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Warhammer 40k Apocalypse Review- Nights At The Game Table

So Apocalypse is out and its time we break it down. Nights is going to give you a review of the New Apocalypse rules. This s a brand new game and one that I am really enjoying, so lets dive in! Overview Apocalypse is the mass battle system for

Should I Buy A Riptide – Nights At The Game Table

Thats right, todays Should I Buy article is about the (in)famous Riptide! These big stompy Gundams are a staple for many Tau players, but maybe the cool factor isn’t enough. Perhaps, you want to know the merits of the once indomitable Riptide, and what its good for? Well dear

Should I Buy Chaos Terminators: Nights At The Game Table

  Hey There Everyone its The Dak, back at it again with another “should I buy” article. This one is coming in a bit late, but its better late than never I always say. Unless its like a rescue helicopter or something, those kinda need to be on time.

Should I Buy A Knight Castellan: Nights At The Game Table

What? You thought these articles were just for new releases? Nope, these articles encompass the entirety of the 40k range! Today i’m going to be talking about the boogeyman of the ITC, the Knight Castellan. So, the big bad of 40k has received a bonk on the head with

Should I Buy The New Fiends: Nights At The Game Table

Hey everybody, its The Dak. Today, we are going to talk about Fiends, another new kit from GW. This is the individual kit release for the miniatures that came in the wrath and rapture boxed set. Fiends are the “beasts” of slaanesh, in the same way Screemers are beasts

Should I Buy The New Keeper Of Secrets: Nights at the Game Table.

Hello Everone! the Dak here, back from the international accordion championship to talk about one of Games Workshops new releases. Today, we are talking about the new and improved Keeper of Secrets. thats right, we are finnaly getting an updated mini! however thats not all thats changing as the

Should I Buy Chaos Space Marines: Nights At The Game Table

The Dak here, back from handing out metal files at the local prison to talk about Chaos Space Marines. NO, Im not talking about the codex so much as the actual unit. Chaos Space Marines( referred to as CSM) have not seen much use in 8th edition. Which is

Should I Buy The Master Of Executions: Nights At The Game Table

Hey Everybody, the Dak here today to talk about the new master of executions. We certainly seem to be getting lots of masters of this and that with the new codex. Today I’m going to do a quick overview of the new kid on the block and see just

Should I Buy The New Dark Apostle: Nights At The Game Table

Hey everybody! The Dak here, today we are talking about the new and improved Dark Apostle. Surprisingly, one of the units that received the biggest changes was the Dark Apostle. There is a fair amount of ground to cover so lets dive in. The Old In the Beginning, The

Should I Buy The New Havocs?: Nights At The Game Table

Hello Everbody, looks like this week it’s going to be a double dose of the Dak. Chaos is on the rise, and today we are going to be reviewing the Havoc’s new groove. So, Lets dive in shall we and take a look into the past to see how

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