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the alliance open warhammer 40k

The Alliance Open Warhammer 40k Winning Lists

The Alliance Open held a Super Major this weekend. In this Open GT 7 rounds of fury there were over 160 Players in the Netherlands. Even with Thousand Sons and Grey Knights joining the Competitive Meta, the usual suspects are at the top. Admech, Drukhari, and perhaps the new
Showdown at Frogtown Winning List

Showdown at Frogtown Winning Lists! [August 2021]

Quite a few people hopped on over to the Showdown at Frogtown in Toledo, Ohio for some competitive Warhammer 40K tournament action as it made ITC Major status. Round 3 of the Admech Nerfs hit Friday meaning they were most likely not in effect for this weekend GT. However,
New Imperial Knights

Engine War: New Imperial Knights

Psychic Awakening Engine War has given us New Imperial Knights warlord traits, stratagems, and Household Traditions. Very similar to their fallen counterparts, from Engine War: Chaos Knights that we covered. Variety is the Spice of life and with the new rules here, you get more of that While you
New Chaos Knights

Engine War: New Chaos Knights

The New Chaos Knights got Household Traditions like their Imperium enemies. Not quite as many as the Imperium have but free rules are free rules. That now has specific House relics, warlord traits, and stratagems to join Codex Chaos Knights. Choose your own adventure with the new section of
Word Bearer Tactics

Word Bearer Tactics: Advancing Play

Making a Possessed Bomb using Word Bearer tactics. The Word Bearers Beginner’s Guide gave a 1000 point list with the aims of following the rule of 2 while keeping in mind budget, theme, diversity, and flexibility. The goal of the 2,000 point list will be to add command points
Competitive 40k and Social Distancing

What Social Distancing means for Competitive 40k

Social Distancing and Competitive 40k are not exclusive. While one can be not so distant in their social distancing and go out and continue to play, others may take a different approach when attempting to avoid Nurgle’s Blessings. Here’s what you can do to keep your hobby up and
Make Necrons Great Again

This guy knows how to Make Necrons Great Again!

Throughout the United States at various tournaments was a player wearing a black hat and bright green lettering: “Make Necrons Great Again”. Antonio Cedeño better known as Deno ended the 2019 ITC season as the number 2 player of Necrons in Competitive 40k in the world. With 4 events
Warhammer 40k Adepticon Tournament Rules 2020

Warhammer 40k Adepticon Tournament Rules 2020

Warhammer 40k Adepticon Tournament Rules! Everything you need to know about each mission of the year’s first Super Major Warhammer 40k Tournament.
New Chaos Daemons

Slaanesh Tournament Winning List at GH 500 – Warhammer 40k

Interview with George Bapkoff and his Warhammer 40k Slaanesh tournament winning list that he used in February 2020 to win the GH 500!

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