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Oh yeah it’s Warcry time! Warcry is coming out on the 3rd of August and I couldn’t be more excited. Warcry is the skirmish scale game for AoS. Similar to what Kill Team is to Warhammer 40k. So, lets take a closer look at how to play a game.


So, first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of game you are playing and agree on a points level with your opponent.  The next step is to draw four cards, one each from one of four different decks.

These cards will dictate the terrain, deployment method, your victory conditions, and what environmental effects take place in the game. This gives players and incredible variety in how their games will play out, and will give Warcry a lot of replayability without the need for dozens of expansions. Here are a few example cards.

Battleround Sequence

First up is the Hero Phase. In this phase players will roll 6 D6’s and pair up any dice that show the same value. So, the 2’s with 2’s , 3’s with 3’s and so on. The player with the most singles has the initiative. Single’s are dice that don’t share a value with any other dice you rolled.Next, player’s will use their wild dice, and can have this dice show whatever value the player wishes. Need an extra 3 so you have a quad of 3’s? well the wild dice lets you do just that. Conversely, you might use it to seize the initiative from your opponent by making it a single. The next step is do have any reserves come in. After this, you go to the combat phase.

Combat Phase

Starting with the player who has initiative, players take turns activating miniatures one at a time. Each model may take two actions from the following list in any order they like
Move: This one is easy, a model may move up to the number inches on their datacard.
Attack: If an enemy is within range of one of your models weapons you can make an attack action with it. Roll a number dice equal to the attacks profile on your fighters datacard. Then compare the strength of the attack to the targets toughness. If the strength of the attack is is greater than the toughness you need a 3+. If its equal then you need a 4+. However if its less than the targets toughness you need a 5+. A 6 is always a success and moreover is a critical. You then apply the amount of damage shown in the weapons profile, with the second number being used for critical hits. Thats it, there is no save roll. In this case the the hot roll and the wound roll are one in the same. Think of it as all weapons auto hitting, and only needing to roll to wound.
Disengage: Allows you to move 3″ away from an enemy model that is within an inch of your model. However you cannot end a move within an inch of an opposing model.
Wait: Your model does nothing and passes its activation. If its your models first activation, you end your models activation, but instead get to make one action with it later in the battleround.
Thats it! You now know the basics of playing Warcry
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