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New Imperial Knights

Engine War: New Imperial Knights

Psychic Awakening Engine War has given us New Imperial Knights warlord traits, stratagems, and Household Traditions. Very similar to their fallen counterparts, from Engine War: Chaos Knights that we covered. Variety is the Spice of life and with the new rules here, you get more of that While you
NEw Adeptus Mechanicus

Engine War: The New Adeptus Mechanicus

The new Adeptus Mechanicus, they no longer just march to war, they ride in style. With an expanded range of models, they are ready for war in a new way. In the past, we have discussed the Admech tactics at the Intermediate level. That included units that were released

New Tools of War!

Your toolbox and your mind are both about to be blown with these new tools of war! Ever since the first preview of these new Mechanicus units — meant to come out with the new Psychic Awakening — I’ve been thinking of starting an army. Today we are going
Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics

Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics Intermediate

We learned who the Adeptus Mechanicus are in the Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics Beginner’s Guide, . The first list balanced strong shooting and the defensive buff from Stygies VII. For the next thousand points, we will add key units and not use Forgeworld Models. Psychic Awakening Machine War promises more
NEw Adeptus Mechanicus

Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics: Beginner's Guide

Today’s, article is all about Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics. So, If you’re interested in starting an Adeptus Mechanicus army you will learn everything you need to know below. We will talk a little bit about who they are, their play style, and end with a solid 1,000 pt army list

Episode Preview: Craftworld vs AdMech Batrep

It’s an old favorite vs. a new challenger this week on King Slayer, as Kevin brings his Craftworlds Eldar army to take on the newest member of the Nights team, Dakota and his Adeptus Mechanicus. Dakota’s a stellar player with tons of experience under his bet, but will he

GW Releases New Adeptus Mechanicus Rules…for FREE!

Due to insistent public demand, GW has finally released the rules for the Termite Assault Drill and the Skitarii Titan Guard in Warhammer 40,000.  Thankfully, you don’t have to buy an all-new rulebook to get them either; they’re bring released as a free download. So, we’ve got a rundown

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