Top 5 Changes to 9th Core Rules


The fundamentals of the game have come with some fundamental changes. Joining our Top 5 Changes to 9th Edition are these 5 changes to the 9th Core Rules. Some are on the subtle side others are a cut and dry clarification but number 1 is all new to 9th.

9th Core Rules
Eve is excited to have the new rules in hand.

5 Dice and modifiers

Of course, we use dice in this game. Buckets of dices for Orks not so many for other armies. In the Dice section, the rules explicitly state how to do the math for modifiers. Its the same for modifiers. And it is a change from the designers’ notes last edition.  Divide, Multiple, Add, then Subtract. 

Smash Captain Smashes at Strenght 8 from the Thunder Hammer and then Strenght 9 from Might of Heroes. Not Strenght 10. 

4 Allocate Attacks

Did you hate when your opponent took forever switching back and forth on who takes what save. Like before a wounded model keeps taking saves but the big change is when a model makes it save he keeps taking saves UNTIL IT IS DEAD.  Say you shoot a unit of Custodes with a Lascannon. A model armed with Storm Shield steps forward to take the hit. Now that model has to keep taking hits from AP-1 bolt rifles until he dies before one can choose another model to take those AP-1 saves.  Deathwatch Veterans with a Terminator or two were so annoying.

3 Coherency

Units of 6+ must be within 2” of 2 models. Sure you can make lines that end in bow ties but that won’t help when you lose a model and start taking coherency checks. If you aren’t in coherency and you can not move into it, the unit can’t move. That’s any kind of move that can’t be made such as pile in. During a Coherency Check, Models are removed until you are back in coherency.

2 Engagement Range

9th Core Rules
The T’au are only fighting 2 ranks deep if those Nids Make it in

At just ½”. No more will Orks on 25mm bases claim they can fight 4 ranks deep. Nope ½” within a model of within ½” is a max of 2 ranks fighting. 

1 Command Phase in the 9th Core Rules

The 9th Core Rules included a whole new phase for a new edition. Some Abilities and stratagems take place in this phase but at the very least your Battle-forged armies gain 1 Command Point in this phase. That’s 5 free command points in your game.

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