Mana Wars Deck Lists: Izzet Arclight Phoenix/Goblin Electromancer vs. Selesnya Resplendent Angel/Lyra Dawnbringer

It’s another week of Friday Night Magic here at Nights At The Game Table, and we’ve got another fantastic pair of decks built by the amazing staff at Pat’s Games! Fresh off his victory against Kevin last week, Aryeh is stepping into the ring again to take on Mana Wars veteran Morgan. Morgan’s had a strong showing in the past, but based on Aryeh’s performance last week, it seems like both opponents are going to be in for a brutal fight!
Both combatants will be using some of the top new cards from the guilds of Ravnica set, and we’ve got the full rundown of their decks below!

Aryeh: Izzet Arclight Phoenix/Goblin Electromancer

Aryeh has put his deck-building skills to good use this week, assembling a powerful Izzet deck built around several tough creatures that are buffed by a large number of instant/sorcery cards. First on the list is Arclight Phoenix, a 3/2 creature with Flying and Haste, which can be returned from the graveyard to the battlefield if the player casts enough instants. Thankfully, Goblin Electromancer is a low-cost wizard that makes every instant and sorcery cheaper to cast, providing plenty of fuel to bring the Phoenix back into the fight. Of course, the Phoenix can do enough damage on its own, but it will also be a vital defender to stall for the arrival of Crackling Drake, a fearsome flying creature whose power is equal to the sorcery and instant cards in the player’s graveyard (or in exile.) And with a total of 28 sorceries and instants in the deck, the Drake could easily gain enough power to chop away at Morgan’s health before he can mount a sizeable counterattack.

Aryeh’s full deck list includes:

Sorceries (18)

  • 1 Beacon Bolt
  • 4 Chart a Course
  • 2 Crash Through
  • 3 Discovery
  • 2 Lava Coil
  • 2 Maximize Velocity
  • 2 Tormenting Voice
  • 2 Warlord’s Fury

Lands (20)

  • 6 Island
  • 6 Mountain
  • 4 Steam Vents
  • 4 Sulfur Falls

Creatures (12)

  • 4 Arclight Phoenix
  • 4 Crackling Drake
  • 2 Enigma Drake
  • 2 Goblin Electromancer

Instants (10)

  • 4 Opt
  • 2 Radical Idea
  • 4 Shock

Sideboard (15)

  • 1 Beacon Bolt
  • 1 Lava Coil
  • 1 Chemister’s Insight
  • 2 Disdainful Stroke
  • 1 Dive Down
  • 1 Entrancing Melody
  • 2 Fiery Cannonade
  • 1 Firemind’s Research
  • 2 Niv-Mizzet, Parun
  • 2 Sarkhan, Fireblood
  • 1 Spell Pierce

Morgan: Selesnya Resplendent Angel/Lyra Dawnbringer

Morgan has put together a Selesnya deck using the ever-popular token strategy based on History of Benalia. Benalia allows the player to quickly flood the field with a pair of powerful Knight tokens. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s also bringing the one-two punch of Resplendent Angel and Lyra Dawnbringer. Both are powerful in their own right, but Lyra’s combination of Lifelink and an Angel buff will mean that Resplendent Angel will also be able to spawn a 4/4 (buffed to 5/5 with Lyra) Angel token without too much difficulty. And, since both have Lifelink, it will be easier and easier to cover the field in angels with each passing turn.

Morgan’s full deck list includes:

Creatures (23)

  • 3 Adanto Vanguard
  • 2 Carnage Tyrant
  • 2 Conclave Cavalier
  • 3 Knight of Grace
  • 3 Lyra Dawnbringer
  • 4 Resplendent Angel
  • 2 Shalai, Voice of Plenty
  • 4 Thorn Lieutenant

Lands (25)

  • 1 Arch of Orazca
  • 7 Forest
  • 9 Plains
  • 4 Sunpetal Grove
  • 4 Temple Garden

Planeswalkers (6)

  • 3 Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants
  • 3 Vivien Reid

Enchantments (6)

  • 4 History of Benalia
  • 2 Ixalan’s Binding

Sideboard (15)

  • 1 Carnage Tyrant
  • 1 Conclave Cavalier
  • 2 Knight of Autumn
  • 3 Kraul Harpooner
  • 2 Seal Away
  • 2 Settle the Wreckage
  • 4 Tocatli Honor Guard

To see what happens when these hard-hitting decks go head-to-head, check out the episode below!

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