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New Imperial Knights

Engine War: New Imperial Knights

Psychic Awakening Engine War has given us New Imperial Knights warlord traits, stratagems, and Household Traditions. Very similar to their fallen counterparts, from Engine War: Chaos Knights that we covered. Variety is the Spice of life and with the new rules here, you get more of that While you

Surprise Grey Knight GT win at the Barrie Bash – March 2020

Matching Grey Knights Lists pulled a surprise win after loosing in earlier rounds at the Barrie Bash.

Warhammer Tactics: Operation Knightfall

Welcome to Warhammer Tactics! Today, we’re going to break down all of your options when facing off against an Imperial Knight. That way, when somebody shows up with their fancy new Castellan at your local store, you’ll be equipped to take it down. I’ll be breaking down some universal

Sir Hekhtur Has Joined The Battle!

  It’s a good day to be an Imperial Knight!  The legendary freeblade and chainbreaker himself will be joining the fray – the Imperial Hero Sir Hektur! Following the latest buzz on the Regimental Standard’s featured hero, new details have surfaced about his rules on the table top. If

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