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Hey everybody, its The Dak. Today, we are going to talk about Fiends, another new kit from GW. This is the individual kit release for the miniatures that came in the wrath and rapture boxed set. Fiends are the “beasts” of slaanesh, in the same way Screemers are beasts of Tzeench. So, lets take a closer look at their stats shall we?

The Crunch

OK, so righ off the bat we can see that these things are quick with a 14″ move, and have a solid wound pool of four. However, their streangth and toughness are 4 which isn’t bad but not all that exciting. Interestingly, they have good weapons in both their claws and their one tail attack. The fact their claws do a flat 2 damage and can be AP-4 on a 6 to wound is quite good. So, what do you use them for? Tarpit. Thier claws make them fairly good at dealing with eleite infantry, but its really all about Soporific musk. Soporific musk makes it so enemy units in combat with them cant fall back without the fly special rule. In 8th edition, people can just walk out of combat leaving you assault unit exposed. Their musk rule helps not only keep your oponent locked in CC it also keeps the Feinds safe from shooting.
This is especially useful against things like Leman Russ tanks and backfield artillery. Now, these guys probably aren’t going to do much damage to these targets, but can effectively shut them down for the game. Forcing you opponent to decide if they want to charge something else into the fray and risk having that unit waste a tun or two.

The Looks

Well these are a very obvius upgrade from the last scupts. While not as drastics as the change Greater Daemons have seen in their new sculpts, These are nonetheless a welcome improvement. Also, the level of detail is much higher on the new sculpts I mean just look at some of these:

Yeah, these look sweet. Interstingly, while most all of the newer Slaanesh releases have been making them a little more PG , Fiends seem to buck the trend. Opting instead for full boobage. So if you’ve been lamenting the taming of Slaanesh over the last several years, these might be right up you alley.

The Verdict

These Minis are sweet. From a modeling and painting perspective they seem really fun to paint, and will look cool on the tabletop. Ruleswise, they are fantastic utility unit. Being able to effectively force an opponent to stay in a disadvantageous combat is huge. Daemon armies don’t really like being shot at, and these will help you get your scary CC units into combat. Chaos is ( Generally speaking) a melee army, and anything that either gets you into combat faster or makes sure you have enough guys left when you get there is crucial.
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