25 Space Marine Facts You Didn’t Know


While Necrons may be the Best First Army, when it comes to Space Marine facts and 40k lore there is so much to dive into and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. You might already know a Space Marine fact or two about the power armor wearing super soldiers. But here are 25 Space Marines facts that may come as a shock to you!

So many Space Marine Facts

Space Marine Fact #01

Space Marines are given a second heart. This isn’t just a backup in case of injury. They can use the second heart to boost blood flow around the body to increase speed and power.

Space Marine Fact #02

Before the Space Marines, there was the Thunder Legion or Thunder-Warriors. They were bigger, faster, and stronger than the modern-day Astartes but they had much shorter life spans.

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Space Marine Fact #03

All Space Marines are given an implant called an “Ossmodula” 2 years after insertion it will cause the marines bones to grow larger and stronger and fuse their rib cage together into a solid bulletproof shell.

Space Marine Fact #04  

There are 20 Original Space Marine Legions created from the gene-seed of their respective Primarch.

Imperial records would have you believe there are only 18 Space Marine Legions because 2 of them were redacted. Considering the 9 chaos legions haven’t been removed, it makes you wonder about the 2 that needed to be.

Space Marine Fact #05  

Belisarius Cawl gave the Primaris marines 3 extra implants compared to traditional space marines. One of which is the ‘Magnificat” known as the god maker that creates Primarchs. However, it is only half complete as the other half of the data to create this implant was erased by an unknown entity.

Space Marine Facts

Space Marine Fact #06  

Most Space Marine Chapters control 2-3 massive warships called a Battle Barge.

These space ships are designed during the Great Crusade with one main purpose… To assault other planets!

Space Marine Fact #07  

Space marines are given a “Multi Lung” Implant. This Third Lung lets them breathe in low oxygen environments, poisonous environments and even underwater!

Space Marine Fact #08

Space Marine Chapter Headquarters are maintained in a giant castle-like structure called a Fortress-Monastery.

The preferred location for a Fortress-Monastery is on an Imperial Planet where the Chapter Master acts as governor of the planet.

Space Marine Fact #09

Most people believe the Emperor created 20 primarchs. However, there are actually 21! 

This is because one of the Legions Primarchs came out as Twins. The Twin Primarchs are from the Alpha Legion, named Alpharius and Omegon.

Space Marine Fact #10  

Since the Horus Heresy, loyalist Space Marine Legions are divided into 1,000 man chapters and answer to their Chapter Master, who only answers to the Emperor himself.

This is to prevent anyone from ever single-handedly controlling a legion of over 100,000 or more Space Marines.

Space Marine Fact #11

Space Marines have a “Black Carapace” underneath their skin that allows them to interface directly with their Power Armor and even vehicles. The Black Carapace was developed by “Amar Astarte” but was flawed and couldn’t be utilized until “Ezekiel Sedayne” Perfected it.

Space Marine Fact #12

There are various trials to become a Space Marine.

Those that make it through the first trial are called “Neophytes” and proceed to undergo surgery and genetic modification. If they fail the surgery but survive they are retained as Chapter Serfs or turned into Servitors to serve the Chapter and aid in the creation of more Space Marines.

Space Marine Fact #13

After the Last Unification War, The Emperor chose to “Cull” the last of the remaining “Thunder warriors” (precursors to the Space marines) by having the Legio Custodes eradicate them forever. Only the Custodes had the capability to end the Thunder Warriors due to their superior capabilities over the newer “Space Marines”

Space Marine Fact #14

Each Space Marine Faction holds 10 companies of 100 soldiers. The 1st company are typically the veterans of that faction, privileged with suits of Terminator Armor, while the 10th company is typically new recruits and those that have yet to climb the ranks.

Space Marine Fact #15

The Space Marines follow the Codex Astartes. This Text outlines the formation of chapters, tactical roles, equipment specifications, and much more. However, the Imperial Cult view it as a religious text partly due to their belief that the “Space Marines” are the “Angels of Death”

Space Marine Fact #16

Despite Space Marine Chapters being autonomous, answering to no-one but the Emperor himself. They could all be subject to censure by the Inquisition if there is suspicion of Heresy.

Space Marine Fact #17

Since the first founding of the original 20 Space Marine legions. There have been 26 foundings to date. The most recent founding is the Ultima Founding of the Primaris Space Marines

Space Marine Fact

Space Marine Fact #18

Space Marine Librarians have mastered 4 psychic disciplines.

  1. Librarius, which is specialized research and knowledge. 
  2. Technomancy, which allows them to manipulate machinery. 
  3. Fulmination, which allows them to manipulate warp lightning energy.
  4. Geokinesis, which allows them to manipulate the ground and earth.

Space Marine Fact #19

According to some of the books, a Space Marine can run at about 21Km/h and maintain this for roughly 20 hours before he starts to tire. 

However, it has been noted that they can go to around 85Km/h while sprinting but for a shorter period of time. This makes their sprint just a little less than the max speed of a Cheetah!

Space Marine Fact #20

When a notable Battle Brother falls in combat their body is transferred into an armor sarcophagus that provides life support. That sarcophagus is then combined with the body of Dreadnought so that the fallen Space Marine may battle again.

Space Marine Fact #21

It is widely accepted that on average a Space Marine can lift around 2000 KGs. To put that in comparison Paul Anderson has the Record for the most weight lifted by a human at 2840kg’s with a back lift. This is seen within the game as some nonenhanced humans have on occasion been given the same strength as an Average Space Marine (Strength 4)

Space Marine Fact #22

Wannabe Space Marines are subject to a “Blood Duel Trial”, this is a duel to the death between two aspiring Space Marines. This is done to reduce the number of applicants down to the number the Space Marines wish to recruit. Often taking many rounds as so many people are eager to become Space Marines. Space Marine Aspirants are usually between 16 – 18 years of age.

Space Marine Fact #23

All Space marines enjoy the ability “Immortal until Killed” meaning that Space Marines don’t die from Old Age. Some Chaos Space marines have lived for over 10,000 years and are still going. But the oldest loyalist Space Marine is “only” around 1500 years old. Looks like the Imperium isn’t as good for your health as living in the Eye of Terror!

Space Marine Fact #24

The recruiting and indoctrination process for new Space Marines can take up to 8 years to complete.

Recruits start at age 10 and undergo various trials and surgeries. It’s not until they reach age 18 that they are put into a squad of Scout Marines. Some get inducted as early as age 16!

Space Marine Fact #25

The Original Space marines were known as the “Grey Legion” before they were divided into the 20 original Chapters. Their original emblem was the Thunderbolt and lightning marks of imperial unity

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