Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition


This article is packed full of Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition for Warhammer 40k. The noble Sons of Sanguinius arise to the challenge no matter the odds. These rules showcase how the Blood Angels are depicted in the lore and completely translated to the tabletop. Let’s dive right in and see what Sanguinius’ sons have to offer in this complete guide to Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition for Warhammer 40k.

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition: Matched Play Rules for Warhammer 40k

Chapter Approved Rules

Secondaries are a key part of competitive play. Several games are won or lost on how effectively you can rack up secondaries. At the end of this article are my top 3 picks for secondaries to use with the Blood Angels. If you’re after Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition then you’ll want to check that part out.

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition Part 1: Purge the Enemy

Blade of Sanguinius

Be smart when using this, make sure you’ve looked over your opponents list and taken on high performing HQ’s. Take a new Death Company Captain as a prime example. They are durable enough to last the course of the battle in order to get there. With their new Death Vision bonuses and other stratagems to back this unit up, any foe will meet their demise. Then you will surely capitalize and earn those precious victory points. 

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition Part 2: No Mercy, No Respite

Fury of the Lost

If you are thematically building a Death Company army then this is most definitely for you! The ability to simply play the game and destroy units at will is what the Death Company does best. A great way of capitalizing on a secondary such as this is by including units such as Death Company Intercessors, Death Company Dreadnoughts, and definitely characters such as Lemartes or Tycho the Lost. When looking to really excel at a secondary such as this one, focus on approaching the opponent in waves. This ensures a consistent scoring ability while deterring your opponent from committing their entire force into one of your small units. 

Death from Above

This is a difficult secondary to achieve. It requires a lot of resources to be spent and displays your strategy. As the sons of Sanguinius, all of our units do exceptionally well at destroying enemy units. Especially under these secondary objectives criteria. With this secondary, the best option to go with is a small unit of troops with jump packs. I’d have 3 squads of Death Company Marines going in. Going wave after wave, taking enemies out piece by piece is a really strong way to play to this objective. You might wonder how to do so consistently with units in deep strike that need to arrive by turn 3. Well, there is an answer to that. Upon Wings of Fire (Stratagem) allows you to be placed into reserves and can be utilized for a secondary just like this one. 

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition Part 3: Battlefield Supremacy

Relentless Assault

This secondary is an interesting option, and more achievable than one might think at first glance. Come out of reserve and use excellent stratagems such as Forlorn Fury. Do this and you can definitely create problems for your opponent. Units such as Death Company, Assault Marines and any Phobos unit for that matter (Guerilla Tactics stratagem from Codex: Space Marines) are essential.

Detachment Abilities

Savage Echoes

The Blood Angels remain one of the most lethal Chapters in hand to hand combat. Plus they retained their Chapter Tactic from Codex: Space Marines. A good example is a unit of Vanguard Veterans. They can instantly strike their mark with incredible power, hindering most units’ abilities to strike back effectively that is if they have not already been destroyed. 

The Lost

A new concept for the Blood Angels is their ability to upgrade (if you can call it that) a Captain or Lieutenant to join the ranks of the Death Company. This is thematic and a really cool idea inspired by lore and even earlier edition rules. With incredible new abilities such as Death Visions, we all know why it can be a pretty cool idea to include such a character in your army. This character performs like a missile. He’s not that stationary buffing character that we’re all familiar with. However, the Death Company does benefit from characters who have also fallen to the rage. Therefore it’s important to have these units near one another to protect each other at all costs. 

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition: Stratagems

Battle Tactic

Descent of Angels

This stratagem has a more niche role it fulfills when it is required. Sometimes the name of the game is efficiency. Assist units such as Assault Marines to get into the action quickly. This is also great for Inceptors to hit even harder

Vengeance for Sanguinius

The Black Legion will rue the day they crossed the line so many years ago with this stratagem. Just about any unit in power armour becomes an absolute murder machine with insane efficiency. This works better against specific traitor marines than against any other faction in the Warhammer 40k universe. This is really effective with Bladeguard Veterans. Apply it with them and get to slicing through traitor legions!

Refusal to Die

This truly embodies the epitome of how a Death Company unit should feel on the tabletop. A unit of Death Company, now 2 wounds per model, are tougher than your opponent could have imagined. This heavily increases their durability. Especially when a unit of 5 Death Company Intercessors is able to use Transhuman and this simultaneously. A tactic like this is totally worth the command point cost. 

Aggressive Onslaught

The Flesh Tearers have been given a few specific Stratagems in this new supplement. A unit of fast-moving Vanguard Veterans is looking pretty good in close combat. Using a stratagem such as this has so many different purposes! Use it to help get them into cover. You can also get them onto an objective to contest it or take it away from your opponent. I like to have them tie up tougher vehicles and monsters in some situations. This prevents my army from getting bombarded by bigger models.

Epic Deed

Angel’s Sacrifice

Brand new and definitely a big winner is the Angel’s Sacrifice. This has Blood Angels written all over it, boasting some of the most heroic characters across the galaxy. Being able to dictate who your opponent is swinging up against is a truly miraculous ability. A good tactic for this is to heroically intervene with the Sanguinor from reserves. Then trigger this to dictate essentially what will happen in the fight. This is great to save other friendly units that you need at your disposal. 

Spiritual Might

This is definitely a solid stratagem to keep in your back pocket. Especially in times when you may think your army is down and out of options. The Sanguinary Disciplines have returned with some great utility but sometimes it is hard to determine which powers need to be used and when. This allows a powerful psyker such as Mephiston to have that extra tool at all times. Using smite that you normally would not have is a great example of how powerful this can be. 

Visions of Sanguinius

Use with the Death Visions mechanic and this stratagem has a lot of play. Death Visions will be described later on in the article. Once you see it you will understand why this can come in handy. Essentially you become an absolute beatstick to clear the masses while simultaneously feeling invincible. There are a few combinations one can rely on to ensure their mission does not fail. 

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition


Angel Exemplar

For the first time in their armies history, a model can carry the power of multiple abilities as the Warlord. A fantastic use of this combination is giving your Captain the Warlord Trait of your choice. Then select an Artisan of War as your second Warlord Trait through this. Pick the Armour Indomitus for excellent durability which can then be selected as your free relic. Follow that up with a master crafted weapon of your choice in order to have the best of both worlds.

Angel Ascendant

This can definitely be used many ways. A great option to utilize this stratagem is by Master-Crafting a Thunder Hammer on an Intercessor Sergeant. This model now feels more like a mini character than ever before and something your opponent definitely needs to be on the lookout for. 

Lucifer-Pattern Engines

Definitely a situational stratagem but it can be the difference in winning or losing when used correctly. A lot of secondaries require movement and transitioning from different table quarters. This ensures that a vehicle will get to where it needs to in its movement phase. It completely diminishes the probability aspect of failing to achieve a secondary you have selected. It also helps when denying an opponent points. 

Honoured by the Arx Angelicum

If using a successor chapter unique to you, you may want to use this stratagem in order to benefit from some of the best options of wargear available. Take the Icon for a significant boost in efficiency and add a great delivery system for surrounding units. This is just one example as to why a successor would need to use a stratagem such as this one. 

Strategic Ploy

Red Rampage

Definitely a useful tool when requiring your force to power up for a turn. This is best utilized when making melee attacks with weapons such as Chainswords and Encarmine Axes. These two weapons will specifically see a great increase in efficiency. Other highly deadly weapons such as Encarmine Swords, are a nightmare to deal with. If your opponent has units without invulnerable saves, you’re sure to make quick work of them.

Unbridled Ardour

This is only accessible for the Golden Host of the Arx Angelicum. At first glance, it may seem like a slight nerf to its older variation. Due to its extremely low cost, CP tax, and availability to only the mightiest unit available in the Codex. It is definitely a huge win having a unit or two of these guys on objectives. This will force your opponent to put some serious effort into a squad before approaching objectives.

Forlorn Fury

The return of the alpha strikers dream is back and almost better than before. You have the option of using this on smaller squads for less CP. This will force your opponent to screen areas they may have never used before. Once this happens the tempo of the match is dictated from the start. The beauty of this stratagem is that you can use this even if your opponent goes first. It essentially allows you to redeploy a unit in a safer or simply better spot if need be. Being able to dictate and react simultaneously in one swoop makes this an absolute keeper. 

Upon Wings of Fire

Jump packs, thematically, are the core of the Blood Angels force. This also dictates where an opponent expects you to go in a match. It can definitely psych out an opponent from figuring out your strategy before it’s too late. Take a unit of Death Company and play defensively turn 1 in the backfield. Only use this on turn two and surprise them in an area you can exploit as the game progresses. 

Savage Destruction

The Flesh Tearers are beyond ruthless and are known to frighten the enemy more than any other power armoured chapters. This is useful when up against mass infantry hordes. It’s super potent at ensuring there isn’t much left to stick around afterwards. Hordes are definitely back on the menu in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition. None more popular than the current Necron Warrior silver tide that is definitely a formidable adversary. This utility should not be overlooked and can really make a difference in competitive play. By diminishing enemy models and even units in a different phase of the game, this is a must. 

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition: Wargear

Chalice Overflowing

This utility is excellent for an early game assault. All of the most potent combat space marine armies really need to wait until turn three to power up. This gives you a big advantage when needing to make quick work of an opponent you cannot afford to go into the late game with. Two units of Death Company become extremely lethal at any time as long as this Sanguinary Priest is around. This deters your opponent from any early interaction in most cases. That’s because it is not just one threat they need to focus on, but multiple heavy-hitting units.

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition: Warlord Traits

Speed of the Primarch

This is situationally powerful for the most part. When a unit charges you it will still take precedence over this. However when being locked in combat for multiple rounds, this ensures that you will be getting multiple swings. A beatstick smash captain can really benefit from this. They are durable enough to hang around when equipped with a storm shield and given the Black Rage ability. 

Artisan of War

A newly improved trait that is extremely unique and the first of its kind. Nominate a non-named character as your warlord. Then give it a powerful warlord trait of your choice such as the Rites of War from Codex: Space Marines. Then, using this trait, pay for an additional Warlord Trait on the same character. With this trick, the Blood Angels are the only chapter that can have a character with 4 different traits/relics combined in so many different ways!  


This has changed from the previous codex to a much more useful tool overall. Use it to get extra durability against tough armies such as Grey Knights or Thousand Sons. It even works against Necrons and their uber strong C’Tan powers. Astorath leading the charge with Sanguinary Guard will likely get to their destination while having this to mitigate incoming damage. 

Heroic Bearing

This trait truly embodies that of a leader. It synergizes extremely well while needing to have key buffs go off in multiple areas at once. It is very deceiving with its added range and an excellent buff to have on a character such as Dante. Use his Chapter Master rerolls and massive rites of battle aura for nearby units. This is similar to the power level of the Vox Espiritum from Codex: Space Marines

Gift of Foresight

This trait can almost act as multiple free command re-rolls throughout the course of the battle. Use this on any beatstick character you customize or Brother Corbulo. He has added efficiency when striking true and precise while also having a great bit of extra added durability. The best time and place for this is when failing multiple armour saves. Use this ability plus a command point to keep this character alive and even at full strength!

Selfless Valour

This allows your character to be extremely heroic at any point of the battle when enemies are near. This is especially useful when taking an objective. It completely renders the enemy from coming near you. Tycho in both forms can take this and it truly is quite fitting for him. Try putting this on a newly inducted Death Company captain and really threaten the field anywhere they travel. 

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Flesh Tearer Warlord Traits

Merciless Butcher

Use this and slash through more of your opponent’s models. I recommend using it with a character like Gabriel Seth. He’ll become an absolute blender.

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition
Of Wrath and Rage

This isn’t the best ability, but it definitely does increase the probability of hits scored. This is best used on a captain equipped with the Teeth of Terra relic. I predict a spike in output generation with that. This ability is about quantity. What better way than using a relic that helps both the number of hits and quality they put out?

Cretacian Born

This trait returns with a revamped new 40k twist. It adds to the character’s efficiency and how well they are delivered into battle. It’s especially good against forces that can really put out a ton of damage on the way in. A Death Company Lieutenant graced with this trait becomes an absolute missile on their way into the thick of it. They completely ignore what your opponent is throwing his way adding a ton of durability to your list.

Sanguinary Discipline


This has definitely taken a hit from its previous variation in comparison to this time around. However, it’s still a great piece of utility when given to the right psyker. This is extremely potent with Mephiston. 

Unleash rage

This newly improved power essentially gives you the opportunity for a spike in probability. Cast this on a Death Company unit before launching them into battle and watch the efficiency get turned up! This gives you the possibility of a 110% hit rate (and yes that is possible when rolling hot). 

Shield of Sanguinius

Definitely a solid added layer of durability that can make a difference in the right matchups. Melta weapons are on the rise and this gives you an edge to survive them like never before. This is similar to psychic fortress, however it does not require you to remain near the psyker. A great tactic for this is casting it on a unit such as Death Company. Then launch them into the thick of the battle knowing they have 3 layers of durability to back them up (armour save, this power, and Black Rage – which can also be buffed by Refusal to Die). 

Blood Boil

This is a hidden gem of mortal wound output. Use Blood Boil when up against a C’Tan that requires you to inflict three wounds in three different phases. You’re going to need this to bring one of those monstrosities down. The following tactic is great for when you want to move and inflict damage. Use the stratagem Spiritual Might with Wings of Sanguinius, Smite, and Blood Boil with Mephiston. This is sure to compete with a C’Tan! 

Blood Lance

This is a strong power against hordes of infantry. Also great to use against an army that has multiple units congested across the board. Use this to start whittling away at multiple units before charging full force once they have been softened up. Here’s a great sequence of plays to best use this ability. Start by damaging multiple screening units through mortal wounds. Then finish them off with the newly extended range Angelus Boltguns on Sanguinary Guard before charging into the juicier targets behind. 

Wings of Sanguinius

Hands down the most powerful ability a psyker has at their disposal! Especially one as strong and fierce as Mephiston. This gives the psyker an independent feel. Not only can they reliably keep up with your army but also take care of business on their own away from your force. They can do things like scoring secondaries and even deny your opponent primary points.

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition: Relics

Wrath of Baal

This relic must be included within a Blood Angels force! It gives you that extra bit of mobility which can really put your list over the edge. Movement is the name of the game with 9th Edition. What better way to improve a list full of jump infantry than increasing movement and increasing threat ranges? Some of this relic’s best plays will include the bearer starting away from the unit you intend to buff. This will throw off your opponent’s plans and increase a unit’s mobility that they underestimated. 

Icon of the Angel

This relic has taken a slight twist from its previous variation. Even still, it’s a bonus to have for key units nearby. A great tactic for this relic is having a unit come out of reserve and land within it’s aura. This gives them an exceptional chance at getting to their destination. It’s especially effective with the Red Thirst ability, increasing your probability to make charges.

Visage of Death

This is a hit or miss one. It has some uses, however it really does encourage a ton of over committing plays. Use carefully or you’ll find yourself in a high risk situation. The best way to utilize this is to keep it on a more defensive character such as a Sanguinary Priest. Then wait for a timely opportunity late in the game to spring forward and put this into action. 

Hammer of Baal

Efficiency is the key with this one. The better chance you have to hit, the more damage you can do, it’s that simple! This relic really makes the bearer feel like their power is fully channeled into this weapon and is great at distributing heavy blows across the battlefield. The best usage for this relic will definitely be on a Captain. Make sure they have been inducted into the Death Company. They’ll be attacking with a whopping 7 attacks if done correctly! 

Gallian’s Staff

Definitely a great option to power up a psyker. They become more efficient with whatever power they are attempting to manifest and turn into quite a heavy hitter. Very fitting for a Blood Angel.  Equip this relic to have powerful abilities such as Wings of Sanguinius. Plus Sanguinary Disciplines are more reliably executed. Combine all that with the Spiritual Might (Stratagem) in order to have all the powers you wish at your disposal each turn. 

The Crimson Plate

This relic is super cool and has a ton of play. Unfortunately, it is not for just anybody but only that of the Blood Angel’s ferocious cousins. This does however create one of the fastest and most deadly Terminator Characters in the game! The best way to use this is when you’re surrounded by your opponent’s key units. This character can even dictate some incredible heavy weapons of your opponents to be targeted at them. You may be wondering how they can withstand such firepower. Induct this character into the Death Company to be able to withstand just about anything coming his way. 


Also geared towards the Cousins of Legend, this relic turns a common Astartes weapon into an absolute blender. Your weapons will hit harder and inflict much more damage than any of their comparable counterparts. Use this right and go toe-to-toe with a super powerful relic in the Teeth of Terra. Apply this with a simple lieutenant to inflict significant damage on a budget.

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition: Special-Issue Wargear

Adamantine Mantle

This is a straight replica of that from Codex: Space Marines and returns as an option for the Blood Angels. It’s helpful when in search of added durability on a character. Use it to add an extra layer which is definitely hard to come by in other areas. 

Artificer Armour

One of the highest quality suits of armour accessible to a Blood Angel is this relic. Durability is the only option to keep an important character alive when their speed does not pay off. Fortunately, a Sanguinary Priest with jump pack will now have both when equipped with this. You want buffing characters like that to live as long as possible. This is a must for making that happen.

Master-Crafted Armour

A very simple yet powerful relic that can really dial up any weapons lethality. A relic blade is already an extremely potent weapon. When it becomes master crafted, it turns into an absolutely punishing version of a thunder hammer. This is key for a heroic captain.

Digital Weapons

Simple for plinking off that extra wound in order to destroy a unit. Also great for softening up a target before charging in next turn with something to clean up. This can be solid at times for a less important character to have in their back pocket. Definitely not an auto-include for all Blood Angel armies. 

Quake Bolts

With so many ways to get added efficiency already throughout this codex, this is not exactly a required relic. It’s simply something niche to have if it favours your playstyle. It could become a focal point in how you approach the match, taking your opponent’s army down in parts. 

Archangel’s Shard

When up against any Chaos list this is a super solid relic to include. The relic’s standard profile is already a very solid option, comparable to that of a relic blade. However, when up against the traitorous legions and especially (cannot stress enough) against any monstrosities in which you encounter, this truly turns into an absolute must have! You’ll be able to throw creatures 8 times your size to the ground without breaking a sweat. A captain can easily make the adjustment and be equipped with this relic.

Fleshrender Grenades

This relic is basically a glorified grenade. Just about any buffing character can be equipped with this. When considering the rest of the options at your disposal, this really should not be the first one to come to mind. There are so many awesome relics, this is not a first choice.

Gleaming Pinions

This also has returned from the previous supplement (Blood of Baal) as most of these have. It has some solid play overall when customizing a hero within your ranks. The ability to always dictate who you are fighting when and where is clutch in many situations. Equip a newly inducted Death Company Captain with this relic and they will be able to do some serious work. They’ll bounce from unit to unit, never being stopped while Death Visions are available to them. Pull off this combo correctly and this relic upgrades the efficiency and probability of your models. All while simultaneously doing all of the above with its two solid abilities the bearer gains through this. 

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Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition: Datasheets


Black Rage

A newly improved ability sees the Death Company return and sheerly out for blood. The unfortunate part of this ability is that it has now limited what exactly this unit can do. When considering a unit with this ability, it will be for their sheer prowess in combat and destructive nature and nothing else. Units can use the Stratagem Forlorn Fury to get into the thick of the action while still being buffed by a ton of support characters within your ranks.

Death Visions

This newly introduced mechanic is a very interesting ability that allows you to induct a captain or lieutenant into the Death Company. This gives them the Black Rage ability. With this, use the following 3 traits below tactically. 

On the Bridge of the Vengeful Spirit

A fantastic option to trigger when in the thick of the action. It adds an exceptional amount of efficiency and probability of striking your mark with a vengeance. A great time to use this is when you’re surrounded by a hoard or a mass of enemy units. Trigger it with a Death Company Captain using a relic blade. Even better if it’s master-crafted. This is close to a Knight Slayer with the amount of output and damage dealt at the edge of his sword. 

The Grace of the Angel

This is hands down the best option for durability. When timed appropriately, this character becomes nearly unkillable. Especially when combined with the Refusal to Die stratagem.

To Slay the Warmaster

This last option has the ability to bring back that instant death feeling of old to the tabletop. It’s great for a fast captain to have, especially in a game where characters suffer from this sort of damage output. A great combination for this is to have a Death Company captain equipped with the Gleaming Pionions relic. That will maximize their movement and even snipe a character.



This wouldn’t be a Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Tactics article without diving into Dante! The noblest of all of the Imperium’s heroes returns with a datasheet that is almost better than ever. A ton of buffs have come his way. He has Chapter Master abilities and is equipped with the most sacred of relics as the Death Mask. He truly embodies the spirit of his Primarch to lead your Blood Angels force into battle. When including this character within your army, it is crucial that he is at the centre of the action pulling all of the strings. He has the ability to do so throughout the course of any matchup that comes your way. Almost every unit in the codex improves with him around.

Gabriel Seth

The dear friend of Dante also returns better than ever with an improved datasheet. He also has Chapter Master as a glaring exceptional ability alongside an aura such as Lord of Slaughter. Any Flesh Tearer army is more viable when surrounding Seth with a unit of Bladeguard Veterans. He allows them to hit hard like thunder hammers when striking with precision and really putting the tear in Flesh Tearer.

The Sanguinor

This saviour of the Blood Angels is better than ever before. Set this model up in reserve and wait for the perfect time to trigger his Miraculous Saviour ability. This will make your opponent pay whenever they decide to clash in close combat. Alongside this exceptional ability, there are other great ways to utalize him. He’s an exceptional fighter and is an absolute missile roaming the tabletop with FLY and fast movement. Not just a thematic model, but also super effective in game. 

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition
Brother Corbulo

I hoped for Corbulo to have been given a slightly better upgrade. He is the Chief Apothecary of the Blood Angelses and has a unique ability granted by THE Red Grail. Sadly, your better off upgrading a Sanguinary Priest to a Chief Apothecary via Codex: Space Marines. Do that and use the Selfless Healer warlord trait to buff other units and restore fallen models on command. 

Sanguinary Priest

Definitely a must include unit to add durability to surrounding units. I want to make it clear this is a MUST HAVE. Equip him with a jump pack and upgrade him as described above. That is the best way to field this model on the tabletop. Play defensively with this model and keep it alive. You’ll get the most value out of them, with healing and granting buffs. Especially in the early game throughout the battle. 

Chief Librarian Mephiston

He’s an awesome model to bring on for several reasons. Alongside being the toughest infantry model at your disposal, he can become a wrecking ball of a character. He performs extremely well independently in many matchups. Psychic powers such as Wings of Sanguinius and Quickening definitely back up his character. He’s a powerhouse psyker and full of cool lore as well.

Librarian Dreadnought

With the loss of the Biomantic Sarcophagus relic, this character isn’t the best option anymore. Mephiston is going to be the main pick for Librarians. However, it’s still a dreadnought psyker so there is a place for it depending on your style. Use the duty eternal ability to keep it on the board for a long time!


The Blood Angels’ master of sanctity is your best chaplain option. He gives you the ability to chant 2 litanies. He’s also the only chaplain in the game to know 4 litanies. One of them, called Mass of Doom, is exclusive to him. Place him into strategic reserves and chant the canticle of hate to increase your odds of success on a charge. 


When leading a force of Death Company, this character is the most potent in buffing units. An additional ability that cannot be overlooked is that Lemartes now benefits from the new Death Visions ability. He’s also one of the cheapest options that has that ability.

Captain Tycho

Captain Tycho is a glorified captain with not much to offer. Consider him for fluff and lore list building but nothing competitive.

Tycho the Lost

This variation of Tycho has strategic value. First, he has a large aura range for buffing other units. He also has the benefits from Death Visions bonus innately. Place him in the center of your force on the battlefield. This version can and will dictate the tempo of games if played strategically. Anyone playing Death Company should take him on their list.


Sanguinary Guard

Hands down the best unit in the faction. You could argue that point-for-point they’re one of the best in the game! Do not throw them into combat too early as you risk losing them for no reason. Play the long game and project your threat across the battlefield. This will keep your opponent guessing on what you plan to do. With the return of Upon Wings of Wire, you have the ability to relocate this unit. Play correctly and force your opponent’s hand.

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition
Sanguinary Ancient

Equip these guys with the Wrath of Baal relic. This buffing character is an asset in almost any situation. He’ll make your jump packs move faster than any other factions. Use him to get in the right position to pounce on your mark, dictating the tempo of the match. 

Death Company Dreadnought

An absolute murder machine of a model, literally. A Death Company dreadnought, when fully buffed, has the ability to have up to 8 attacks on the charge! It’s wounding almost everything in the game on 2’s. With the added ability of Forlorn Fury, you can really see much more play than ever before. Use the right tactics and it will outlive any other dreadnought. Duty Eternal and Black Rage can be boosted by the Refusal to Die Stratagem.

Death Company Marines

These classic marines are extremely vital in an your armies success. They move extremely fast and are able to Forlorn Fury into your opponent in the early game. This renders them helpless to your alpha and beta strikes. 

Death Company Intercessors

The Primaris counter parts of the above unit are these intercessors. Due to their lack of jump packs, they will be best used as a counter punch option. They’re not bad coming out of strategic reserve as well. They can be harder to kill than any of the other Death Company units. Use Transhuman Physiology and Black Rage which can be improved by Refusal to die. 

Furioso Dreadnought

Interesting choice, but not the best option. If you decide to take it on don’t be aggressive. A backfield counter charge option will definitely be a strong strategy for this unit. It can help screen out characters and is fairly resilient with Duty Eternal as an ability. 

Heavy Support

Baal Predator

Definitely a revitalized datasheet and a really great main turret at its disposal. The Baal flamestorm cannon is a solid option alongside heavy bolter sponsons to whither away enemy infantry with ease. Place this model on objectives. It can get there swiftly with Overcharged Engines as an ability. An opponent will definitely have to think twice about charging this mighty vehicle. It’s able to auto-hit incoming units and cause havoc in the middle of the board. 

Top 3 Secondary Choices for Competitive Matched Play

  • Relentless Assault
  • Raise the Banners High
  • Grind them Down

These 3 secondaries combined give you some serious potential for a high score. Many competitive games are won in the secondaries so this is the secret sauce for Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition.

Being that you can quite easily get into your opponent’s deployment zone either via reinforcements or simply redeploying with stratagems such as Guerrilla Tactics and Upon Wings of Fire.

Take Raise Banners on a mission that has 5 or more objectives. It becomes quite reasonable due to a Blood Angels high mobility and resilient combos to stay alive while completing actions. Use the shield of sanguinius and narthecium combined for multiple layers of durability.

Lastly, Grind them Down in most matchups can really be a great choice. You will already be destroying many units each turn so it works. With this secondary having second turn isn’t a bad thing. It gives you insight on exactly what you need to go after and not over-commit with units unnecessarily.

Use these secondaries along with everything else in this Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Tactics article and you’ll see your gameplay improve along with a much better understanding of how to play and win!

Blood Angels Tactics 9th Edition

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Other Resources for Blood Angels

If you want to see how Blood Angels Tactics have changed from 8th to 9th edition read this article, “Blood Angels Tactics 8th Edition”.

Interested in the Indomitus units and a deeper dive on that particular unit? Check out, “Indomitus Blood Angels Thirst to Charge”.

Want to learn more about Blood Angels lore and background? Read this article titled “25 Facts About Blood Angels”.

Lastly, this is an oldy, but a goodie, you can watch a Battle Report where the Blood Angels take on Tau here.

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