Blood Angels Tactics – Warhammer 40k 8th Edition


The Blood Angels are one of the most recent armies to see an update in Psychic Awakening, and today we’ve got early access for all of their upcoming rules. If you want to push your Blood Angels to the best they can be, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to be taking a look at all of the various updates they’ve received along with a review of all of their new Stratagems and Relics, and we’ve even got a sample 2000 point list and how to use it. There’s a lot to unpack here, so grab a seat and get ready!

Blood of Baal- Rules Updated

Probably the single largest change to Blood Angels is that they are now being made 100% “Codex Compliant”. This means that you have full access to all Primaris units, Red Thirst now affects ALL Blood Angels units, Red Thirst now also provides a +1 to Advance and Charge rolls, all Blood Angels units now have Angels of Death, and you even  have your own unique “Super Doctrine” thanks to Savage Echos.

In addition, Blood Angels are also receiving full access to Shadowspear in Blood of Baal , including the Shadowspear Warlord Traits for having a PHOBOS CHARACTER as your Warlord. Since most of these Warlord Traits only interact with PHOBOS units, there isn’t much to unpack here from a gameplay perspective. It’s just a solid move by Games Workshop to catch all the various Space Marine armies up with each other.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are 4 updated Datasheets for Blood Angels. There is a brand new unit unique to them in Death Company Intercessors. In addition, Astorath, Lemartes, and Mephiston all have updated Datasheets. As previewed, Mephiston is gaining a single Wound and Attack to reflect his Primaris transformation, but is otherwise unchanged. On the other hand, Astorath and Lemartes have had some rules adjustments. Astorath has gained the ability to chant Litanies (befitting, since he is a Chaplain), and he knows a whopping 3 and can try to chant 2 every turn. He’s still sitting at 105 points, so this is purely a large buff.

Lemartes has also received changes, some positive and one negative.  Lemartes now knows 2 Litanies and can chant 1, making him a bit more flexible than just being a Death Company support piece. However, despite still having the Death Company keyword, Lemartes no longer has the Black Rage in his new Datasheet. This may receive a FAQ in the future, but for now  Lemartes isn’t quite as angry as the other members of the Death Company.

Last but not least amongst our new and updated units, we have the Death Company Intercessors. In our preview article, we said that this unit probably wouldn’t be very good unless it was priced cheaply. In Blood of Baal, Blood Angels have an entire new set of prices for their units, and as it turns out Death Company Intercessors only cost 1 additional point. At only 18 points per model, Death Company Intercessors are actually a totally reasonable unit capable of controlling midfield both at range and in melee while being difficult to remove. They are an Elites choice however, so that is a trade off. Still, they look like a fun unit to play around with that pulls their weight.

As mentioned, there’s updated prices for Blood Angels as well, and while we won’t go over every change here, we will go over a few of the more notable ones. Standard Death Company have gone down 2 points, a modest decrease but a welcome one all the same. Sanguinary Guard have gone down significantly, since their Angelus Boltguns are now free and their Encarmine Swords have gone down 4 points and their Encarmine Axes a whopping 7 points. In total, this means a Sanguinary Guard with an Encarmine Axe has gone down from 39 points to 29.      

Sanguinary Guard were already one of the best units available to Blood Angels, and this greatly diminished price makes them even more attractive. Finally, in addition to receiving all of the new rules discussed, Commander Dante has gone down 25 points. These are just a few of the price drops in Blood of Baal, and already the Blood Angels are looking significantly improved.


Blood of Baal also includes a whopping 23 new Stratagems that can be used in addition to the Stratagems in Codex: Blood Angels. Some of these are a bit on the fluffy side, but others are potent options for you to spend your CP on. We’ll go through all 23 of them and a brief synopsis of what they do, what they cost, and how you can best utilize them in your games of 40K.

Duty Eternal-
1CP, one DREADNOUGHT takes half damage. Send in a fully buffed up Librarian Dreadnought and watch as your opponent struggles to kill him, or put this on a Leviathan and soak an entire army’s worth of firepower.
Veteran Intercessors-
1/2CP, Gives one unit of INTERCESSORS +1 Attack and +1 Leadership. Costs 1CP for a unit of 5, and 2CP for a unit of 6+. Not super powerful, but a squad of 10 Death Company Intercessors with a whopping 6 attacks at AP-1 and +1 to Wound thanks to the Assault Doctrine is devastating. Plus, the bonus Leadership actually matters to Death Company since their Leadership is only 7 base.
Masterful Marksmanship-
1CP, +1 to Wound with Special Issue Boltguns  when shooting with a BLOOD ANGELS STERNGUARD VETERANS Unit. Not actually a bad Stratagem, but for the most part you’re trying to rend people asunder in melee, not at range. Probably a pass unless you’re really dead set on using some Sternguard.
Fury of the First-
1CP, one unit of TERMINATORS gets +1 to hit in any phase. Terminators aren’t the most competitive unit but they’re a fan favorite unit. This is a very powerful Stratagem when you’re swinging with powerfists or you need to shoot a unit with some penalties to be hit. If you want to use some Terminators, this is a great pay off for taking a less than top tier unit.
Hunter-Slayer Missile-
1CP, lets you make a single shooting attack from a  REPULSOR at an enemy VEHICLE or MONSTER  with 48” that isn’t in melee. If the attack hits, that unit takes D3 Mortal Wounds. Each Repulsor can only use it once. This Stratagem is kinda cute for getting the last couple wounds off a high priority target, and because of how it’s written you don’t get to re-roll the hit roll from something like a Captain, but you also don’t take any accuracy penalties either. This could be surprisingly good in a tight situation, and it should be remembered  even if you rarely use it.
Rapid Fire-
2CP, one unit of Intercessors get Rapid Fire 2 Bolt Rifles. This Stratagem might have some use against enemy hordes, but you can rip those units apart in melee too. You probably have better uses for your CP then this.
Big Guns Never Tire-
1CP, one Vehicle ignores the penalty for moving and firing Heavy Weapons. This is a super reasonable Stratagem on a Vehicle with lots of guns that you need to perform in a pinch.
Visage of the Damned-
1CP, one unit with the Death Mask ability receives -1 to hit in melee. Coupled with Transhuman Physiology and the Standard of Sacrifice, you can make a unit of Sanguinary Guard that’s absurdly difficult to kill. All around this is a great Stratagem.
Hero of the Chapter-
1CP, gives one BLOOD ANGELS CHARACTER a Warlord Trait. Definitely worth the CP as long as you have a plan for your second Warlord Trait.
Transhuman Physiology-
2CP, one BLOOD ANGELS unit that isn’t a VEHICLE or SERVITOR can only be wounded on a 4+ regardless of modifiers. This has been a powerhouse strat in Space Marines and it’s sure to be just as powerful in Blood Angels.
Vengeance of the Machine Spirit-
2CP, one REPULSOR, LAND RAIDER, or STORMRAVEN GUNSHIP can do one of the following:
-Automatically Explode
– Shoot with one of it’s ranged Weapons
– Fight as if it were the Fight phase
The automatic explosion can be really useful, and you may occasionally have a reason to shoot with a gun off a Repulsor.  Not the most powerful Stratagem, but it’s a good tool to keep in mind for when you have a juicy explosion set up.
Refusal to Die-
1CP, gives a unit of Death Company a 5++ Feel No Pain. Death Company are typically pretty fragile, and this isn’t enough to push them up a notch. Some Death Company Intercessors in cover might get a lot of use from this against Damage 2 weapons, however.
Steady Advance-
1CP, one unit of BLOOD ANGELS INFANTRY counts as holding still for the purposes of Bolter Discipline.  Definitely one of the more conditional Stratagems, and generally this won’t be worth the CP. However, if it makes the difference between clearing some chaff off an objective or not this could be a game winner out of left field.
Honoured by Baal-
1CP, Let’s a Blood Angels Successor Chapter take a Blood Angels Relic. This has some appeal if you want to specifically play Flesh Tearers, but otherwise just treat your Successor Chapter as Blood Angels on the table and paint them however you want since there’s no other benefit to playing as a successor Chapter, only penalties.
Hammer of Wrath-
1CP, use when a BLOOD ANGELS JUMP PACK unit finishes a charge. Roll a d6 for every model in the charging unit and inflict a mortal wound to a unit you charged on 5+. This is a pass unless you desperately need every last bit of damage possible, or are trying to swingway above your belt.
Death On The Wind-
1CP, one SANGUINARY GUARD unit treats all their damage results of 1 as 2 instead. This is a really powerful stratagem since it pulls your average damage up and simultaneously prevents luck from getting in the way. Use it whenever you absolutely must kill a target.
Target Sighted-
3CP, lets a unit of Intercessors snipe an enemy CHARACTER if they have Stalker Pattern Bolt Rifles. This Stratagem is borderline worthless in an army with Eliminators. They do a much better job and don’t cost you 3CP.
Unbridled Ardour-
1CP, this allows one BLOOD ANGELS INFANTRY unit to perform a Heroic Intervention as if they were a CHARACTER, and they may perform this if there is an enemy unit within 6” instead of 3”, AND they move 6” instead of 3”. This is easily in the top 3 Strats for Blood Angels across both their Codex and Blood of Baal, and almost certainly the best one in Blood of Baal. Not only does it let you make your opponent’s charges extraordinarily difficult, it can also let you pull members of a unit into a combat if your opponent charged you from a flank so your entire unit can fight. It can also punish your opponent if he doesn’t walk away from your units. This is an all around highly flexible Stratagem, and it would be useful at 3CP. At 1, it’s an army defining feature much like Veterans of the Long War or Agents of Vect.
Adaptive Strategy-
1CP, basically lets you step back in the Doctrine order instead of rolling forward. Although there may occasionally be situations where you want to do this, Blood Angels are supercharged in the Assault Doctrine and generally that’s where you will want to be.
2CP, makes a unit of INTERCESSORS equipped with auto bolt rifles automatically hit any unit within half range. If you really want to play with Auto Bolt Rifles, this Stratagem could be decent if you need to wipe a unit. But, it is pricey and kind of narrow. Certainly not competitive, but fairly reasonable for a fluff focused stratagem.
Explosive Judgement-
1CP, one SANGUINARY GUARD gets to re-roll to wound with their Angelus Boltguns. In addition, their Angelus Boltguns also ignore cover. This is a good toolbox Stra tagem that can allow your Sanguinary Guard to wipe o ut a unit in cover and charge and wipe another, or even finish off a wounded high durability target while you go in on something else. Not as impactful as the other strats for Sanguinary Guard, but definitely not bad.
Gene-Wrought Might-
1CP, one PRIMARIS INFANTRY unit turns all unmodified hit rolls of 6+ into a Wound. If you have to have some Intercessors punch out a Knight or Land Raider while the Assault Doctrine is live this is alright , but otherwise this is a pass.
Chalice Overflowing-
1CP, allows a SANGUINARY PRIEST to use his Narthecium ability twice, and he can use it on the same unit. Not a bad Stratagem to pick up some dead models in a unit on a critical turn, or heal a damaged model and pick up a second one. Sanguinary Priests are by no means necessary, but this is a nice incentive to include them. Note that this can’t be used with Sorrow’s Genesis for you Flesh Tearers players.

All in all, there’s a lot of new tools here for Blood Angels in addition to their other Stratagems. Sanguinary Guard are easily the best unit in the Codex between their new Stratagems, Rules, and points reductions. However, there’s lots of good tools here, and overall they provide a reasonable power boost to Blood Angels while not actively breaking the bank.


Blood of Baal also includes 5 additional relics for Blood Angels, and 7 pieces of Special Issue Wargear, which are relics for Blood Angels AND their successors. We’ll start by reviewing the new Relics of Baal, and then move into Special Issue Wargear.

Decimator- upgraded Master Crafted Auto Bolt Rifle only, 24” Range Assault 3 Strength 5 AP-2 Damage 2 weapon that ignores the Advance penalty. As far as Relic guns go this one isn’t bad, but you have too many powerful Relics to play around with this one much.

Wrath of Baal- SANGUINARY ANCIENT only, gives a 6” aura of +2 movement to nearby BLOOD ANGELS JUMP PACK units. This one is almost really useful, almost. It directly competes with the Standard of Sacrifice and it’s 5+ Feel No Pain effect unless you take a second Sanguinary Priest. Definitely strong enough to experiment with, but unlikely to be a competitive mainstay.

Biomantic Sarcophogus- Just like it was previewed, LIBRARIAN DREADNOUGHT only. +6” to any Sanguinary power and you can re-roll one dice a turn on Psychic Tests. Definitely not an auto include, but it’s strong enough to include for anyone that wants consistent and safe psychic powers. Certainly worth playing around  with.

Figure of Death- Upgraded Crozius Arcanum, Strength +1, AP-2, Damage 2 Melee weapon that imposes -2 Leadership on a unit that suffers casualties from it. You have way too many powerful Relics to mess around with this. Not only do you not have a way to capitalize on punishing someone’s Leadership, but many armies in the game ignore Morale one way or another or have squad sizes too small for it to really matter.

Gleaming Pinions- Upgraded Jump Pack, allows the bearer to Fall Back and Charge. In addition, this adds +1 to your Charge rolls. This is easily the best Relic of Baal added in Blood of Baal. Coupled with Hero Of The Chapter for the Artisan of War Warlord Trait, and a single Captain with Lightning Claws can shred almost anything in the game while being impossible to tie down. And even if he dies, you won’t give up a point for killing a Warlord since he isn’t actually your Warlord!

Overall, the new Relics of Baal are mostly so so. There’s a couple weak options, a couple okay ones, and one genuinely powerful one. For the most part, you’ll be sticking with the Relics found in Codex Blood Angels, but there are a few fun options here.

Next, we’ll be looking at the Special Issue Wargear, which are for Successors only.

Adamantine Mantle- 5+ Feel No Pain for the bearer. Definitely solid on someone in TDA with a Stormshield and Thunder Hammer for a Warlord that’s just tough as nails.

Artificer Armor- 2+ Save for the bearer along with a 5+ invulnerable save. Almost strictly worse then the Adamantine Mantle in most situations. Unless you’re worried about your Warlord taking hordes of AP0/AP-1 attacks, this relic doesn’t come close to the Adamantine Mantle. If you suspect you’ll be taking tons of low AP hits on a Jump Captain, this Relic gains a lot of traction.

Quake Bolts- Upgrades the bearers bolt weapon to have the option to shoot a single Quake Bolt instead of making their normal attacks. If the Quake Bolt hits, the target unit is “felled” until the end of the turn. There’s no check to “fell” the target, and you can “fell” anything in the game. Anyone making a melee attack against a felled unit gets +1 to hit that unit. Although this is one of the weirder relics in the game, it’s also very potent. Many of the more lethal Space Marine weapons have a built in -1 to hit modifier, and this lets you cancel that out at range. Definitely worth putting on a model with a Storm bolter or perhaps a Gravis Captain.

Master Crafted Weapon- +1 Damage to any non Relic weapon, and that weapon is considered a Relic. This is almost a really nuts option, except it doesn’t combo with Artisans of War. It does sort of allow you to take Artisans of War twice (on separate CHARACTERS) but that’s it. Probably spicy with some Damage 2 Lightning Claws for a Blender of a HQ while your Warlord runs around with a Damage 4 Thunder Hammer.

Digital Weapons- When the bearer fights, they can make one additional attack. If that attack hits, it inflicts a Mortal Wound and the attack sequence ends. Easily one of, if not the weakest Relics in the entire game. Super hard pass.

Fleshrender Grenades- Upgraded Frag Grenades, it’s a Grenade 3, Strength 5, AP-2, Damage 2 Weapon that ignores cover. Also a pretty weak option. Just take Master Crafted Weapon instead and cut people apart with Damage 2 Lightning Claws instead of throwing Grenades at them.

Icon of the Angel– Grants the bearer a 3” aura that grants all units from the same Chapter the ability to re-roll any of the dice in a Charge roll. Easily the best utility option here, and it even has a home in Blood Angels proper.

The Special Issue Wargear has some surprisingly potent options in the Icon of the Angel, Quake Bolts, and Master Crafted Weapon. There’s a lot of utility here in Quake Boltsand the Icon of the Angel, which means these will be your go to if you’re set on playing a Successor Chapter instead of Blood Angels proper. In Blood Angels proper there’s a lot of competition from their Codex Relics like the Standard of Sacrifice and Gleaming Pinions,  but these two will still have their place.

Flesh Tearers

Flesh Tearers have received their own mini ruleset in Blood of Baal  and a couple of Relics, Warlord Traits, and Stratagems. We’re going to briefly go through the differences that they have, and what you get for playing Flesh Tearers.

For starters, you have an altered version of Red Thirst in Fury Within. They keep the +1 to Wound, but instead of a +1 to Advanceand Charge they get the bonus of increasing their AP of their melee attacks by 1 on natural wound rolls of 6+. This is a solid compensation for the fact that they have heavily reduced access to the very powerful Relics of Baal and plethora of unique characters available to Blood Angels.

They also have a 3 unique Warlord Traits, 2 Relics, and 2 Stratagems, along with their own unique character in Gabriel Seth which further separates themselves from Blood Angels.

On the Warlord Trait front, they have 3: Merciless Butcher (+1 attack for every 5 enemy models within 3”, maximum 3),  Of Wrath and Rage (unmodified hot rolls of 6 cause 2 hits instead of 1), and Cretacian Born (your opponent can’t Overwatch your Warlord). Far and away, Cretacian Born is the best Warlord Trait here.

Successor Chapters can only have 1 Relic of Baal by using Honoured By Baal, which means there’s intense competition for that slot. Cretacian Born provides you with the most important part of Angel’s Wing, a Relic of Baal, while still leaving your Relic slots open. You could even take a second character with Angel’s Wing for a CP and have two ways to safely charge in against enemy shooting.

As Successors, the Flesh Tearers have full access to Blood Angels Stratagems. However, they also have 2 of their own. Savage Destruction lets you double your melee casualty count for Morale purposes for 2CP. This is really fluffy but honestly you’re almost certainly going to wipe out any unit that might care about Morale, which makes this one rather bad, especially at 2CP. On the other hand, Aggressive Onslaught lets one FLESH TEARERS INFANTRY unit make 6” Pile In’s for 1CP, which is really useful both for getting wraps and just getting more attacks in.

Rounding out these unique rules are 2 Relics, the Severer Of Threadsand Sorrow’s Genesis. The Severer Of Threads is a Strength +1, AP-1, Damage 1 Chainsword that grants D3 attacks to the bearer and causes a Mortal Wound on an unmodified Wound roll of 6 in addition to its normal damage. Once you’re in the Assault Doctrine, this Relic can shred most INFANTRY units and CHARACTERS in the game. It’s a tad narrow in application since it’s pretty weak against higher wound targets, but it’s useful against hordes.

The Sorrow’s Genesis is an upgraded Narthecium that always heals 3 Wounds, or picks up a dead model on 2+ with 3 Wounds remaining. Take this and the Standard of Sacrifice along with a max unit of Aggressors or 2 and enjoy tarpitting the middle of the board for the rest of the game as you drown your opponent in literally hundreds of bolt rounds and 12 T5, 3 Wound, 5++ Feel No Pain models that keep healing/gaining models back.

Finally, although he technically hasn’t gotten any new rules we have Gabriel Seth, the Flesh Tearers Chapter Master. He now has Angels of Death and all of the rules granted to Blood Angels which in turn makes him an insane whirlwind of destruction. He still doesn’t have an option for a jump pack, but he can easily escort those units of Aggressors we talked about earlier and run over anyone foolish enough to try and get close to them.

All in all, the Flesh Tearers feel like a perfectly reasonable Successor Chapter with just enough unique rules and features to make them stand on similar footing with Blood Angels instead of being a step behind them, which is where they have often felt historically.

2k and How to Play

There’s a lot of new rules here and there are many possible directions to take Blood Angels because of it. However, there are some genera trends that will dictate how the army plays in a broad sense.

For starters, you have a ton of ways to dump CP for creating powerful effects both pregame and in game. So, any successful Blood Angel list is going to have a lot of CP. Tangential to this is the fact that you have a plethora of powerful Relics at your disposal, and that costs CP to take advantage of as well.

Next, although you have some shooting options at your disposal, Blood Angels are ultimately a melee focused army. Specifically, a Jump Pack melee focused army at that. Many of your best units, Stratagems, and even a couple of your Relics check for the JUMP PACK keyword. Embrace that fact.

Finally, you’re a deep strike focused army, no two ways about it. To be able to successfully drop from the skies onto your opponents, you’re going to need some serious board control and screen clear. The board control simply buys you more room to drop the rest of your army on, and the screen clear is there to make a hole or two for your threats to descend from on high into the enemy lines.

So, with these elements in mind, we’re going to showcase a sample 2000 point list that really epitomizes these different ideas  while still feeling like a Blood Angels army.

BA Battallion:

Astorath 105

  • Canticle of Hate
  • Mantra of Strength
  • Exhortation of Rage

Lemartes  100

  • Canticle of Hate

3X5 Scouts, Pistols and Knives 55/165


BA Battalion:

Mephiston 145

  • Quickening
  • Wings of Sanguinius
  • Unleash Rage

Sanguinary Priest, Jump Pack 86

3X5 Bolter Scouts 55/165


BA Battallion:

Captain with Jump Pack and Lightning Claws 103

  • Warlord: Artisan of War
  • Death Visions of Sanguinius(1CP)
  • Relic: Veritas Vitae (free)

Captain with Jump Pack and Hammer/Stormbolter 135

  • Hero of Baal(1CP): Gift of Foresight
  • Relic: Angel’s Wing (1CP)
  • Death Visions of Sanguinius (1CP)

5 Scouts with Bolters 55

2X5 Intercessors with Bolt Rifles 85/170

2X Invictor Warsuit with Incendium 131/262

9 Sanguinary Guard with Angelus Boltguns and Encarmine Swords 28/252

Sanguinary Ancient 63

  • Standard of Sacrifice (2 CP)

10 Death Company with 7 Chainswords and 2 Poweraxes and 1 Powersword 194

Total: 1234


So, there we have our 2000 point list. Let’s start with how we spend our CP. With 3 Battalions we have a whopping 18CP. However, we spend 3 on taking 2 additional Relics, 2 for two uses of Death Visions of Sanguinius, 1 for Hero of Baal for a second Warlord Trait, and finally 2 on Forlorn Fury for our Death Company. This leaves us with only 10, but with the Veritas Vitae we will usually end up with functionally  13 or 14 over the course of a game which should be plenty.

Our Scouts and two Invictor Warsuits provide us with lots of room to outplay our opponents while deploying armies. They also provide excellent board control and deny your opponent most avenues for deep strikes of their own. In addition, you have a unit of Sanguinary Guard and optionally the Sanguinary Ancient to place into Reserves to further enhance your ability to outdeploy your opponent.

Your games will be made or broken by how you deploy Lemartes and your Death Company. Ideally, you’ll Forlorn Fury your Death Company up the board, go first, daisy chain them enough to stay within 6” of Lemartes who successfully chants Canticle of Hate, and you charge into your opponent on the first turn with a +2 Charge roll and the ability to re-roll both dice. Between that and your 2 Invictors, all of your opponents core screening units should be dead.

Obviously that’s the best case scenario, and you’ll have to adapt to what happens on the table because the above set up won’t always happen that cleanly. On turn 2, your Sanguinary Guard crash in hot with Lemartes chanting Canticle of Hate. With a 3D6 charge due to Descent of Angels, you should be practically guaranteed to land that charge.

When your opponent tries to kill your Sang Guard, he will have to fight through Transhuman Physiology, a 2+ save, and hopefully a 5+ Feel No Pain if your Ancient made his charge as well. Now, Turn 3 rolls around and all of your unique models and both Captains turn into one man wrecking crews. The rest of the remains of your army can soak overwatch and hold the opponent down while your many Characters annihilate.

That’s the general gameplan for the list. Let’s talk strengths and weaknesses for this list. The most obvious weakness is the incredibly high amount of drops that you have. Your opponent will almost always have the +1 to go first, and although you have lots of tools to outmaneuver and engage your opponent when they go first, it’s not ideal. In addition, for those of you that play ITC, you will give up Butcher’s Bill, Headhunter, and often you’ll also give your opponent Kill More.

That all being said, you also have a lot of strengths. Your board control is very high due to your high mobility and tons of scout deployments. You will be able to control most objectives and the middle of the board with ease most games, and in ITC you will usually have hold more and have great options for Secondaries in Recon and Old School. You also have the advantage of having a ton of lethal threats that are protected by the CHARACTER keyword. Once the Assault Doctrine is on, any of your more combat focused Characters become one man armies, and that’s before psychic support or a couple of timely prayers from Astorath.


This is just one way out of many to take Blood Angels out of the many available to you. They have some genuinely competitive options  and a plethora of fun/fluffy options that still pull their weight on the table. If you have a Blood Angels army sitting on a shelf somewhere, I would dust it off and give it a go with the rules granted in Blood of Baal. You won’t be disappointed.

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