Imperial and Chaos Knights Get a Dataslate Update


Add Imperial and Chaos Knights to the list of armies that have their Objective Secured ability! 

Stomping on objectives!

Gaining the ‘Towering Foe’ special rule: This model counts as 5 models when determining control of an objective marker (if this model is a Titanic model, it instead counts as 10 models when determining control of an objective marker), the larger Knights actually stand a chance at holding an objective after obliterating an enemy unit in close combat or gunning them down before acquiring their newfound prize.

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Additionally, if every model from your army has either the Chaos Knights or Imperial Knights Faction keyword, then all Armiger-class and War Dog models from your army gain the Objective Secured ability! Meaning, they are finally able to contest and steal objectives from your opponent. 

Objective control and managing secondary’s are the key to victory in this edition of Warhammer 40,000 and now the Knights of both flavors have a horse in the race. 


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