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Knights and Squires

Knights and Squires will soon be able to bestow Knightly Teachings on to lesser knights such as armigers and helverins, which have a variety of effects to help bolster the overall strength of Imperial Knight armies.  Each Knight Preceptor has the Mentor keyword and can choose three teachings from a full

Imperial and Chaos Knights Get a Dataslate Update

Add Imperial and Chaos Knights to the list of armies that have their Objective Secured ability!  Stomping on objectives! Gaining the ‘Towering Foe’ special rule: This model counts as 5 models when determining control of an objective marker (if this model is a Titanic model, it instead counts as
imperial knights rules

New Imperial Knights Rules Announced

New leaks from Warhammer-Community have arrived and it’s all about Imperial Knights. Showcasing new rules to help bolster their effectiveness on the battlefield via honoured and virtuous abilities.  Thunderous hooves and valiant knights! Granting benefits such as gaining Objective Secured or counting as more models if you already have
New Chaos Space Marines Rules

New Chaos Space Marine Rules Announced

New Chaos Space Marine Rules have been announced! Praise the Dark Lords of Chaos! This is going to be a HUGE change to how this army has been A new leak has just surfaced in regards to the basic Chaos Space Marine (now ‘Legionary’) stat line! The changes are astounding
warhammer 40k balance dataslate

April 2022 Dataslate Has Arrived

The Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate has arrived! Already, the conversation is heated over what is good, what is bad and how it will affect both casual and competitive play. Some players are weighing in that it is nothing major. Others are lamenting the loss of the strength of their

How to paint: Dindymus Red Flesh

How to paint: Dindymus red flesh – The invasion of the Hive Fleets began 250 years after they were defeated at Macragge, and it is still going on today. The Imperium has maintained an armed presence in this galactic southeast area because officials from Adeptus Administratum argued that Behemoth
How to paint hive fleet jormungandr

How to paint Hive Fleet: Jormungandr

How to paint hive fleet Jormungandr, Hive Fleet Jormungandr is a small group of Tyranids that have been traveling from system to system in the northern regions of our galaxy. They first appeared many years ago, but it wasn’t until 995 AD when they reached their most recent destination.
harlequins winning lists

Battle to End Alzheimer’s Winning Lists Warhammer 40k

Every week there are tournaments where the best of the best Warhammer 40k players battle it out with the very best armies with the very best winning lists they can muster. Whether you’re a new player just picking up the hobby or a grizzled veteran staying on top of
tyranids 9th edition warhammer 40k

Top 5 Tyranids Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

If you want to play a threatening, menacing force, look no further: Tyranids might be the army for you. Tyranids are a pestilence of the known galaxy, consuming biomass to grow and expand. Everything they do is based on how they are bioengineered, a process directed specifically by their

Gibraltar winning lists April 2022 Warhammer 40K

Gibraltar winning lists: Harlequins continue to laugh at the Competitive meta winning the top spot at all 3 Majors this weekend. Games Workshop has announced a Balance Dataslate to deal with the sheer inequity of this army but as of right now the math is simply in the Embrace

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