Stitch Together The Clues On This New Mini!


This week’s Rumor Engine gave us a glimpse of what seems to be some small bit of stitched fabric. As always, it’s quite hard to sew this piece into a bigger picture, and it could easily be a ton of different minis.
This piece of stitched clothing, however, does potentially hit at a few factions with some similar textile art. Here’s are the possible factions Rumor Engine is leading us to this week!
1. Drukahri
Archons from the Drukhari are probably the most obvious candidate for this. Their cloak-like armor is a walking patchwork to begin with, and the pattern of the stitches are fairly similar to the pattern on the new mini. Could we possibly be seeing an upgraded Archon in the future?

2. Orks
Mad Dok Grotsnik, one of the most extreme of all the Ork Doks, has some stitches on his ensemble as well.  While this piece of patchwork hinted by the Rumor Engine may not necessarily point out to Mad Dok, it could be a new Mad-Dok-inspired model coming our way. After all, fans have been demanding a new Ork codex for ages, and it’s only a matter of time! If they ARE about to release a new codex, it definitely would be nice of Games Workshop to give us a few new Greenskins to play with!

  1. Age of Sigmar’s Chaos army

If this isn’t a bit of clothing with some sloppy-looking stitch work, it could be also be skin stitches or medical sutures. With the type of needlework that would make Dr. Frankenstein proud, this new mini might bear the scars of more than a few “procedures.” These are quite common in some of Chaos Army’s factions like the Hellpit Abomination, and could easily mean that we’ll be seeing more grotesque units in the near-future!.

Got some good guesses? Drop a line in the comments section and let us know!

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