Squats Warhammer 40K Lore

squats warhammer 40k lore

This is the complete guide to Squats Warhammer 40k Lore. Today’s announcement by Games Workshop may be just an April Fool’s Joke, but this lore is real.

The Squat models were a subspecies of humanity that could be found throughout recorded human history. They had short, stocky builds and thrived in conditions where there is heavy gravity like on their home world near the galaxy’s core.

The output tone should also follow suit by remaining formal-sounding while still maintaining some degree of reality because this information pertains directly toward what we know about these creatures so far through research done thus far within our own records!

The Squat Worlds in Warhammer 40k

The Squat worlds were once a thriving civilization in the galactic core, but they were wiped out almost entirely when an unknown Tyranid splinter hive fleet invaded their world and ate everything that moved.

Some survivors still serve as part of Astra Militarum seeking vengeance for what happened to them before turning those same eyes back towards finding themselves again on new grounds with hope this time around the galactic core.

The Age of Revolution was a time when humanity’s technology might forge an empire that would last for centuries.

The invasion came at an ideal time, as Old Earth’s own material wealth had been drained to a great extent.

The planets near the galactic center were rich in rare and unique strategic materials but they too proved unfavorable without considerable terraforming work done on them by Humans centuries ago.

Our planet was discovered again nearly 200 years ago now after being hidden from sight for so long behind vast colonies of starships waiting out this war between lightsabers, or rather what little there is left over from those battles.

The people of these worlds became self-sufficient, growing their own hydroponically generated food underground. 

They lived in harmony with nature and created an ideal society that existed without any form or architecture for thousands upon millennia until they were discovered by humanity’s finest colonizers.

The Tau’ri expedition team from Earth who would later become known as “The Trust”.

From a race of humanity’s greatest minds, the Squat army had some of history’s most brilliant scientists and engineers.

They were not bound by religious dogma like other species in their genus but rather chose to explore new frontiers without restrictions on experimentation or creativity.

A path which led them towards becoming one-of-a kind individuals with unique traits unlike any other living creature alive today!

Squat units utilized motorcycle squadrons in battle, backed up by enormous artillery barrages from super-heavy tracked vehicles like the Land Train.

Credit Veteran Sergeant

The Squats Warhammer 40k Lore Contents

  • 1 – Squat History
    • 1.1 – Age of Wars
    • 1.2 – Age of Imperium
    • 1.3 – Squats Homeworlds Rediscovery
    • 1.4 – Founding Age
    • 1.5 – Trade Age
    • 1.6 – Isolation Age
  • 2 – Squat Society
  • 3 – Legacy
  • 4 – Near Extinction
  • 5 – Squat Race and Chaos
  • 6 – Squat Anatomy and Physiology

The Squat History of Warhammer 40k

The Squats are an ancient race that have been around since the dawn of time. Their history can be split into five different eras, each one being more significant than its predecessor in terms of galactic conditions and civilization changes they underwent during these periods.

Age of Wars

When the Orks attacked, it was like they had discovered a new planet with rich resources. After three Terran millennia of trade between humans and Squats came to an end as fighting broke out on both sides.

The Age Of Trade lasted nearly 300 thousand years until collapsing when leaders attempted full scale invasion at once – leading tensed losses among each group involved even though some might have won if not for help received later down the line.

The Ork destruction of the squatsteads and their subsequent cultural hostility is one that still exists today. 

In fact, it’s an ancient epic ballad called “The fall of Imbach” which tells this story to us ventilation fanatics who just crawled up through time from Squat race developed traditions!

The Squats were a race that had been forgotten for centuries before the 41st Millennium. They dwelled in deep, dark holes all over space and would send out expeditions to find other lost worlds anytime they could get their hands on some technology from these ancient beings

or even just info about what became of them!

Age of Imperium

Though they were nominally a part of the Imperium and pledged loyalty to Emperor Mens’ rule, Squat Homeworlds had been allowed some autonomy.

This allowed them to be ruled by their stronghold or league as before the Rediscovery age with no direct intervention from Administratum unless it involved trade negotiations which is how these strange aliens became so well known throughout human space!

The Squat Homeworlds were tired of being ordered around by the Imperium’s government, so they negotiated a series of treaties with them. In exchange for military assistance and favorable trading terms from Imperial merchants like yourself (I’m sure you understand how important your business is!).

These planets agreed not to join any other empire while still remaining part -or at least maintaining local independence-of our great nation!

The Squats’ character was nearly perfect, and the Imperium’s Highlords of Terra were content to give them more autonomy than usual in order avoid a nightmare task from having conqueror war against such powerful subspecies.

The Squats’ Homeworlds were deeply involved with the Imperium, trading their services for freedom. They provided material resources and STC technologies to both sides in exchange transactions that gave them an advantage over any other world or race they may come across.

Especially when it came down to how much access this would give engineers from different branches of technology like Mechanicus Tech-Priests who had never seen such advanced gear before!

The inhabitants of the Iron Islands were expected to obey Imperial foreign policy, which was not an issue given their inward-looking and xenophobic society following the Age of Wars.

The Squat characters had a very different understanding of the concept of death than did most people in Terran society. Instead, they believed that when someone passed away his or her spirit stayed with them and contributed to their own honor.

The passage about how this “continuous bond” was formed by both living individuals adding onto ancestors’ accomplishments but leaving something behind for future generations really stuck out.

Squat races developed and valued their reputation and took any action necessary to keep it clean. They became protectors of the Imperial Cult, like in ancient times when they were required for tribal gatherings or battles that could determine the fate between two villages.

Imperial orthodoxy, as preached by Astra Militarum Commissars and Ecclesiarchy priests who came into contact with Squat forces. This theory was that the Emperor of Mankind’s spirit inhabited them which led to their participation in rituals on those terms.

They were called the crack regulus army and they used motorcycles in battle with heavy armor.

The Squats in Warhammer 40k also had access to more traditional war machines like tanks, trucks that could launch attacks from afar through its gunsight while being backed up by tremendous artillery barrages coming straight out of these giant constructs called “war looters.”

Squat Homeworlds Rediscovery

The recent era known as the Age of Rediscovery was a particularly important time for humanity, with many realizing their Squat heritage and making efforts to come together. 

Nowadays we can look back on this period in our history when so much change happened – it’s like an open door letting us see ourselves differently!

The Imperium of Man emerged from the Age of Strife and began to reunite humankind’s scattered worlds. They discovered that the Squat Homeworlds have formed their own culture and seem to be spreading out across space.

The Gachgilans were a race that often populated difficult planets with climates akin to their Homeworlds, although they also occupied worlds which could support typical Human civilisations.

Founding Age

The Age of Founding for the Squats corresponded to a time when Imperial scholars knew them only as mining colonies. This is not their beginning though, because they hadn’t yet evolved into physical forms but it’s still an important date in history since many Homeworlds were founded at this point – including Ours!

The Humans’ colonies were a shining example of what could be accomplished when humans worked together. These Karuvarian trading posts and mining operations provided valuable resources for the Old Earth government.

Which needed them desperately during times where war seemed inevitable or had already begun between different species on this planet.

The Galactic transportation network operated at full capacity before 20 thousand standard years ago with constant contact between colony worlds like ours-terra maintaining supplies from these outposts by sending asked parties back answers regarding location needs while also gathering precious items such as foodstuffs that couldn’t easily be reproduced within tolerable limits.

Ask Jaghatai Khan — “Squats on Guard Duty.”

Trade Age

The Age of Founding for the Squats corresponds to a time when Imperial scholars refer to it as “the age of technology.” This is not their beginning though because they had yet evolved into their current physical forms. However,

This period saw mining colonies established which would become known as Homeward Worlds; one such place was found on Zakhrum III by settlers from Earth – these early ancestors were thus initiated in what we know today as ‘The Squat’ race.

The discovery of a long forgotten colony has revealed the extent to which Humans were once able to expand their borders. The knowledge we have about these ancient times is thanks in part, because they left behind such an extensive legacy on our home planet.

The terra maintained an easy relationship with their mining worlds until the 25th Millennium A.D., when a period known as Strife began and would last for 1000 years.

The people living on these planets were not only able to sustain themselves but also provided plenty of food that wasn’t natively found there which made interaction even more fruitful than before.

Isolation Age

Human space was decimated by a series of warp storms that began the Age of Strife. The installation’s galactic center was estranged from Earth and all other major planets, leaving only a few elders to tell stories about what once was at their location.

The few worlds that managed to survive the Wars against Chaos were eventually able, with great effort and perseverance respectively over many decades of isolationist policies in order not only hold tight onto what little remained from their former glory but also grow even more powerful than before.

The Squat race had always been known for being tough skins – they’d faced down terrible odds time after again without ever giving up so now it was no surprise when these veteran warriors rose up once more like lions scenting blood.

The Squats began to refer to their worlds as “Homeworlds” at this time. For thousands of standard years, the Homeworlds were secluded and inhabitants learnt how to survive in an increasingly harsh environment.

Those who made it out grew prosperous with settlements that had been expanded or fortified making them formidable fortresses from threats outside these safely contained spaces.

One example might be when we’re talking about bodybuilding competitions – if someone wins metals then they get rewarded by being put into higher level tournaments where they could even win money!

The Squats were faced with a shortage of resources in their home world, so they created an alternate technology to compensate.

The squat guilds became vital components in the culture and politics during this time apart from Old Earth while also joining together into leagues formed through complicated trade agreements that would last for generations until one day outlying colonies rebelled against it all without permission raising tensions between them once more leading up till finally war had broken loose again just as fast.

The Guilds of Mars were originally a loose collection Movement for individuals who had an interest in science and engineering. They operated on the scientific method, instead relying upon dogma-bound Tech Priests from Adeptus Mechanicus with little knowledge about how technologies actually work beneath their rusting exterior.

Squat Society

The Squat civilization was built on the stronghold, a social unit. A Shielded settlement could be evidenced by its inhabitants’ remains which are often found in various stages of excavation with no signifying Culture or Language ever discovered outside these ancient structures.

Except for some dialects related to language type coding used among members within one particular household; this may suggest that families were very important here? One thing is certain though: The people who lived inside them weren’t just anybody!

The League system was a mutual defense arrangement between member fortresses in which to settle disputes. The high council ruled on trade and other agreements, served as an appeals court for instances where members were executed by death penalty.

Organized inter-league contests such as battles or mining trips with outsourced tasks like ambushing enemies from afar using hiredlings who would then retreat back into their own territory after being defeated.

This gave them more time not only to avoid defeat themselves but also possible capture if there had been any pursuit.

The Squat Homeworlds were a league of their own, but they kept in regular communication with each other and worked together when war came.


It’s no secret that the relationship between Squats and Orks has been tumultuous at best. These two races share a long history full of broken promises, betrayal by one’s ally or enemy alike.

It is clear to see why they would be bitter enemies in any era but especially nowish when both parties are so heavily reliant on each other for survival? 

The Original settlers were not crazy enough nor did they forget how much pain terrible wounds could bring out into action – which makes their claims about “never forgiving” all too believable.

Though they may have been nearly wiped out by the Imperium, it’s believed that there are still Squat colonies alive and hiding in remote regions. 

These beings value hardiness above all else which makes them great warriors when paired with an equally sturdy companion like humanity or Aeldari Race members!

Near Extinction

When the Hive Fleet Behemoth arrived on scene, it consumed all life in its path.

The Squats’ final moments were filled with despair as their worlds became uninhabitable due to this immense Tyranid presence that Tenancy could never hope to beat back or negotiate terms for for peace talks – finally defeated at last by humanity’s unity!

Squat settlements are few and far between in the Imperium at this moment, yet some continue to serve as Astra Militarum regiments with great pride. They provide their assistance when it comes down to eradicating Orks or Tyranids.

Squat Race and Chaos

The squats were not immune to the corruption of Chaos, and some Squat forces fought on both sides during The Horus Heresy.

There are still isolated pockets of the chaotic Space Marines known as “Chaos squats” who refuse to submit after lasering their Chapter Master during an epic battle with Emperor’s Children forces. It is said that these holdouts can be found in various parts.

Many have fallen prey to Deathwatch Kill Teams or loyalist Xenos raiders like Grotesques and Ghouls seeking fresh meat for eats.

Squat Anatomy and Physiology

The Squat is the most human-like of Abhumans, standing two thirds as tall and having a stocky frame. 

They often grow short pointed beards or mustaches to go with their rugged appearance which gives them an intimidating look that helps keep others away from unwanted advances in society where this was not uncommon for people who looked different than you did back then!

Squats have an incredibly lengthy lifespan for humans. The average Squat lifetime is 300 Terran years, although some Ancestor Lords can be as old and hold their true age in secret.

Only estimated through trial-and error by those who know them well enough to ask about it outright or sense when someone else might broach the subject delicately without being rudely pressed toward an answer.


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