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The Balance Dataslate February 2022

Universal Matched Play Rule “When Mustering your army for a matched play game, it cannot include more than one aircraft model if you are playing a Combat Patrol or Incursion sized game, more than 2 Aircraft models if you are playing a Strike Force sized game, or more than

Necrons In Ninth- A Fresh Take

For pretty much all of 8th Edition, Necrons have been one of the more lackluster armies. Lore wise, Necrons are an inexorable robotic horde that continues to reanimate and repair itself as it slowly grinds the opposition to dust. Unfortunately, Necrons have struggled to hold up to their lore.

Preparing for Warhammer Preview #4

We are super excited about Warhammer Preview #4 this coming weekend! Before we dive into that, let’s take a look at the past Warhammer previews in preparation. We will be watching live so that we can bring you all the latest news and interpretations. With that said, I think

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