Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus


Forge Worlds 

Forge Worlds are what truly make this book tick and give them that incredible flavour that each Adeptus Mechanicus army deserves when arriving on the tabletop. The following describes each Forge World and covers their unique Dogma, Warlord Trait, Relic and unique Stratagem: 


Dogma: Masters of the Forge 

– Gaining canticles is a massive plus when running units as Mars. Skitarii units will benefit from this in order to reach their full potential with several buffs at their disposal. – Similar to the Master Artisans ability and Expert Crafters trait, Mars now have their own iteration of the rule allowing them to also have some more independent efficiency across the board. 

Warlord Trait: Panegyric Procession 

– This ability allows you to manipulate the current game state by altering canticles for one unit on the fly to always be adaptive and ready to react to what your opponent throws your way. This is a great ability to have in your back pocket and adapt with that one key unit when required. 

Arcana Mechanicum: The Red Axe 

– One of the most lethal relics available in the codex is the Red Axe. Hailing from the forges of Mars, it not only packs an incredible punch but also gives your bearer the ability to walk into larger units (5-8) with confidence. Weapons that allow you to add an additional number to your datasheet can always prove effective and even sometimes make the difference throughout the course of the battle. 

Stratagem: Wrath of Mars 

– Mortal wounds have definitely changed the game of 40K, bringing more fear to the masses with little to no defensive resiliency. Although now capped on its damage potential, this additional automatic output is still just as useful when going up against extremely durable units such as Deathshroud or Deathwing Knights. Timing will be the key with this stratagem but when used will almost definitely get the job done. 


Dogma: Solar Blessing 

– This particular Dogma increases durability against damage 1 weaponry across the board. Depending on how the meta shifts, this can be a really great option to adapt your build and have that extra durable layer for those key units to survive on objectives.

– Ranged weapons also benefit in this Dogma with added range. This may not feel like it makes a difference for weapons such as the Cognis Lascannon but on a Phosphor Torch could make a difference. 

Warlord Trait: Luminescent Blessing 

– Lucius continues to show its favour towards durability with a great ability such as this one. Selecting a unit of your choice to essentially have Transhuman for a turn when you’re in a pinch can be seriously crucial and even game winning. There are always tons of strength 8 weapons around and simply denying your opponent its maximum efficiency on those weapons is amazing to keep units such as the Ironstrider Balistarii around longer. 

Arcana Mechanicum

– This ability could be close to the best of the bench for Lucius. Flexibility through movement and mobility in general is key to winning games in this edition. This could be an absolutely clutch late game to get those extra points needed to clinch victory or even big game swinging moments to get your last action for a secondary. 

Stratagem: Legio Teleportarium 

– Reserves can be key in some matchups and this stratagem allows you to do just that. You can place up to 2 in reserve in a Strike Force battle and this added flexibility is simply a great tool to have at your disposal pre-game. Whether it be to reserve units that enter the table to complete an action or to keep units alive and not get shot turn one such as the Onager Dunecrawler. 


Dogma: Staunch Defenders 

– Aggressive players that get into closer quarters are rewarded with this Dogma. Any time AP can be increased is very helpful when trying to get through the toughest of armour or forcing your enemies most key units onto their invulnerable saves. 

– This also allows a separate, more reactionary ability which can see increased efficiency when charged for either overwatch or in combat. Units such as Kastelan Robots for Overwatch or Fulgurite Electro-Priests when swinging back can benefit greatly for that counter punch that your army needs to stay in the fight. 

Warlord Trait: Verse of Vengeance 

– This can definitely be strong when having many units around this character. The ability to pop off with several units in your opponent’s turn can be incredible, even throwing off their plans as they attempt to bring your units down. It can be great to do damage in your opponent’s turn and even destroy enemy units that have not had the chance to activate yet or complete an action. 

Arcana Mechanicum: The Eye of Xi-Lexum

– This is best when up against Vehicles. The efficiency can go through the roof with a much higher damage potential. Units such as the Balistarii or Kataphron Destroyers can really put in big shifts turn after turn against the enemy’s most valuable vehicles. 

Stratagem: Indentured Machines 

– This ability can see some key troop units go up to a potential toughness 6, making them arguably one of the most durable troop choices in the game. What is even better about this stratagem is that it can be used twice in a matched play Strike Force battle. This can allow you to not be too reliant on that one upgraded unit but have two for multiple purposes depending on your opponent’s army. 


Dogma: Refusal to Yield 

– Attrition tests do come up more often than many think and now with the ability to take Vanguard or Rangers in up to squads of 20, Graia seems to be the best option for these larger units. 

– As previously mentioned, mortal wounds become prevalent in and out of the meta and with this added layer of durability against these opposing units, Graia can definitely be a Forge World to circulate into a list every now and then. 

Warlord Trait: Mantra of Discipline 

– This is a very strong ability that is very useful to either protect or simply make your opponent think twice before charging in. This immediately becomes incredibly strong for a unit of Fulgurite Electro-Priests that are already deadly on the charge but now just as deadly in your opponent’s turn as no enemy units are safe when within 6 inches. 

Arcana Mechanicum: The Cerebral Techno-Mitre 

– This is definitely a great ability to extend a key aura to several units and not always keeping your army clustered and easy to read. WIth an extended range up to 9 inches, this model can literally buff two units that are 18 inches away from each other like a Skorpius Disintegrator behind a ruin and a more aggressive Kastelan Robot frontline. 

Stratagem: Steel Mind, Iron Logic 

– This ability returns and is and can be game winning in some cases. The ability to deny your opponent’s most crucial power at the right moment is an incredible piece of tech to have in your arsenal. It has literally been a common thing to see Adeptus Mechanicus players take a Graia detachment just to get ahold of this stratagem. Although this is still an option, one can now argue Graia is better than it’s ever been before and definitely a core Forge World to take into any matchup. 

Stygies VIII 

Dogma: Shroud Protocols

– Being harder to hit is always an added plus when your army has a lot of long-ranged firepower. This will require your opponent to come much closer to gain their full efficiency while you fire away, all guns blazing as they approach. 

– This second part is the same ability as the former but for Infantry essentially and requires an even more close quarter requirement from your opponent. This can potentially lure your opponent to gain efficiency and allow you to counter punch with several lethal units such as the Dragoons. 

Warlord Trait: Veiled Hunter 

– More simply explained, this is a tactical Redeploy with an added twist. Some of the best armies in the game have a tactical flexibility to readjust after both armies are deployed. This can allow you to redeploy 2 key assets or even place them into strategic reserve to enter at a more beneficial time and keep your opponent honest. 

Arcana Mechanicum: The Omnissiah’s Hand 

– The ability to essentially spew out multiple mortal wounds to surrounding units can be very clutch to either tick off that last wound or to free up a tagged vehicle/ trapped unit. Although once per battle, abilities such as this can be game altering when used at the correct time. 

Stratagem: Clandestine Infiltration 

– This stratagem adds that extra tactical flexibility similar to other previously covered. A unit of 5 Rangers can be saved for a later turn to complete an action or even charge out of reserve to contest an objective. This ability allows a lot of creative tactical plays for your infantry models you decide to field. 


Dogma: Red in Cog and Claw 

– Definitely the best option for a close combat oriented AdMech build. This is very close to what Blood Angels get as their chapter tactic and units such as the Fulgurite Priests and Dragoons will heavily become just that much more deadly to go toe to toe with the fiercest combat units in the game. 

Warlord Trait: Citation in Savagery 

– Added AP in combat for this combat-centric Forge World is an incredible buff. Taking Electro Priests to AP-3 or even just the average Skitarii Vanguard unit to gain AP is very positive toward taking down any unit they come into close contact with. 

Arcana Mechanicum: Weapon Xcix 

– Although a situational relic, the damage potential can be enormous or even able to take down light transports such as a Raider or Starweaver all on its own. The differentiator is the great strength it has and an amazing ability to do mortal wounds in addition to its already solid damage output.

Stratagem: Plasma Specialists 

– This stratagem is best used on a unit of Kataphron Destroyers when shooting their Kataphron Plasma Culverins. When supercharging, this will take them to a whopping 3 damage from each plasma shot and even evaporating tough units with -1 damage built in such as Plague Marines. 


Dogma:Relentless March 

– Ignoring firing penalties is great to not lose efficiency. This also encourages you to be flexible with your movement and not worry about units suffering when advancing (literally) at a steady pace. Metalica encourages mobility and definitely is a strong Forge World option when playing a tactical game and score points. 

– They also strike fear into your opponent’s units in a sense as the enemy units in engagement range count as being below half-strength for most commonly rolled combat attrition tests. 

Warlord Trait: Tribute of Emphatic Veneration 

– This can be great when up close as you definitely will decrease your opponent’s efficiency on that key unit they may have been preparing to unleash next turn. Another lens to look at it through is when charging in, not being as worried since that the counter punch won’t be as efficient as it normally would be. 

Arcana Mechanicum: The Adamantine Arm 

– Similarly to once per game abilities, this is a great relic to have on a defensive character unit that unleashes this servo-arms full potential in that one key combat to get the job done. Whether it be to strike down an opposing buffing character to wrench through those last few wounds of a tough vehicle or even Knight, this relic can and will get the task completed. 

Stratagem: Deafening Assault 

– Again focusing on the aggressive nature of Metalica, this can heavily affect a nearby unit and stunt their game plan for the following turn. Movement can be key for fast units to move up and contest objectives or complete actions around the board and this immediately can set them back a potential turn or two. Also this can be used in a great fashion when worried about charging in and avoiding overwatch altogether and ensuring there are no casualties. 

Forge Worlds – Distant Worlds

The following are custom Forge World options and the best combinations from each at your disposal: 

Rad-Saturated Forge World 

Primary: Radiant Disciple 

– This makes your units harder to hit and therefore increases durability and will make that difference over the course of a game. 

Secondary: Luminary Suffusion 

– This secondary is a great yin and yang approach to your army as from far you will be tougher to hit but this ability when close renders your opponents units more vulnerable to be obliterated on queue by an arsenal of mechanical weaponry. 

Expansionist Forge World 

Primary: Accelerated Actuators 

– A definite plus for combat oriented units as they are rewarded with more lethality when charging, charged or Heroically Intervening with added AP on their weaponry. Secondary: Forward Operations 

– Extra movement before a game to re-bolster your defenses/screens can be great or when going first, give you the extra mobility to get to those objectives or do specific actions you may not have normally been able to do when moving normally (deploying scramblers in the middle part of the table turn 1). 

Data-Hoard Forge World 

Primary: Magnabonded Alloys 

– The ability to ignore damage is crucial and having a built-in ability to do so is just what your vehicles need. The longer these units are on the table, the more hail they can rain upon the enemy and cause long-term issues around the battlefield. Blocking off sections of the board, screening, etc. 

Secondary: Autosavant Spirits 

– To pair with the first ability, now they have an durability to ignore wounds and this secondary not only heals 1 lost wound per turn but also the most important part, counting as double on their characteristics table ( ex. 5 wounds left counts as 10 wounds remaining). 

Reignited Forge World 

Primary: Purgation Protocols 

– Having the ability to spike some extra AP can be a great added bonus when selecting which targets you wish to bring down. 

Secondary: Engineered Nanophages

– To keep the same trend of AP consistent, you can now hope to spike for additional AP when shooting and are guaranteed additional AP against the best armoured units in the game when making a melee attack. 

Slaved Systems Forge World 

Primary: Parent Protocols 

– This allows you to take a completely custom approach and take the key Warlord Trait of your choice from any of the main Forge Worlds in this codex. All stratagems are now replaced with this custom Forge Worlds name that you selected and can be used for your respective units with their given Dogma. 


Battle Tactic 

Zealous Congregation: This is great for either of the Electro-Priest options in the codex. Having a better chance at wounding tougher units such as Knights or even Greater Deamons is always a great utility stratagem when attempting to bring those monstrous units down. Dunestriders: Guaranteed movement can make or break games. Not needing to roll dice and having maximum move potential can be very powerful in terms of contesting objectives, screening out enemy units or getting to that key area of the board to score some crucial secondary points. This also allows you to gain tactical flexibility to alter the characteristic of weapons which allows you to avance and fire and in addition not suffer any penalties. Assassin Constructs: This simply allows you to gain that extra bit of punch with a Sicarian unit of your choice. This is to add to its melee output and bring down units in a pinch or guarantee you eliminate targets you come into close combat with. 

Electromancer’s Wrath: A fantastic new ability for your Electro-Priests is to continuously inflict mortal wounds in multiple phases. They can now spew out mortal wounds to nearby enemies in the shooting phase, inflict mortal wounds when charging and then have a mortal wound potential in combat. This is incredible when considering you may now be able to essentially kill a C’Tan in one turn with one Electro-Priest unit. 

Machine Superiority: This is situationally important when a Skitarii unit requires that extra bit of output. It will be best used when going into an opposing enemy unit that is either toughness 3 to gain an advantage when wounding or even the playing field against toughness 4 models such as Intercessors. 

Elimination Volley: This can be seriously viable when targeting tougher units in close quarters. Any time you are able to bypass a layer of the dice rolling mechanic (rolling to wound) can be excellent and even spike some great efficiency when targeting units such as cracking tougher transports or needing to bring down super durable infantry. 

Epic Deed

Dataspike: This is great when needing to peel off those extra few wounds on an enemy vehicle and crack it open. It makes the likelihood of doing this significantly greater considering all the different mortal wound potential in various phases and most vehicles only having anywhere between 10-14 wounds. 

Benevolence of the Omnissiah: Keeping consistent with the theme of durability against mortal wounds. A vehicle of your choice can now confidently soak up mortal wound damage in front of the rest of your army with a ignore damage ability. Some factions are able to seriously punish the nearest, visible enemy unit to them and with this stratagem, you can place a Dunerider outfront to really take a hit and watch them struggle to crack it open. 

Tech-Adept: This is great to bolster a friendly vehicle’s durability and keep them around longer. Vehicles will naturally take damage over the course of a battle and this ability allows a more consistent reliance on keeping them around or on a better profile to continuously make an impact in a game. 

Machine Spirit Resurgent: This can be great to have a fully functional vehicle at an important time in the battle. Counting on top bracket to have its best efficiency for damage output or simply to get that transport where it needs to be with its full movement for the important infantry inside. 

Data-Blessed Autosermon: Canticles are and have always been a very important mechanic for the AdMech. The ability to manipulate this for one unit at an important state for the game can be crucial and even game winning. Whether it be needing that one unit to get the job done in melee or add that extra layer of durability to secure an objective. 


Archeotech Specialists: This is a common ability across all new codexes and AdMech now gains the same ability. Characters other than your warlord can gain a relic and this stratagem can be used twice in a Strike Force battle. 

Mechanicus Locum: Similar to the above ability, this now allows an additional non-warlord character to gain a warlord trait of your choice and can allow some great customization flexibility depending on your armies approach. This stratagem can also be used twice in a Strike Force battle. 

Host of the Intermediary: This is an interesting option for the book allowing you to give a Skitarii Alpha or Princeps a Skitarii specific warlord trait. There definitely can be some strong flexibility as well with this option allowing you to build around a specific unit that has one main objective to complete for your army each game. 

Artefactotum: This stratagem allows you to build a bit of extra tech into your army by placing a relic on a Alpha or Princeps Skitarii model/ Although limited to which ones you may take, a great example of how to utilize this stratagem is by placing the relic The Skull of Elder Nikola on a Skitarii Alpha. This gives an interesting flavour to this unit by not only being an important objective secured unit but also being able to throw out a few mortal wounds at a crucial time in the game. 

Strategic Ploy

Binharic Override: This stratagem allows you to have some flexibility with a Kastelan Robot unit. If you need to change a protocol at a key point, you now can. You will have to remain in that protocol for the remainder of the battle but when analyzing your opponent’s army or the game state, you may only need this one to find success. A prime example being to increase 

their save characteristic when requiring them to simply survive for the rest of the game. Acquisition at any Cost: This guarantees no units will flee from battle while on a specific objective partner. An ability such as this one can keep an important objective secured Vanguard or Ranger squad alive to either score points or deny your opponent from scoring. Abilities such as this can sometimes be overlooked as not being the most powerful but in reality, can truly swing a match in your favour more than expected. 

Machine Spirit’s Revenge: Mortal wounds are tough for most armies to deal with unless they have specifically teched against it. This allows you to be aggressive with your vehicle and automatically explode them to cause a danger zone of mortal wounds. Whether it be driving an empty Dunerider into your enemies frontlines or flying on Archaeopter deep into your enemies deployment zone, either are viable to use this tactic and do damage in your opponent’s turn. Circuitous Assassin: This is great for Sicarian units to either unleash an assault on a different area of the table or when needing to score a secondary objective point at an important time to redeploy them on the opposite side of the battlefield. 

Deeply Sunk Talons: Definitely a very solid ability for Pteraxii Sterylizors by very confidently denying your opponent’s units the ability from falling back and rendering them ineffective next turn or to possibly keep your Pteraxii safe for another turn from enemy fire. Tactica Obliqua: This ability has seen a change from its previous iteration but definitely still is of great use. This still will allow your Serbrys Raiders the ability to move when declared and keep them alive or if your opponent has only one point of engagement on a friendly unit of yours, you can move them to block all points of engagement range to keep a more key asset alive. Crushing Weight: Just like the name implies, the two units that benefit are hefty sized models in the Ironstriders or Kastelan Robots. This gives some solid damage output on the charge and can also be effective against such units that were mentioned earlier that only take a maximum amount of damage per phase. This can also be great when going into larger horde units to start chipping away at their squad size before even swinging with your melee attacks. Electro-Shocked:This is one of the best new abilities available to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Making an enemy unit not eligible to fight and essentially fight last is very crucial. This denies your opponent the ability to interrupt as well, allowing you to attack in multiple areas before they get a chance to swing. Another interesting way to use this is when up against a very tough enemy such as a Primarch, and making them fight last while you launch multiple units into combat, all allowing them to swing first. 

Booster Thrust: This is also an amazing ability which allows Pteraxii units to essentially be everywhere and doing just about everything. Coming out of reserve to complete actions, only to be launched back up into the sky and not be stranded out in the open like they may have once been. 


Seismic Bomb: Altering your opponent’s mobility is a very important ability. This can nullify those big beatstick units such as Death Company or Skorpekh Destroyers by halving their move and reducing advance and charge rolls significantly. The Archaeopter Fusilave simply has to fly over that unit and it’s just that simple to put this into effect. 

Chain-Taser Protocols: Taser weapons can now be more explosive than ever before with a great ability to have exploding 5’s and 6’s for 2 additional hits. This puts their damage potential significantly higher and gives a unit such as Dragoons, the ability to see their what seems like a few attacks truly spike to a greater number. 

Infoslave Skull: This stratagem gives your army an intercepting mechanic which is very useful. If an enemy planned on getting in behind your lines to perform an action or drop in for an important charge, you now have an ability to completely destroy that unit upon arrival with a variety of units throughout your codex. 

Electro-Filament Countermeasures: This can be very powerful at shutting down your enemies most efficient abilities. A prime example of this is flying into an Ultramarines gunline and denying your opponent the ability to benefit from Guillaman’s incredible auras that make the entire army tick and giving you a turn to put in work and deal with what could be an immense onslaught of efficient firepower. 

Arc Grenades: This is a nice piece of tech to bring down those last few wounds of a tough enemy vehicle or to crack open a light transport vehicle with the important obsec bodies inside. Transports such as Venoms or Starweavers can be surprisingly durable and this will swing the odds in your favour to make it happen. 

Incense Exhausts: This can add an extra layer of durability and have the same effect for Smokescreen units even when out in the open and dense cover normally grants. The Onager Dunecrawler can now have a bit more confidence when peeking out to neutralize an enemy and take a hit in return. 

Enriched Rounds: Radium weapons get an added bonus with this wargear stratagem. Against non-vehicle enemy units they will be able to automatically wound the target on a 4+ to hit. This is extremely powerful against those tougher Infantry or Beast units that are sometimes hard to 

shift and be very helpful at thinning some tough ranks such as the Death Guard or Adeptus Custodes. 

Galvanic Volley Fire: This can be crucial at key times in a battle when needing that extra volume of firepower to either get through those few last wounds on a tough enemy unit or to really put a dent into a larger, horde squad such as 30 Ork Boyz. 

Overloaded Systems: This can be very effective against all vehicle units and Titanic keyword units that have multiple profiles based on their current wounds. This allows you to really put a wrench into an enemy unit’s efficiency or force them to spend CPs, which is a crucial resource 

just to have them regain their efficiency which they so desperately need. Knights will need to use their CPs if you activate this stratagem and this can actually add up in their expenditure over the course of a battle. 

Holy Orders (Upgrade)

Holy Orders are a new way of upgrading your key Tech-Priest Characters to having an action option to buff your surrounding Forge World units in one of four orders. 


– They have an ability to reduce a Battle Tactic stratagem by 1, once per battle which can be quite key. In addition, their initial part benefits a specific keyword unit to gain more consistency in wounding enemy targets in combat. Their advanced part gives these same keyword units (selecting only one) the ability to gain an added layer of durability to gain just that bit more survivability that they need. 


– This order has the ability similar to the other orders except you reduce the cost of Strategic Ploy stratagems. The Initial part sees a core unit of your choice be able to ignore multiple AP characteristic weaponry targeting them and allowing them to take their normal saves. This is great for an already very durable unit such as Kataphron Breachers. The advanced Part lets you take potentially that same unit and ignore the benefits of cover that your enemy may be reliant on. Also great for either of the Kataphron units as they have quite powerful weapons to neutralize targets from range. 


– Epic Deeds stratagems can be altered once per battle in this order. Their Initial Part gives one friendly core unit not only more consistency when they advance but a greater move potential in general. The Advanced Part gives one nearby core unit the ability to gain some extra bit of efficiency and the capability to spike on the hit roll when making ranged attacks. 


– Wargear stratagems can be reduced once per battle in this order. The Initial Part is a very strong ability on a key keyword unit within range of this buff. This allows that unit to always have their terms of engagement and definitely a strong tactical ability which your opponent has less of a say against. This also denies your opponent from possibly tying up every unit in your army for a turn and will always be able to have a full activation with the one you need. The Advanced Part of this is actually a great second, added bonus for core units. One of your units will be able to increase their ranged weapon’s strength by 1 and will definitely increase their efficiency when requiring a wound roll and getting through the toughest of armour. 

Warlord Traits 

Tech-Priest Warlord Traits 

1. Emotionless Clarity: Fall back and charge can be a very powerful mechanic to add into your force. A great unit that you can get the most out of this with is the Fulgurite

Electro-Priests. Every turn that they can fully activate with mortals on the charge and crashing in becomes very positive towards your armies success. 

2. Masterwork Bionics: This is best used on any of the Tech-Priests in which you need to be alive for as long as possible. This gives to great added layers of durability in gaining a better invulnerable save and reducing damage inflicted. 

3. First-Hand Field Testing: This is great to give a character such as a Dominus a bit of extra lethality with their Omission Axe. Increasing the strength and damage characteristics of the weapon to greater effect in combat definitely makes this character more reliable when charging into combat. 

4. Necromechanic: Consistency in general is key so why roll the D3 regeneration of lost wounds when you simply heal an important vehicle flat 3 every turn without any reliance on dice rolls. This could be the difference of bringing that key vehicle such as a Disintegrator back to its top profile before unleashing its firepower. 

5. Cartogrammatist: One friendly unit gains the Orbital Teleportarium ability to deep strike into the fray anywhere on the table (outside of 9” of enemies). A unit of Electro-Priests from the Forge World Ryza are incredible for this play as they will gain a bonus on the charge and have a greater chance of impacting the game from reserve. 

6. Supervisory Radiance: Similar to a Chapter Master ability, this will give any of your best melee units or even those units who require assistance to make an impact, greater efficiency by hitting their mark more often than not. A great added note on this warlord trait is the large range that this ability can reach out to, not forcing you to keep a clump of units around so one eventually can benefit. 

Skitarii Warlord Traits 

1. Multitasking Cortex: Actions have taken a prominent role in the latest edition of 40K. The ability to act with ranged weapons while completing the action of your choice is great for tactical flexibility and allows you to essentially dip a unit into both aspects of the game on any given turn (scoring points through actions and destroying enemy units). 

2. Battle-Sphere Uplink: This is a strong warlord trait to keep your units always firing on full cylinders. One unit can either not suffer the firing penalty when moving with a heavy weapon or not suffer the advance and fire penalty with assault weapons. This immediately seems great for all your Kataphron units as well as a few other core units. 

3. Programmed Retreat: Similar to Emotionless Clarity (Tech-Priest warlord trait) this allows you to activate a key unit with ranged attacks even in a turn in which it fell back. A great example is the Skorpius Disintegrators not being tied up as easily anymore and you will guarantee that you will always be able to activate at least one while they remain on the tabletop. 

4. Archived Engagements: This allows you to essentially have a free interrupt mechanic and may come up against aggressive enemy armies that throw multiple units into combat. This can be a difference maker for sure if your opponent does not have or use any fight last mechanic.

5. Firepoint Telemetry Cache: Disintegrators are a great example of a unit that will benefit greatly from this warlord trait, increasing their save essentially. The ability to get essentially a plus 2 to your armour throw when on a terrain piece for an infantry unit is incredible for durability. You can place a giant ranger squad of 20 on an objective, in cover and they would become seriously tough to shift. 

6. Eyes of the Omnissiah: The first unit that springs to mind amongst the others that will benefit greatly are the Sicarian Ruststalkers. A unit of these fairly lethal soldiers will have a significant added bonus for movement when advancing or when required to make an important charge. Re-rolling a poor dice roll for advancing or a failed charge roll can really make a difference and with Sicarians and the like really improving in this book, this trait will be a great option. 


The Uncreator Gauntlet: A model with a power fist can gain this relic to increase its lethality in damage. In addition, when hitting a vehicle mortal wounds will also be pumped out to really make the bearer of this relic a vehicle hunter. Essentially made for a Cybernetica Datasmith, they will definitely punch above their weight in combat. 

Raiment of the Technomartyr: This is great to add some extra durability on a key character that makes your army tick. An added layer in saves will be great for survival even when opponents are able to ignore the Look out sir rule with sniping weapons. In addition, a friendly core unit can hit with its greatest potential by ignoring any or all hit or ballistic skill modifiers. The Skull of Elder Nikola: This as mentioned earlier could be a solid relic to sprinkle in amongst your ranks. The ability to have this pop off at a crucial time in the game could be devastating to damaging several units or stripping off those last wounds or two on multiple enemy units. 

The Purgation’s Purity: This is specifically made for a model with a radium serpenta. This not only increases its full weapon profile but also gives you a great ability to always wound a model on a 4+. This is great when targeting tougher infantry units and when you need to take down a 

few models before firing with other units or charging in to thin their ranks. Exemplar’s Eternity: This is specifically for the brand new unit, the Skitarii Marshal. Their Servo-skull uplink ability is replaced with theExemplar’s Eternity Aura. This is possibly one of the best options when fielding a bunch of Skitarii core units as this will absolutely help increase their efficiency when hitting and wounding. This aura is probably best when helping make a difference with more mass and smaller arms fire like the weapons Rangers and Vanguard are equipped with. Abilities like this may not seem to make an immediate impact on one specific crucial roll (or sometimes they can) but rather definitely add up over the course of an entire battle. 

Phosphoenix: This relic replaces a phosphor serpenta. It essentially helps deal with enemies benefitting from dense cover. Not only does the profile do some decent damage but the reason to take this is to unlock the aura after hitting your target. A unit hit with this will count as being exposed and therefore allowing other friendly units within this aura to fire full force without the

normal risk of losing quite a bit of efficiency. Dense cover has become more common and this piece of tech is great on a character or added into a squad for the right time. Pater Cog-Tooth: Many characters are able to wield an Omnissian Axe and this relic is quite strong. This definitely is an upgrade to the normal axe and should definitely be considered when requiring a character to not only hold their own in combat but also confidently charge in. Anzion’s Pseudogenetor: This can be a nice additional relic to place on a secondary character to give them a bit more damage output. An example being an additional tech-priest that has its base datasheet to fight with while also additionally using this to potentially have another 9 swings. 

The Omniscient Mask: This is best for close combat core units. This character acts as their motivation to create potentially more attacks while these units are within this aura. With the several buffs for combat throughout the codex, relics such as this one must be highly considered as there are great synergies for combat as long as you build for the like. Sonic Reaper: A Sonic Reaper replaces a transonic cannon. A Manipulus is now able to have a bit more damage through this relic on its base profile as well as a great special ability. It can give you a greater chance to inflict 2 damage to an enemy through mortal wounds instead of requiring your enemy to fail an armour save. 

Temporcopia: Temporcopia is a solid relic that essentially renders your opponent from fighting until after all of your eligible units have done so. This now gives you two fight last mechanics (this relic and a stratagem) which can play a big role in tearing apart an opposing close combat army. 

The Cage of Varadimas: This can come into play mainly against melee armies and cutting down their efficiency. When this bearer hits an enemy, they will count as being electro-shocked. This reduces their ability to hit potentially another unit you may have in combat with them and play a larger role than first thought in their survival. 

Chapter Approved Rules (Secondaries) 

Purge the Enemy 

Accretion of Knowledge: This secondary requires a lot of damage to be dealt to an opponent’s army and can definitely be built toward. This would revolve around many lethal units and allowing you to get to their characters,or special units with traits/relics. The main reason to take this would be if your opponent has a lot of aggressive characters or if they have 4-5+ vehicles with a wounds characteristic of 14 or more. 

No Mercy, No Respite 

Eradication of Flesh: This is definitely the best choice of the secondary bunch. Almost every AdMech army (with some exceptions) will have vehicles. Whether it be transports, heavy tanks or flyers, the AdMech brings many options to bear. This is great for scoring as you can play

quite defensively with your vehicles while annihilating enemy infantry units to wrack up fairly easy points throughout the course of the battle. The main reason to consider this secondary is that it does play well into the armies stock playstyle while still encouraging key engagements. 

Battlefield Supremacy 

Uncharted Sequencing: This could get tricky but definitely is useful on missions with 5-6 objectives. This essentially allows you to map out your plan before the battle and is really a grand strategist’s secondary dream for completing a well calculated game plan. Attacking or holding objectives on turns in which you planned and being rewarded in the process. 

Hidden Archeovault: Another progressively scored secondary can put both generals to the test. Your opponent does have a say in which objective is selected however cannot be too defensive in their selection and will definitely force those more defensive armies to leave their comfort zone and meet you in the midboard. 

Canticles of the Omnissiah 

Shroudpsalm: This is great from a durability standpoint as it will make your entire army benefit from light cover for a turn without any restrictions or parameters. This can usually be best used early in a game to stay alive or late game to ensure some key units can withstand some punch to capture victory. 

Chant of the Remorseless Fist: This is great for a big upcoming turn when your powerful melee units are preparing their assault or are about to be assaulted and need a push back. Dragoons or Fulgurite Priests can really benefit from this added bonus and can be more effective against tougher units. 

Incantation of the Iron Soul: In a turn in which you cannot afford to lose several models, this will definitely be a great choice to ensure more models stick around. Where this gets very interesting is when a unit with the Refusal to Yield Dogma is inflicted damage by mortal wounds, this may be one of the best defensive buffs to deal with an incredible amount of mortal wound output. Even without this Dogma in your list, the added layer is still great and can definitely be a great meta call. 

Benediction of the Omnissiah: This canticle gives your AdMech force its own version of Expert Crafters or Master Artisan for those who may know. This essentially gives your units the ability to have some more independent efficiency and definitely can be key when needing a crucial turn to be in its finest form on your end and needing the most possible damage to be inflicted. 

Invocation of Machine Vengeance: Definitely one of the best canticles to choose from. It allows a higher chance to get your units where you need them to around the board or making an important charge out of deep strike. A quick combo that is very strong would be deep striking a 10 man Ryza Fulgurite Priest unit and using this to charge in.

Litany of the Electromancer: This is definitely a defensive buff for your units when preparing for an opposing close combat assault. This minus your opponent suffers can definitely add up across multiple interactions and diminish some of their efficiencies. 


Belisarius Cawl 

– Cawl returns as the Supreme Commander of the Adeptus Mechanicus. He is definitely a great choice being incredible at supporting friendly vehicles to remain intact for as long as possible, including himself. His best ability has to be “Lead in Prayer” as he can manipulate canticles every turn for a friendly unit nearby and himself. This gives you some amazing potential to be flexible with how a specific unit’s role can change over the course of a battle. 

Tech-Priest Manipulus 

– The Manipulus is a solid character to include in your army to help buff units with Galvanic, Arc and Radium weapons. As mentioned in early areas, this character can take a few solid relic options as well as a great list of warlord traits to also buff your army. Tech-Priest Dominus 

– The “Lord of the Machine Cult” ability is great and a solid reason to include this character. The Dominus definitely has some flexibility to become more durable and defensive or more aggressive depending how you kit them out with various warlord trait and relic combinations. 


– This character has a few great buffs and while also assisting with these benefits does not take up a battlefield role slot. This unit essentially comes in at no tax to your HQ choices and gives you some great built-in datasheet abilities such as “Machine Focus” to perform actions with core units and still fire ranged weaponry or “Omni-Scramblers” to truly deny your opponent a larger zone where they cannot enter the battlefield. Skitarii Marshal 

– The newest addition to the ranks of the AdMech is the Skitarii Marshal. Beyond its solid datasheet abilities, its best combo in the codex has to be the relic he may take to replace his Servo-skull Uplink aura. This takes that ability to the next level for your Skitarii core units and will definitely increase efficiency for these units over the course of a battle. Tech-Priest Enginseer 

– Definitely a returning fan favourite is the Enginseer. The ability to increase a friendly vehicle’s efficiency with the “Awaken the Machine” ability is super clutch when needing to bring down your opponent’s key units in a pinch. In addition, similarly to the Arcaeologist, if your army includes a Dominus or Manipulus (which most of the time it will) this unit will not take up an additional battlefield role within your detachment. 

Skitarii Rangers

– The Rangers return as your bread and butter infantry unit. With max squad sizes up to 20, there can be some interesting AdMech horde builds with various different Forge World combinations. Whether it be to make them more durable or more offensive, there is a lot of tactical play at hand and really a ton of options with the various keywords they have such as Skitarii, Core and Data-Tether. 

Skitarii Vanguard 

– Similarly to the Rangers, Vanguard have some great tactical flexibility with the same max squad size potential. A really interesting special rule however is their Rad-Saturation aura which affects enemy units within engagement range to weaken and make these soldiers gain an upper hand when charging in. 

Kataphron Breachers 

– Breachers are a great toolbox unit to be reliable for various reasons. They are more durable than their counterparts (Destroyers) and being equipped with Arc Claws and Arc Rifles gives them utility in multiple phases of the game. Their durability may actually be their best asset and making them a truly tough objective secured unit to hold objectives with. This is without even comboing in the various Forge Worlds to see this unit at true peak potential depending on how you wish for them to perform. 

Kataphron Destroyers 

– Like the Breachers, Destroyers are very reliable and armed with heavy weapons to bring down the toughest of enemy units. The plasma culverin may be one of the better options for them and even be brought up to damage 3 while they are in a Ryza detachment with a stratagem. Both Kataphron troop choices also are not denied mobility after gaining the biker keyword and losing infantry, as they have a special rule called “Tracked Mobility” which solves all issues with moving around the battlefield. 


– These are just your typical plain servitors however in an army such as AdMech, 1-2 of these units can be a great addition especially if you go a bit elite. They are very cheap and are that simple throw away unit to put in reserve, complete an action or hold an objective obscured by cover. 

Fulgurite Electro-Priests 

– The Fulgurite return with slight changes but absolutely just as good as they’ve ever been with a high potential to always trade up in combat. They have overall become more consistent with their damage output while still remaining fairly durable. WIth several added bonuses from Forge Worlds or warlord traits (characters nearby), they will be almost an auto-include if you need that dangerous infantry melee output. Corpuscarii Electro-Priests 

– The opposite to the Fulgurite are the Corpuscarii. They are the shooting version of the two and are incredible at it. They are also quite durable for their points and have a ridiculous amount of shots in which they dish out turn after turn. A great tactic for this unit is to either keep them safe in a Dunerider to jump out when ready or to place them into reserve via multiple options to arrive and deal out some serious pain. 

Cybernetica Datasmith

– The main reason to take this character is to buff the Kastelan Robots to reach their mightiest potential. This character will not take up a battlefield role slot and give these robots several incredible bonuses such as making them gain core and helping them alter their protocols with a special action that only this Datasmith can complete. Sicarian Infiltrators 

– These Infiltrators are great for several reasons. Being infantry and core, they will benefit from several buffs and synergies but also a few interesting datasheet abilities to boast. “Neurostatic Interference” makes them quite durable and tarnishes enemy efficiency buffs but also having an infiltrating ability can be key to begin the board control from a tactical standpoint. 

Sicarian Ruststalkers 

– The Ruststalker variants are also similarly efficient but much more deadly in combat. Being able to cause mortal wounds in addition can add up on an enemy unit and from a durability standpoint, are great to post up in cover with the ability “Wasteland Stalkers”. 

Serberys Raiders 

– The Raiders have changed from the last version quite a bit but still bring the same positive reasons as to why to include them. They are still moving fast and even got a buff on Toughness. A great ability which they kept is their pre-game move ability called “Skirmishing Line”. Any out of movement phase mobility is fantastic in the game and allows you to react whether going first or second. 

Serberys Sulphurhounds 

– The Sulphurhounds are less commonly taken but this book could make them see a resurgence on the tabletop. With a bunch of weapons they are equipped with, this cavalry unit are no slouches in inflicting damage. The “Pistoleers” ability allows them to always be firing the weapons they are equipped with by even changing the pistols to assault. This flexibility is great while also having the same “Rad-Saturation” ability as the Skitarii Vanguard. Overall a very solid choice and a unit not to be overlooked. Pteraxii Sterylizors/Skystlkers 

– Both Pteraxii units are great and either or could be an auto-include in your army list. With abilities that allow them to drop in just about anywhere (within normal conditions of reinforcements), they really are a tactician’s dream for getting specific jobs done. Whether it be their speed to contest objectives or their ability to drop in and complete important actions, every army would love a unit such as them and the AdMech are a lucky bunch. In terms of which unit is better at what for damage, the Sterylizors definitely do well on the charge in combat while the Skystalkers are never tied up with the “Fleeting Barrage ” ability only to unload with their Flechette Carbine in the same turn. Ironstrider Ballistarii 

– The Ballistarii are back and better than ever. With the same profile on their datasheet as before, they are quite consistent at what they are made to do and that is to strike from range. The biggest buff has been the bonus to the Cognis Lascannon which is the most consistent it has ever been and just the buff it needed to make a difference when bringing just about anything it locks its targeting systems on to. 

Sydonian Dragoons

– The Dragoons in recent times have played second fiddle to their Balistarii counterparts. With this new codex and all of the great synergies for strong combat units, Forge Worlds such as Ryza will take them up a notch. They are arguably on paper the best combat unit and are pretty tough in return without giving away too many secondary points in the current state of the game. 

Kastelan Robots 

– The Kastelan Robots fell out of touch with many as they seemed too overcosted just to lock in to one spot for an entire game. Many realized that it literally would make or break it and that wasn’t a sound game plan. With their latest release, these Robotic juggernauts can hit harder than ever and with their new protocols adapt to the game on the fly. As mentioned earlier, when taking Kastelan Robots, a Datasmith is an auto-include to give them several benefits and add even more flexibility to their usage and how they impact the battle. 

Skorpius Disintegrator 

– The Disintegrator is still one of the most consistent vehicles in the book with several weapons to bear. This vehicle is quite durable and when in a pinch, can hide and still dish out some serious damage from out of line of sight. This unit is a great choice when building this army into the Eradication of Flesh secondary as you will require a vehicle to remain on the table in order to score while not worrying about being over aggressive to lose it or have it useless in your backfield hiding. This plays perfectly into this secondary and will also help the army with supporting fire at a distance. 

Onager Dunecrawler 

– The Onager Dunecrawler has always been an interesting choice for the AdMech as they have tended to be more efficient units for their points. However, with an array of weapon options, they can definitely be a tough weapon platform from long range with a surprising amount of mobility. You do definitely need to build in to taking this unit, but with the right build and possibly 2-3 of them being included, could see your opponent struggle to find out how to deal with them efficiently and without overextending. 

Skorpius Dunerider 

– The Dunerider is the perfect utility transport for several purposes. Whether it be to transport important infantry, to move block some incoming enemy assaults or to soak up mortal wounds in the front line, you can’t go wrong to include a couple into your list. In addition, their weapons also saw a slight boost which will help clear light infantry better than they have ever been able to do before. 

Archaeopter Transvector 

– The Transvector is a solid flying transport with two stubber weapons and a decent durable build. A chaff launcher helps on the durability end and helps this unit maybe get to that extra turn to go above and beyond its expectations. Flyers can be a great utility choice besides this transportation capability for scoring points, even with some interesting move block plays. The Fusilave has an amazing Seismic Bomb stratagem to completely thwart your opponent’s most mobile and/or deadly units for potentially an

entire turn and then some. Overall the Admech flyers offer solid utility and have interesting denial capabilities to throw a wrench into an enemies game plan and even do mortal wounds when exploding for 1CP (auto-explosion) when your opponent destroys them in front of their units.

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