Knights and Squires


Knights and Squires will soon be able to bestow Knightly Teachings on to lesser knights such as armigers and helverins, which have a variety of effects to help bolster the overall strength of Imperial Knight armies. 

Each Knight Preceptor has the Mentor keyword and can choose three teachings from a full list of six and activate two of them in your Command Phase on a roll of 3+.

The folly of mercy new rules

They may also impart a Chivalric Code (Check out our previous article on the codex) onto an armiger-class model within 12″ that is not already active for your army! At the very least, being able to reroll a charge roll can ultimately decide objective control, and the difference between a win and a loss.

The warrior's hope new rule

These abilities include being able to perform actions while still moving and shooting. With secondary actions being such a keystone to major victories, this ability is nothing to scoff at!

The virtue of courage new rule

Want exploding 6’s? The Aura, Virtue of Courage gives an armiger-class model within 6″ to score extra hits on an unmodified roll of a 6. Increasing the potential damage yield of extra attack (notice it isn’t limited to just melee), this aura should have a powerful impact.

Imperial knights walking across terrain

With more and more details coming out about the new Imperial Knight codex, it’s hard to not get excited about its full release! Down here at the studio, we’ve already started to preemptively plan out our own Knight Households and Freeblades to start stomping across the battlefield!


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