Games Workshop Is Making Waves In This Week’s Rumor Engine


The teased images of GW’s newest mini have been rippling through the Warhammer world today, and fans everywhere are scrambling to figure out what it is!
This week’s Rumor Engine doesn’t give a considerable amount of detail, leaving almost everything to our imagination. The object of interest only limits us to anything that looks like ripples of water.  Due to the vague detail, it’s hard to rule out any of the games because it could be any inanimate objects from either 40k or Age of Sigmar.
However, this ripple patterned object lacks that robotic or tech-based vibe that we usually see in 40k. Rather, it displays a cryptic look which is consistently present in most Age of Sigmar factions. So, despite our lack of details to rule out 40k from the shortlist, AoS gets the point for this week’s Rumor Engine.

This ripple like object could be the ripple pattern found in Malign Sorcery’s Mirror Portal in Age of Sigmar 2.0. This week’s Rumor Engine could be pointing us towards a new endless spell. However, we can’t be so sure at all, with many wondering why they would do another one in the first place.
There isn’t even much clue from the past Rumor Engines that will lead us back to 40K, but we aren’t really sure what GW’s plans are for 40k. With the Ork’s new codex in the horizon, this can be their own version of portal spell to travel across the terrain.
There are many possibilities to this, and we could only guess for now. What about you? What can you make out of this week’s “wave” of Rumor Engine?

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