Battle Report: Blood Angels vs T'au


The Mechs are marching out this week on Nights At The Game Table, and it looks like we’re in for another epic battle as the T’au gear up to take on the Blood Angels Dreadnoughts this week!
It’s a battle of the old vs. the new as one of the players from the early days of NATGT, Sean, returns to take on newcomer Caleb and his battalion of Dreadnoughts!


Sean is an old veteran of NATGT, and though he never scored a victory with his T’au during the channel’s early days, he always put up one hell of a fight! After a few months away honing his skills, he’s back and even deadlier than ever!
Sean’s army today is built around the commanding presence of the Ethereals, who provide several benefits for units who are positioned nearby (and, given the T’au’s traditional lack of movement, it’s unlikely they will ever move too far away from their Ethereal Commanders.)

These Ethereals will be providing support for a full squad of XV8 Crisis Battlesuits. These heavily armed mechs will spell trouble for anyone within their range, and the surrounding swarm of drones will make them annoyingly difficult to take down!
If that wasn’t enough, Sean’s also bringing in a small squad of T’au stealthers to get behind enemy lines and unload on their weakest points!

Of course, when it comes to stealth, there is literally nothing better in the T’au arsenal than an XV95 Ghostkeel, which Sean is also bringing in for surgical strikes against his opponent!

Finally, Sean’s forces are being backed up with several squads of Kroot, intent on drawing enemy fire and letting the stealthers get into position to do some real damage!


Caleb is making his debut appearance on Nights At The Game Table this week, and he’s brought a squad of Blood Angels Dreadnoughts to show Sean that the T’au aren’t the only ones who can build nigh-unstoppable killing machines!
Caleb has brought a squad of six Dreadnoughts, each a veritable one-man-army in their own right! On one side, he’s got a pair of Librarian Dreadnoughts bringing their psychic might to the battlefield!
Caleb’s also bringing two Death Company Dreadnoughts armed with something nearly as powerful as magic: fire! Armed to the teeth several several flamers, these massive fire-breathing beats will mean a world of hurt for anything in their path!
Finally, to back up the rest of his squad, Caleb has positioned two regular Dreadnoughts armed with autocannons to act as long-range support!

The Game:

The central mission for today’s game is “Kill The Courier.” Each player selects a unit to be the “courier” for their army, and if this courier is killed, they lose the game! As Sean puts it, the game is most aptly described as “Hide and Seek…and shoot EVERYBODY in the way!”
Sean has selected the Kroot Shaper as his courier, while Caleb selects one of his Death Company Dreadnoughts!

Sean takes the first turn, advancing all of his units towards the top-left corner of the board, where Caleb has stashed his Dreadnought behind a deceptively-protective shed. At the same time, he keeps his kroots in cover, counting on their numbers to protect his courier in the event of a counterattack.

The shooting phase kicks off with a bang as the Ghostkeel opens fire on the Death Company Dreadnought, its rounds slicing into the Dreadnought’s armor and causing some minor damage!
As Sean’s first turn rolls to an end, there’s been surprisingly little shooting between the galaxy’s best gunmen and the formidable Blood Angels Dreadnoughts. But, with Caleb’s turn coming up and the Ghostkeel in his sights, will he be able to cut through the T’au defenses and rip out the heart of their squishy courier?
Watch the episode below to find out!

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