit steep. Plus, some armies need to bring a lot of bodies which means more money and more painting that needs to be

How to play Warcry- Nights At The Game Table

Oh yeah it’s Warcry time! Warcry is coming out on the 3rd of August and I couldn’t be more excited. Warcry is the skirmish scale game for AoS. Similar to what Kill Team is to Warhammer 40k. So, lets take a closer look at how to play a game.

Warhammer AOS Warcry: What We Know- Nights At The Game Table

Warcry is finally going up on pre-order this weekend! I have been waiting a long time for this game and hoping it would be what I’ve always wanted. A kill team game for AOS, and you know what? Warcry looks to be exactly that. A game designed from the

Realm of Chaos: Wrath And Rapture Breakdown!

Wrath and Rapture (here after W/R) is an new and upcoming boxed game from Games Workshop, pitting the bloodthirsty Daemons of Khorne against the extravagant Daemons of Slaanesh. There’s a lot to cover with this upcoming box set. It has new models for some classic Chaos units, a new

Games Workshop Is Making Waves In This Week’s Rumor Engine

The teased images of GW’s newest mini have been rippling through the Warhammer world today, and fans everywhere are scrambling to figure out what it is! This week’s Rumor Engine doesn’t give a considerable amount of detail, leaving almost everything to our imagination. The object of interest only limits

Nighthaunt Minis In This Week's Pre-Release

Soul Wars has brought a new era upon Age of Sigmar. As a new dawn rises, a new faction is also born in the form of the Nighthaunt. Soul Wars has officiated the Nighthaunt as a fully fledged faction! In this week’s pre-release line up in Games Workshop, a

Stitch Together The Clues On This New Mini!

This week’s Rumor Engine gave us a glimpse of what seems to be some small bit of stitched fabric. As always, it’s quite hard to sew this piece into a bigger picture, and it could easily be a ton of different minis. This piece of stitched clothing, however, does

GW Releases July Pre-Orders!

It’s every wargamer’s favorite time of the week: new gear time! GW has announced the newest set of pre-orders, and Age of Sigmar fans are once again in for a treat! This week, we’ve got the rundown of two brand-new Battletomes and their collections, as well as a new

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