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How to paint Ulthwe Aeldari

This is How to paint Ulthwe Aeldari! Our expert painter breaks down each and every step to get professional looking, table ready miniatures in no time. But first, in case you need a refresher here’s a little background on Ulthwe… Farseer Lsathranil of Ulthwé established Lsathranil’s Shield to contain

4 Tips to Grow Your Local Warhammer Gaming Group and Keep Them Engaged

It’s no secret that getting a group together to play Warhammer consistently is a challenge. To establish and maintain a group that meets regularly, you need to all be on the same page about some basics. This is a game that also takes some community support. The financial commitment

Clutch City GT Winning Lists Warhammer 40k

The results are in and we’ve got the Clutch City GT winning lists! Ninety-Five players battled it out over 6 rounds of competitive play at the Clutch City GT in Houston, Texas. While it may have seemed like every other army was Adeptus Custodes, the golden boys managed a

How to paint Alaitoc Aeldari

While all Craftworlds use the very effective sniper Rangers, Alaitoc has the most of them. Alaitoc Rangers, also known as the Starstriders, are Alaitoc Rangers who explore the galaxy rather than live on the Craftworld. These rangers remain faithful to Alaitoc and only visit their Craftworld on rare occasions.

Harlequins Lore Warhammer 40K

This is your definitive source for Harlequins Lore Warhammer 40k. The Harlequins are a faction of the Eldar species who are in charge of recollection in the warhammer age. They travel from Craftworld to Craftworld, performing dance, theatre, and martial arts to keep the Eldar race’s legends and old

Top 5 Harlequin Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

These are your Top 5 Harlequin Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition. This isn’t just any tactics randomly pulled form the new codex. No, this top five is from the current number one ranked Harlequin player in the world: Colin Mcdade! But first, a brief intro… The Harlequins are an

Cherokee Open Winning Lists Warhammer 40k

The Cherokee Open Winning Lists are in and our experts on The Night’s team have the full analysis of those lists for you. One Hundred Seventy Four players descended on Cherokee, North Carolina ready to test their metal and prove who is the meanest army in the competitive meta. 

Top 5 Aeldari Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

The 9th Edition Codex for Aeldari has been released! Today we’re covering the Top 5 Aeldari Tactics Warhammer 40k. Below you will find a ton of background information, lore, and a huge FAQ to bring you up to speed if you’re rusty on the Aeldari. And of course the

Aeldari Lore Warhammer 40k

This is your complete guide to Aeldari Lore Warhammer 40k! The Eldar, sometimes known as the Aeldari god (the title used before their race fell), are an ancient race of elf-like humanoids. The Aeldari once ruled the galaxy, but the Aeldari are now a dying race. The Aeldari lost
Adeptus Custodes Tactics

Adeptus Custodes Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

This is the guide for Adeptus Custodes Tactics in Warhammer 40k! The brand new codex is out and we’ve taken all of the updated rules, and some of the lore, and broken it all down for you. The Adeptus Custodes are the Emperor’s elite guards and companions. Their long

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