Squats in Warhammer 40k: The Long and Oft Forgot History

Leagues of Votann

Since the seemingly mysterious announcement on April 1st of Squats that we all definitely secretly hoped was real, but didn’t hold our breath due to the date… we’ve been waiting for more information.

Today, Games Workshop has given us a taste of even more by giving the practical history of the Squats.

In their post “The Saga of Squats” they detail the very real history of the Space Dwarfs. Originally, Dwarfs wielding lasguns with tons of heavy weapons they’ve clearly evolved over time.

40k VotannAges Apr5 Image1

With many traditional dwarf tropes in place they quickly won hearts and minds with the player base.

I mean who can resist the tricycle motorbike riding badasses?

40k VotannAges Apr5 Image3
40k VotannAges Apr5 Image4

Head on over to the Games Workshop for the full write up of the Squats.

The release of Leagues of Votann won’t techincally be a new faction, but it’s going to seemingly mix up the game with some new dynamics and expand the game in interesting ways.

We’re pumped about what’s coming next with Squats.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming release?


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