The Balance Dataslate February 2022


Universal Matched Play Rule

“When Mustering your army for a matched play game, it cannot include more than one aircraft model if you are playing a Combat Patrol or Incursion sized game, more than 2 Aircraft models if you are playing a Strike Force sized game, or more than 3 Aircraft if you are a playing an Onslaught sized game.”

Astra Militarum

Astra Militarum Tactics
  1. Change the save characteristic of Astra Militarum Leman Russ models to 2+.
  2. When using the Tank Orders ability of a <REGIMENT> Tank Commander model, you can select one friendly <REGIMENT> Vehicle unit (excluding Titanic units) within 6″ of that <REGIMENT> Tank Commander model, instead of selecting a <REGIMENT> Leman Russ unit.
  3. Each time a <REGIMENT> unit with the Voice of Command ability issues one of the following orders to a <REGIMENT> Infantry unity, that same order can be issued to one or more other friendly <REGIMENT> Infantry units (excluding officer units) that are within 6″ of the unit that order was originally issued to: Take Aim!; First Rank, Fire!, Second Rank, Fire!’ Bring it Down!; Forwards, for the Emperor!; Get Back in the Fight!’ Fix Bayonets!

Chaos Space Marines

Change the Death to the False Emperor ability to read: “Each time a model with this ability makes a melee attack, a hit roll of 6+ scores one additional hit.”


  1. Remove the CORE keyword from the Keywords section of the following datasheets: Talos, Cronos.
  2. Change the Artists of the Flesh Obsession to read: “Each time an attack is allocated to a model with this Obsession (excluding Vehicle models), unless that attack has a Strength characteristic of 8 or more, subtract 1 from the Damage characteristic of that attack (to a minimum of 1).”

    Note that this Obsession remains All-consuming.

Imperial Knights and Chaos Knights

  1. All Vehicle models with the Imperial Knights or Chaos Knights Faction keyword gain the following ability: “Towering Foe: This model counts as 5 models when determining control of an objective marker (if this model is a Titanic model, it instead counts as 10 models when determining control of an objective marker).”
  2. If every model from your army has either the Chaos Knights or Imperial Knights Faction keyword (excluding Agents of the IMperium and Unaligned units), then all Armiger-Class and War Dog models from your army gain the Objective Secured ability (see the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book.)


Add the Core keyword to the Keywords section of the following datasheets: Canoptek Acanthrites (see the Imperial Armour Compendium); Canoptek Reanimator; Canoptek Wraiths, Flayed Ones; Lokhust Destroyers; Lokhust Heavy Destroyers; Ophydian Destroyers; Skorpekh Destroyers; Triarch Praetorians.


When Mustering an Orks army, it cannot include more than 1 of each of the following unites: Boomdakka Snazzwagons; Kustom Boosta-blastas; Megatrakk Srapjets; Rukkatrukk Squigbuggies; Shokkjump Dragstas.

What changes does this bring?

  • Artists of flesh getting nerfed as well as chronos and talos losing core is a solid nerf
    This means Chronos and Talos won’t be buffed to toughness 7, healed with the spirit leech tentacles or reroll the wound rolls as well as rerolls to hit in the Real Space Raid Detachment
  • Cherubs officially got nerfed from 2 per turn to one, even though a lot of ITC events only allowed one. While you could opt to pay for 2 chances are that units buying one will get hit hard before they have a chance to use the second one.

  • Most of the FW custodes models got Katah asides from the vehicles this update to the Forgeworld compendium.  Oddly enough they left out the leadership 11 buff to the Telemon but have brought the other vehicles in line with the codex. This would only really come into effect with certain psychic powers and abilities based on a leadership test.  Such as the fight last ability from Drukhari Incubus. 
  • Keyword updates like Teleport Homer gives the Aquilon Terminators access to certain stratagems or Machine Spirit to vehicles. 
  • Oops GW updagted the weapon profile to be damage 2 of the Adrasite and Pyrithite spears but forgot to increase the Strength of the spears to +2 like the Codex nor did they add them to the Auric weapons list.  
  • Forgeworld Tau were updated to bring markerlights inline with the codex
  • The big suits are now vehicles instead of monsters. Why that matters will be weapon abilities such as poison and chainfist affect the keywords differently.
  • Salamanders have a small buff on their Psychic power Burning Hands.  Now they count the Burning hands as a separate weapon so you can switch between them and the force weapon they are armed with.

Core Book changes

  • Salamanders took the brunt of the Remain Stationary change to rare rule 30 step 7.  No more charging after having disembarked from an impulsor that remained stationary for all rules purposes. This has no effect on Ork Trukk Boyz, Harlequins or anything similar where the transport itself is not counted as having remained stationary. 
  • Other core clarifications, how to divide the maps into quarters.
  • Setting up reinforcements was clear in the glossary what a reinforcement unit was but it has been clarified to only count disembarking units the turn the transport arrives.  This matters for intercept abilities. So a Drop pod can land, Devastators get out, you can shoot that unit as reinforcement but if Devastators arrived in a rhino turn 2 but waited until turn 3 to disembark they can’t be intercepted. 
  • Redeployment abilities have to specify if the unit being redeployed can be set up off the battlefield otherwise they have to stay on.  Think Phobos marines being redeployed using the Lord of Deceit warlord trait says the units can be placed in Strategic Reserves. Unfortunately, Reivers are phobos but if they wanted to use their Grav Chutes, they would have to do so before the redeployment.
  • Whole units don’t automatically die when just 1 or 2 models can’t be set up from a destroyed vehicle but rather just the models that don’t fit. 
  • Paired weapons that give a bonus attack for fighting with the pair don’t give a bonus attack for each weapon but for the pair itself. So two chainswords is 2 extra attacks as the weapons aren’t paired but a pair of Grey Knight Falchions only gives one extra attack.

What do you think of these changes? How will they change how you play? Drop us your thoughts in the comments.


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