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Mana Wars Deck List: Militia Bugler/Trostani Discordant vs. March of the Multitudes/Venerated Loxodon

The Guilds Of Ravnica are at it again this week on Mana Wars, with two brand-new decks going head-to-head in this never-ending quest for control of the fabled city! As always, we’re teaming up with the expert staff at Pat’s Games to give you the latest and greatest decks!

Top 5 White Cards In Guilds Of Ravnica!

With the full Guilds Of Ravnica set finally released onto the world, debates are raging as to which cards will be must-haves in your latest deck! So, as always, we’ve paired with the fantastic staff at Pat’s games to break down every single card in the Guilds of Ravnica

Deck Builder: Selesnya Trostani Discordant

Welcome back to another edition of our sealed Deck Builder series, where some of the expert staff of Pat’s Games take you through building competitive decks in the Sealed format! Today, we have Rocky taking us through the construction of a Selesnya deck (splashing red)! It’s a lethal combination,

Deck Builder: Golgari Assassin's Trophy/Hatchery Spider

With Guilds of Ravnica FINALLY dropping tonight, all of us at Nights At The Game Table are ecstastic to see so many fantastic cards entering the game! As always, we’ve paired up with the knowledgeable staff of Pat’s Games to design Guilds of Ravnica decks that fans everywhere will

Guilds of Ravnica Deck Lists: Monogreen Nullhide Ferox/Steel Leaf Champion vs. Boros Legion Warboss/Goblin Banneret

Things are heating up in the cursed metropolis of Ravnica, and we’ve got an epic battle brewing this week on Nights At The Game Table! Last week, we saw our first glimpse of how the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica set will change the game, with Aren using his Boros

M19 Deck Lists: Esper Scarab God/Vraska's Contempt vs UW Oketra's Monument/Mentor of the Meek

It’s another Magic Monday here at Nights At The Game Table! This week, we’ll be pitting a classic Esper Deck against a heavily M19-influenced WU Monument Deck! To see how these decks stack up, check out the full deck lists below! As always, thank you to the great staff

M19 Deck Lists: R/G Sarkhan's Unsealing/Vine Mare vs. Grixis Nicol Bolas, The Ravager/Sarkhan, Fireblood

It’s another Magic Monday here at the NATGT office, and we’re once-again pairing up with the expert staff at Pat’s Games to bring you some all-new Magic: The Gathering decks upgraded with the latest M19 cards! This week, we’ve got an R/G Deck featuring Sarkhan’s Unsealing and Vine Mare

M19 Deck Lists: History of Benalia vs Goblin Chainwhirler!

Do you believe in magic? If so, you do NOT want to miss all of the action in our newest episode of Magic The Gathering! Just like last week, this will be a best-of-three match, featuring Ryan and Tad facing off once again! When combined with the deck-building expertise

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