Should I Buy Chaos Space Marines: Nights At The Game Table


The Dak here, back from handing out metal files at the local prison to talk about Chaos Space Marines. NO, Im not talking about the codex so much as the actual unit. Chaos Space Marines( referred to as CSM) have not seen much use in 8th edition. Which is sad given that they are the namesake of the entire codex. However, they have recently gotten an updated box of Minis. So, lets dive in!

The New Look

Alright, so Chaos Space Marines haven’t had any change in their rules. The only real change has been the miniatures themselves. So it seems best to start with their biggest change, which is cosmetic.

Yeah, these guys look damn good. These are a vast improvement from the old CSM models hands down. Firstly, they are much beefier this time around. They aren’t squat little dudes the size of your average guardsmen model, now they are like real Astartes. So much so I had to put my Huron Blackheart on a taller base so he didn’t look so runty. Plus, the level of details on these guys is fantastic. They look like the corrupt space marines depicted in some of the art, as oppose to just Loyalists with horns. Either way, theses guys look really cool and are  the Chaos Space Marines we have been waiting for.

The Crunch

Ok, so rules wise these guys haven’t changed at all. One small change was their ability to take a reaper chaincannon, but their kit doesn’t seem to come with one. Reinforcing the fact that reaper chaincanons are going to be the unobtainium of 8th edition. So, the fact they didn’t see massive improvement rules wise, or a drop in points might seem discouraging. However, a recent change to the former go to troop choice of chaos might make you consider taking these guys.
Cultists have taken a hit with the Nerf bat in both chapter approved and the new codex. In the las chapter approved they went up 1pt per model. Additionally, they have recently lost the ability to benefit from legion traits. At 1pt more than a guardsmen and lacking any special rules, cultists aren’t looking too hot. Certainly not as much as before. Which has recently made me start to work actual Chaos Space Marines into my lists.
This is especially true for red corsairs. Red corsairs are an honest to god Space Marine matters legion. They net you a whopping 3cp for taking three squads of Chaos Marines. Also, they have a unique Stratagem that brings a CSM squad back for 3cp. So, think of it as a buy three get one free deal. Its worth mentioning that there is no limit to how many times you can do that. You could bring back a 20 man squad of Space Marines as long as you have the CP and the entire squad isn’t wiped out.

The Verdict

Honestly, I think is worth it. Even if your just looking to update your models for casual games. The new kits are truly spectacular.  Now, if your looking to play Red Corsairs then you should absolutely be playing these. Even if your just running them as cheap CP batteries your going to want two boxes.
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