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Gibraltar winning lists April 2022 Warhammer 40K

Gibraltar winning lists: Harlequins continue to laugh at the Competitive meta winning the top spot at all 3 Majors this weekend. Games Workshop has announced a Balance Dataslate to deal with the sheer inequity of this army but as of right now the math is simply in the Embrace
Pilot Harlequin apart of the Eldar

Fantasia Fanatic Winning Lists April 2022 Warhammer 40K

Fantasia Fanatic winning lists look like low scores but this is probably due to differential scoring. Unfortunately, the details of the event are not listed in Best Coast Pairings. Murder Clowns Continued their Murderous Rampage this weekend claiming 1st place in all 3 Majors. Games Workshop has announced a
Tyranid Gorgon Miniature

How to paint Hive Fleet Gorgon

How to paint Tyranids Gorgon was a small Hive Fleet compared to the others, but it had one significant difference that set it apart from all other member Hives in this fleet.  Instead of having justships with various types and classes like most fleets would have at least one
how to paint tyranids hive fleet hydra

How to paint Tyranids: Hive Fleet Hydra

How to paint Tyranids Hive Fleet Hydra, an advancing tendril of the vast Hive Fleet Leviathan that has been campaigns across countless borders and hone in on worlds from its conquered inhabitants is now poised to strike at any location they choose.  While it’s unknown when this new fleet
fools errand winning lists

Fools Errand Winning Lists Warhammer 40k April 2022

This is the Fools Errand Winning Lists! While some may think it’s a Fool’s Errand to try and beat Light Harlequins, others are out and about doing just that. While others are running around with their own clown posse. Especially in the case of the Dark Harlequin players at
Leagues of Votann

Squats in Warhammer 40k: The Long and Oft Forgot History

Since the seemingly mysterious announcement on April 1st of Squats that we all definitely secretly hoped was real, but didn’t hold our breath due to the date… we’ve been waiting for more information. Today, Games Workshop has given us a taste of even more by giving the practical history
squats warhammer 40k lore

Squats Warhammer 40K Lore

This is the complete guide to Squats Warhammer 40k Lore. Today’s announcement by Games Workshop may be just an April Fool’s Joke, but this lore is real. The Squat models were a subspecies of humanity that could be found throughout recorded human history. They had short, stocky builds and
chaos knight lore warhammer 40k 2

Chaos Knights Warhammer 40K Lore: Notable Moments

The most notable and sometimes horrifying Chaos Knights Warhammer 40k Notable Moments are contained here within. The ancient Chaos Knights bloodline is said to have been rooted in the noble houses long before humanity went up into heaven. Many are descended from brave and legendary warriors who committed acts

Is this Squats Return? Or is it…

Just April Fools? You be the judge. We’ve been waiting ages for the return of Squats. Could this be an actual announcement? It is April 1st after all! Tell us in the comments how badly you want this to NOT be a joke…
warhammer 40k chaos knights

Chaos Knights 40k | Warhammer Lore

The towering Chaos Knights, or Renegade Knights, are a terrifying sight to behold. They tower over all others, weaponizing limbs and carapace alike with vast amounts of fire power that would quiver any lesser creature into submission or else incinerate them where they stand if it wasn’t for the

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