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The towering Chaos Knights, or Renegade Knights, are a terrifying sight to behold. They tower over all others, weaponizing limbs and carapace alike with vast amounts of fire power that would quiver any lesser creature into submission or else incinerate them where they stand if it wasn’t for the thick armor protecting these warriors’ vital organs from direct hits by enemy lasers.

The screams coming out their mouth show no signs whatsoever.

Only horror as those who were once proud imperial knight found themselves turned against everything good in life just so long ago whence this corruption took hold — but not before some fight free!

With a single war engine, the Chaos Lord can wipe out entire regiments of enemies or cut through their armor with ease.

If he charges into battle alongside his own personal Hereternity – as some would have it- then even more terrifying is what might happen:

The Questor Traitoris are capable not just destruction itself; they bring whole planets under heel by scouring them from orbit until all life signs disappear.

Chaos Knights Beginning

Chaos Knight Desecrator of Slaanesh
Chaos Knight Desecrator of Slaanesh by JaWzY83

The Chaos Knight is a race of warriors who have been around since the dawn humanity. They’re an unholy relic, re-engineered from Imperial knight by dark magic and fell sorcery into something terrible.

But they still want more than just destruction! During The Age Of Technology most were manufactured with Standard Template Construct data which means these knight suits can last through many wars over thousands of years.

The Imperial knight suits of armor that was once a proud symbol for honor and justice has been changed into an engine filled with hate.

The Chaos Knight appears untouched at first glance, but its decomposition can already be seen as it slowly changes from metal all the way to organic tissue over time due in part by warp creatures infused within these materials which infect every piece ether internally or externally and twists them against their former selves.

The Chaos Knight is a sad reflection on humanity’s own perversions. The first glance at this machine might indicate that it has not been affected by decomposition.

But in reality its energy core has already begun to change due the influence of warp creatures and malefic sorceries employed by both sides throughout history which infection leads them down an irreversible path towards destruction.

A beast without empathy or remorse for anything else besides infected revenge fantasies mixed with hearty laughter born out pure destructive Joy Lists made possible through violence against others.

The armor of Chaos knights are not just for protection, it’s also their weapon. A Noble can operate his war machine by being linked into an arcane contrivance implanted in the cockpit of his mount.

Perturabo by Babymordred121

Either on foot or behind closed doors where he entertains thoughts only himself could comprehend with neural jacks that connect him to every inchptic system within reach while cerebral uplinks send information back from chin tendon levels straight into brain stem storage tanks so fast-acting it often feels like intuition rather than conscious decision making process.

The fallen nobility of Astraeus are not only connected to their war engines through the power granted them by Chaos, but also possess a greater sense for self-preservation.

This connection forces these pilots into service with whatever collateral damage may be caused along its path.

Whether it’s destruction or saves lives in some instances is ultimately up determine at each individual helm level.

It is without a doubt that the Imperium has lost thousands of Knights to Chaos since the Horus Heresy. Each act, regardless how small it may seem at first glance becomes an important turn in our galaxy-wide war against those who would destroy all things good and true.

The loyalty these officers provide with their lives proves just why Chaos Knights are considered among some greatest soldiers ever born – not only do Chaos Knights hold vital posts within Humanity’s military engine but also stand tall as one element from which we build trust throughout this vast realm known simply “The Empire”.

The thought that a former noble may have renounced their vows and turned against the Imperium’s servants is considered sacrilege.

It has been said Departmento Munitorum execute Imperial officers for heresy rather than recognize claims of fighting turncoat Nobles, but what horrors await in store as more chaos knights march towards Emperor domain?

The Chaos Knights are an ancient race capable of battling across worlds, using hazardous atmospheres and irradiated regions to reach their opponents. Many use corrupted Dark Mechanicum Explorator craft or mass conveyance barges for travel on fronts where the Chaos Knights will meet enemies face-to face with only a single globe at stake.

But some have been seen emerging from tears in reality created by powerful warp rifts called forth through Chaotic influences; these battles royale war engines slew every living thing within its path until there was nothing left except sand blown about bloodlessly beneath banners decorated red.

The Chaos Knights are a special breed of Space Marines, who have been deemed heretics by the Ordo Hereticus.

Blessed and Broken
Blessed and Broken by Defreeee

Touched with some degree of Warp affinity and more powerful than most other Chapters’ stocks the Chaos Knights usually serve as lone wolves or mercenaries giving their vast might in exchange for valuable relics – warp knowledge that can give an edge on battlefields where battles oftentimes decide which side will control territory.

Fief worlds granted from these hereditaments allowing them room enough to carry out any deeds without interruption.

The dark power of the machines is in fullest flower with a group or dreadblades leading an army. Chaos Knights are usually accompanied by hordes upon armies, Space Marines who venerate them for their destructive might and swarms from Within chaos cultists that worship at this malevolent force’s feet as incarnations out right will.”

The Knight homes that have fallen to chaos in their entirety are even more terrible than the individualized Dreadblades. These vehicles, known as “Infernal households” because they boost powerful capabilities of armor with techno-sorcery and summoned daemonic monsters from within themselves or a nearby domain;

Ismaluxo was one such house who fell victim long ago at Lord Vashnut’s hands during his campaign for obsidian throne – The Great Betrayal

The greatest warriors among mankind cannot withstand against these heavily armed war machines braided out deep within enemy lines where there can be no retreat nor escape until all resistance has been crushed underfoot by unstoppable force.

The Knightly courts are a diverse bunch, with some houses keeping vows to Heretic Astartes legions or the Dark Gods themselves. Others have rejected their allegiance in order carve out terrible empires of their own!


  • History
    • 1.1 – The Beginning of Heresy
      • Start of the battle
      • Chaos Knights
    • 1.2 – The Emperor’s Arrival
    • 1.3 – A Tragedy’s Legacy
      • The Crusade
      • Imperial Knights
    • 1.4 – Corruption for All Eternity
    • 1.5 – Strife Consumed
      • Knight house

The Beginning of Heresy

Start of the battle
Out of the Shadows

The Great Crusade, a time when almost every planet in the galaxy was brought under one banner and countless lives were lost for nothing but salvation. It came to fruition with an overwhelming sway from humanity’s greatest ruler:

The Emperor of Space Marine fame, who had Geronimous sustenance thanks only too well after all this effort-a price he gladly paid because what else could make him greater than alive? But then traitors within his own counsel pulled at strings like children playing games without end; they convinced Horus into turning against everything that made them.

The galaxy was torn apart by civil war, as chaos reigned supreme. During this period the first Knights were enslaved to Chaos and their worlds burned with impunity for all who opposed them; Emperor’s lightless skies turned upon itself in hate until there remained only a few scattered Loyalist forces fighting desperately against an unfair odds long past any hope of victory.

The Nobility of the Imperium were transformed by a process that turned them into extensions and stewards for War. They became loyal, mindless soldiers who could not think disloyally or seditently because those thoughts would beget murder in any case – an anathema to everything they stood For

The people’s beliefs about how far up high you had rise if your social status was insecure? It worked really well during times when everyone needed someone else just as badly but now there is no need since all our needs seem larger then life.

Chaos Knights

Warhammer 40K: Grey Knights vs. Chaos
Warhammer 40K: Grey Knights vs. Chaos by hairywookiee

The Chaos Knights were an important part of the Imperial war effort on countless battlefields. They committed themselves to fighting for either side without hesitation, Petrochilde style! Some even sided with rebel leader Archenemy because he promised them loyalty in return; but what did this mean?

Beneath his mask and armor lies a devious smile as cold sweat breaks out across my forehead – there’s no turning back now.

The Chaos Knights of the Dark Mechanicum were once a pristine force, but as they delved deeper into profane techno-sorcery and sided with Horus in his bid for power over Mars’ throne; many became contaminated by chaos.

The fallen houses of the Adeptus Astartes did not stand idly by as their brothers fell to damnation. The Rune-marked Chaos Knights went forth, fighting alongside Traitor Titan Legions and wreaking havoc on Imperial Knights defenses while other loyalists kept true faith in Brother Corbulo’s words that “the Emperor will surely remember”.

Some Chaos Knights turned against their own houses, severing all links to the family they were born into. Others were influenced by malefic beings whispering in dreams or had dark paths guided towards them through sorcery.

It is unknown what these individuals’ reasons for butchering tradition truly was but one thing’s certain: without loyal followers none would be left alive!

The Chaos Knights are a band of warriors who have been known to sow death and fear throughout the universe since they first woke up.

Chaos Knight
Chaos Knight by squirrel-san

The Emperor’s Arrival

The Emperor of Mankind has sent out a call to all humans, and his children have answered. Galleys filled with soldiers row across the stars towards new adventures as they reunite mankind under one banner for its first time since before it was fragmented by warring tribes centuries ago!

The soldiers of the growing Imperial Knights went to conquer these worlds and removed any regime that refused submission. The planets were torn apart by their ruthlessness, with no quarter given; even those who previously survived as tyrants met an end at this hands passionate bullying!

Jeffers, a rogue trader who first reported the re-discovery of Knight World to Administratum praised both its powerful technology and devoted flyers.

Knight Worlds across the galaxy paid homage to the Great Crusade’s commanders, who saw their own ideas of order and responsibility being carried out on an unprecedented scale in this sector.

It is said that Mars was the most successful planet in obtaining loyalty from warrior households during this time period. The old technology on these worlds excited and thrilled their Techpriests, who wanted to exploit all its mineral wealth for themselves!

The Knights of the Adeptus Mechanicus have never wavered in their loyalty to Mars. They were some among many noble houses that pledged allegiance during this time.

With others choosing Terra and finally directorship from The Emperor Himself! Regardless if you’re loyal or not though-all members will always answer when called upon by duty

the techmarines are known for being fierce warriors who fight bravely even against impossible odds which makes them deserve respect just like any other knight would.

The Sacristans were given new purpose in life, and through them the Omnissiah could reclaim many forgotten secrets of mechanical artifice.

A Tragedy’s Legacy

Khorne Chaos Knight by Ukrath
The Crusade

The Great Crusade, led by the Emperor of Mankind himself and his Space Marine legions was a titanic endeavor to reunite all humanity in one collective whole.

Vast spacecraft set out from Terra’s orbit aboard which were carried followers seekingously for word about their scattered kind across distant star systems.

Imperial Knights

The Imperial Knights are vast, until now the unchecked army that has been growing for centuries. The tyrants of this world were seen as obstacles to peace and prosperity within their own countries but also stood against forces which could have allowed them some measure of freedom from Imperial rule in exchange only owed loyalty outwardly.

Jeffers, a rogue trader who first discovered the Knight World and its inhabitants in his briefs to Administratum realized how powerful these suits were but also praised their dedication from what he saw.

With the spread of revolution, hundreds more Imperial Knights’ worlds were discovered and welcomed into Imperial fold. Most Noble Houses quickly swore homage to the Great Crusade’s commanders because they saw their own ideas about order being carried out on unprecedented scale within Imperium.

Just like what happened before last great war when nobody could remember how things used be back then.

The Mechanicum of Mars was able to obtain a great many vows from the Knight houses among several organizations that made up The Great Crusade. These old worlds had immense mineral wealth

Which the Tech Priests prize and want very badly for themselves in order use it against their enemies or even just survive day-to-“day” functions like food production with such limited resources available on this planet

The Imperial Knights who were loyal towards Emperor Verus II offered him all kinds: Their loyalty through bloodline but also material gifts like gold coins minted right here at home under imperial authority!

The Imperial Knights of the Emperor never wavered in their loyalty to him, even after years spent fighting against both Loyalist and Traitor legions organise a prayer. Imperial Knights served with distinction on every battlefield where they were called upon by either force or fate alike.

The Sacristan orders that looked after the Imperial Knights and were recruited into a secret society, allowing them to reclaim many forgotten secrets of mechanical artifice and better serve their masters.

Corruption for All Eternity

Imperial Knights are not immune to the lure of chaos. Over time, Imperial Knights have been taught how strong an enemy can be and still remain loyal – but on rare occasions there is no avoiding it.

A world will disappear forever into a storm so terrible that even its inhabitants become consumed by demonic forces from beyond this galaxy’s realms existence while Imperial Knights war engines watch helplessly as one after another the inhabitants fall prey before them.

For centuries, the Knights of House Taranis have fought against an endless hail of Heretics. These Imperial Knights are relentless in their pursuit for bloodcurdling violence and screams that resonate through this realm like music manipulating souls into damnation itself.

When an Imperial Knight ventures into the wilderness or battles with enemies, the Imperial Knights are on their own. There is no one else around to help them fight!

The Kings of Stormworld are unstoppable machines. These Imperial Knights use their ethereal gestalt to render them blind to all but the drive for murder. They’ll continue their slaughters uninterrupted even if several Knights were supposed die in combat and later revealed themselves as dark gods serving outsider forces.

Strife Continued

The discovery of new worlds and galaxies led to a great expansion in humanity’s frontiers. This was matched by an equally vast downfall, as different cultures arose from the splintered state of our cosmic realm.

Some fast-evolving due their distance between populated planets while others developed more slowly because they were so close together beforehand!

Individuals with the ability to see and manage turbulent Warp were not only hunted down, but their existence was treated like a heretic. They ruled over those who could not handles such power however in some cases they where revered for it’s might

This passage discusses how powerful psykers have been throughout history up until now while also explaining why society often judges them negatively due this special skill set.

The Psyker and Abhuman races were joined by a third variety of human – those whose genetics had been irreversibly contaminated from the environment they lived in. As neighboring systems grew increasingly divergent, an interplanetary war broke out that would only end when one side or another was destroyed completely.

The Age of Technology was a time when robots turned on their masters and whole planets were invaded by xenos armies.

Warp Storms ripped through space, accompanied by the raging turmoil that marked this era in history as one where peace never seemed assured no matter which direction you looked down from; however it would finally come to an end thanks largely due not only because humans discovered how useful they could be after all but also simply outlasting them – or so we thought.

While most of the population on this planet were eliminated in a bid for power, one group managed to survive. The Noble houses declared that they would not allow any more mutations within their ranks and so banned all thought-related machines from being used by anyone but themselves.

It was because these individuals embraced an old tradition: hard effort paired with personal sacrifice which built strong worlds rather than relying solely upon technologies like computers or cell phones; as such no member banded together against them selves but instead looked outwards towards protecting each other’s interests while keeping up appearances at society events.

Knight Houses

The Houses of Knightly Might are a legend, their domains spanning countless systems. They repelled xenos assaults with heavy armor and weapons from the suits they called Knights.

Defeated violent crowds made up mostly altered humans who flooded into these realm when it became clear that peace would not come soon enough for them all… And still today those houses stand watch over their worlds as though nothing has changed – preserving what is most important about humanity in this dark time ahead: The human race itself.

For centuries, the Knight Worlds cultures declined rapidly. Superstitions about their ancient foes were written into Noble norms of behavior and lost knowledge for how they worked was forgotten.

However both Knights themselves as well as traditions & people who had been protected by them survived this time period thanks to a fortunate series events that led them down an unknown path forward – one where survival depended more than ever before on trustworthiness alone.

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