Sir Hekhtur Has Joined The Battle!


It’s a good day to be an Imperial Knight!  The legendary freeblade and chainbreaker himself will be joining the fray – the Imperial Hero Sir Hektur! Following the latest buzz on the Regimental Standard’s featured hero, new details have surfaced about his rules on the table top.
If these rumors pan out to be true, Sir Hekhtur is likely to be one tough character to beat, just like the rest of the Imperial Knights. Here’s a summary of what we could expect from this ultra-experienced warrior.

Imperial Hero Sir Hektur’s stats:

  1. Sir Hekhtur and his Knight Canis Rex will cost 50 more points than Guilliman, however it’s unclear if this includes weapons. It does hint that it’s applicable “to field” and those points are in line with the previous rumor that the Knights will be stomping in at around the 400 to 500 point range.
  2. New “Preceptor” Class Knight –  4 Attacks in Close-Combat.
  3. WS/BS 2+
  4. New Pulse Laser – 36″/2D6 shots/S6/ AP -2 / D3 Damage OR18″/ D6 shots / S12 / AP -4/ D6 Damage
  5. Hand of Liberty Melee Weapon – this seems like another version of the Thunderstrike Gauntlet. It has the same ‘Throw Attack’ if it kills a vehicle or monster. S16 / AP -4 / 2D6 Damage.
  6. Sir Hekhtur can survive and will be placed on the board if Canis Rex is destroyed. He also comes eqipped with a Veteran Guardsmen statline and an Archeotech Pistol – S5/ AP -2/ 2 Damage.
  7. Freeblade Table Rules Apply

There were also new images that emerged online, confirming the arrival of Sir Hekhtur.  Perhaps even better, he’s getting his own custom Knight with a wicked paint job!

So if you’re looking for a way to make your Knight squadron even more formidable, it won’t be long before you can add one of the most feared Knight pilots in history to your army.

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