Top 5 Red Cards In Guilds Of Ravnica!


Things are heating up in the city of Ravnica, and there’s no better indicator of that than all the fantastic new Red cards that Wizards has put out as a part of the new Guilds Of Ravnica set.
But, with all the different options available, it may seem difficult to figure out which options are best kept in your deck…and which are best kept in your non-playing collection.
To help out with this, Kevin and Aryeh teamed up with the rest of the great staff at Pat’s Games to select the best Red cards that Guilds of Ravnica has to offer! In no particular order, here are the top 5 choices:

Experimental Frenzy

Experimental Frenzy does an amazing job of essentially spitting in the face of a red deck’s worst enemy: the player’s hand. Red’s notoriously weak draw power immediately becomes a non-issue, and the player essentially has unlimited draw power as long as they have the mana to spend. Late in the game, once a substantial mana base has been assembled, Experimental Frenzt can seriously beef up the firepower of any Red deck.

Ornery Goblin

Ornery Goblin is a cheap card that acts like a 3/1 whenever it’s attacking or blocking, meaning that even your opponent’s tougher creatures will be wary of taking him on. He may be fragile, but this little bit of extra stopping power could potentially keep your opponent at bay long enough to bring your bigger creatures to bear. Plus, given that he is still a 2/1, it’s still relatively easy to treat him essentially as a 4/1, making this little goblin hit harder than most would expect.

Wojeck Bodyguard

Given that many mentor creatures in Guilds Of Ravnica are 2/2, Wojek Bodyguard’s 3/3 stats allow it to provide a helping hand where it’s needed most. True, it can’t attack or block alone, but given that Guilds Of Ravnica relies so heavily on multiple creatures attacking at once, it really becomes a non-issue. When it comes to providing support for your other creatures, there’s no better option than Wojek Bodyguard.

Legion Warboss

Legion Warboss is a versatile creature that offers a ton of different opportunities for the player. Not only does it offer the mentor ability, but it also continually spawns 1/1 red goblins with haste. Through the mentor ability, Legion Warboss can buff them up to a 2/2, making it much easier to keep the pressure on an opponent.

Lava Coil

Lava Coil is a perfect example of beautiful simplicity. 4 damage to a creature for 2 mana is never a bad thing, and the added bonus of exiling any creatures it destroys can easily disrupt an opponent who runs a graveyard-heavy deck. It’s not fancy, but it’s a reliable way to chop away at your opponent’s toughest creatures and keep them on their toes.
To see our thoughts on the rest of the red cards in the Guilds Of Ravnica set, check out the full video below!

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