Episode Preview: Craftworld vs AdMech Batrep


It’s an old favorite vs. a new challenger this week on King Slayer, as Kevin brings his Craftworlds Eldar army to take on the newest member of the Nights team, Dakota and his Adeptus Mechanicus. Dakota’s a stellar player with tons of experience under his bet, but will he have what it takes to bring down one of NATGT’s most venerable veterans?

Kevin: Craftworld Eldar

Although Kevin is well-known for wreaking havoc with a seemingly-endless horde of Orks, they are by no means the only army at his disposal! In fact, based on the huge amount of variety and firepower in his Craftworld Eldar army tonight, this may very well be his most formidable army yet!
Kevin’s army this week consists of an Alaitoc Battalion and an Alaitoc Spearhead, headed by a Farseer and a Spiritseer acting as his HQs.

These HQs are supplemented by a mighty Warlock acting as Kevin’s Warlord. To make matters worse, the Warlock is also equipped with the Faolchu’s Wing relic, boosting his maneuverability through the power of flight!

In his Battalion, Kev is packing three units of Rangers. And if they’re not able to kill the enemy quite fast enough, he’ll be backing them up with two Fire Prisms and three Dark Reapers! And if that isn’t bad enough, two squads of Swooping Hawks will definitely keep Dakota on his toes!

Dakota: Adeptus Mechanicus

Although he’s a newcomer to the Nights At The Game Table team, Dakota is certainly no stranger to his own share of epic battles! He’s bringing the Cult Of The Machine’s full might to bear on Kevin one day, and he’s certainly a force to be reckoned with!
Dakota’s army (which is playing using the new Vigilus rules) is comprised of a squad of Kataphron destroyers, a pair of Kastellan Robots, a Tech Priest Dominus, a Datasmith, a 5-man ranger team and Belisarius Cawl himself!
If that isn’t enough, Dakota will also be backing all of these units up with two Vanguard squads and an Onager Dunecrawler!

The Match

The name of the game tonight is Drawn and Quartered match, which has the players place a total of 4 objectives that must held in order to gain victory points, with the player who has the most points at the end of turn 5 winning the battle!

Dakota takes the first turn, moving up his Destroyers while sliding his Kastellans into a flanking position. The Tech Priest ducks into position behind the Destroyers, while Cawl dropped left to reinforce Dakota’s formation. Finally, by shuffling his Onager dunecrawler while keeping his Vanguard units in position, Dakota is on track to secure two objectives by the end of the turn.

With all of his units in place, Dakota commands his Destroyers to unload on the Fire Prisms, but fails to secure any substantial damage. However, a Neutron Laser blast from his Dunecrawler slashes through the Fire Prism, leaving it with one wound remaining.
From there, Dakota keeps up the pressure, with a barrage of Heavy Stubber fire drawing first blood by taking down a Ranger. His Kastellan Robots round out the assault, taking down a squad of Swooping Hawks before they can even take to the air!

At the end of his first turn, Dakota has already taken out a full squad of enemies and crippled one of Kevin’s vehicles! Will the Admech be too much to handle, or will Kev have a few tricks up his sleeve that will even the odds?

To find out how this epic battle turns out, watch the episode below!

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